Best Blue Light Glasses Australia Reviews 2023

Best Blue Light Glasses in Australia


In today’s global village, almost everyone easily spends five to six hours in front of the screen. Our mobile phones, computer screens, and tablets are all high-energy blue light identical to the sun.

Did you know that the average person spends ten hours a day looking their screen up, seventy hours a week, 300 hours in a month, and 3600 hours a year using all of that screen time can have significant negative effects on your health and your life? Difficulty sleeping, eyes turn these are all caused by the blue light emitted from our electronics.

Blue light safety technology is becoming famous for defending from light emitted by smartphones, computers, tablets, and laptops, energy-efficient LED lights, and TV.

As more studies require to be done before it is definite that light from our devices is dangerous there are choices out there for safety. Without any proper knowledge clearing out the difference between blue light lenses and traditional lenses can appear to be impossible or not value the added money. 

Here are some of the best blue light glasses to buy in the Australian Market.


Is Blue Light Harmful to Your Eyes?

There are different varying degrees that the coating can block these. They have a clear coating on them which cosmetically is a little better versus something yellow. This will block more light though and this will help improve the contrast better.

Digital eye strain is basically what will occur to our eyes and we are looking for an extended period at the computers or devices. We are straining to focus due to the contrast of the blue light has one the big concern is blue light damaging to the eye.

Some studies show macular degeneration is a possibility but honestly, those studies are not conclusive. Expert eye specialists think it’s gonna take a long time for us to know if that really could occur from blue light. It is a diagnosis that comes out called computer vision syndrome, which is this whole array of eye strain from focusing on the computers as well as dryness and irritation of the eyes. One of the things is,  we are just staring straight at the computer and we are not thinking to blink so I always recommend that to always use blue light glasses.

The biggest thing with blue light is that it can mess up your sleep patterns so that’s more of a concern than just being on your computer during the day so at night I would say stay off the phones for like three hours before bed or shift to night time mode.


How We Choose the Best

Here is what we go for when listing the best blue light glasses for you.

  • Do the glasses use blue light protection? Some glasses say that they use blue light protection but don’t meet the good criteria for blue light glasses set by experts.
  • Is the product high quality? There are blue light glasses available at amazon that is not of good quality. All the product we found for you is designed to last.
  • What is being marketed to women and men?

When selecting blue light glasses search at all the available options. Though glasses tend to be listed particularly for women or men, buy whatever suits you best.

  • Are the glasses sustainably manufactured and stored?

Some of the glasses we choose have initiatives and an Eco-conscious mission to support hiring practice and sustainable manufacturing.


Ensure to review that the frames have approved the endurance test. If this information is inaccessible, check if the glasses are created from good-quality materials. Like cellulose, acetate materials are used in good plastic frame glasses.


Ensure you are satisfied with the store warranty policy if you need or want to replace or repair it in the future.


Ensure glasses you are going to buy for yourself match your budget.


Some pair of blue light comes with accessories, like a dusting towel, carrying case, testing card, and blue light.


Design that involves lightweight frames, a nose pad, and a variety of sizes to choose from will mostly help you find a comfy fit.


Before going to buy, check out the customer review section to verify if the glasses performed effectively.


            Best Blue Light Glasses At Amazon Australia

[1] PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses

PROSPEK Blue light blocking glasses

The PROSPEK blue light glasses offers a range of option that can be particularly for women, men and even unisexual. The company follows very well the aesthetic choice of men and women. There are universal frames that will aesthetically and comfortably both.

These glasses block up to 99% of the blue light that comes from your screen. They are anti-glare, durable, come in kit sizes, and are anti-reflective.

They come with a cool case, handy cleaning cloth and we think they also made you look pretty good. Prospek anti-blue light glasses deliver lasting and immediate relief in style. They also help women and men ease with relieving dry eyes, eye strain, and migraines. Their lenses give you a crisp vision by utilizing anti-glare.

We recommend PROSPEK blue light glasses if you are searching for non-magnified and magnified blue-light-blocking glasses at a fair price.


  • A small frame fits well with people with narrow faces.
  • For durability designed with an Italian acetate frame.
  • Options for precision, reading, and nonprescription lenses.
  • Flexible and versatile frame for women, men, and even unisex.
  • Seven-layer blue light protection.



  • Litte bit costly.
  • Color is limited to every eyeglass.



  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Durable lens
  • Functional



PROSPEK Blue Light Glasses Customer Reviews



[2] Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses for Blocking Headache

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

Cyxus makes blue light glasses for all aspects of life, children, adults, travelers, readers, and gamers. It uses the American blue light blocking tech method to reduce digital eye strain, eliminate glare, and filter blue light.

If you are involved in buying blue light blocking glasses then we would suggest that you inspect Cyxus glasses.

Unlike other glasses, these glasses won’t change the colors of your screen so you can experience the best when you are going to play games. These glasses also help with headaches and blurred vision. 

The lenses are waterproof, shock resistant, and high-quality glasses come with a lifelong warranty.


  • Equipped with an anti-blue light filter, anti UV rays, and anti-eye strain filters.
  • Made with green coating anti-glare, that makes your eyeglass look like an ordinary one while also decreasing blue light emission.
  • UV400 protection.
  • Durable lenses and frames.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • No color distortion.
  • Include a cleaning towel and case with every buy.


  • Limited color choice for some designs.
  • Some users complain that it is tough to clean.
  • Only square-shaped frames are offered.


  • Economical
  • Comfortable
  • Cute style


Cyxus Blue Light Glasses Customer Reviews

Cyxus Blue Light Glasses Customer Reviews


Customer Questions and Answers Related To This Product

Is this graded?

No, they are not graded.

Does Cyxus do these blue filter glasses with magnifying for reading?

No, this one is not reading glasses, it is anti-blue glasses with no prescription.

What comes with the product?

It comes in a prepacked box with cleaning cloth, glasses cover, mini blue card and light and of course glasses itself.


[3] Baxter Blue Light Glasses [Non-Prescription Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses]

Baxter Blue Light Glasses

In terms of style and quality for blue light blocking glasses Baxter blue is best for you. They provide blue light glasses perfect from daily routine to casual use. Their sunglasses are created with modern polarization technology, hundred percent protection from UVB and UVA rays, anti-reflective coating, blue light filtering for increased outdoor visual clarity.

These blue light glasses are made for those who are searching for relief despite long exposure to the digital screen and for those who experience dryness in their eyes after some time. One who is exposed to digital screens for extended hours should consider buying these glasses.

Baxter blue claims that their design promotes melatonin production and utilizes quality of sleep. Baxter blue offers a ninety days home program, a one-year warranty, and free shipping.


  • Handcrafted and lightweight frames.
  • For durability customized cellulose acetate frames.
  • Accessories include a microfiber cleaning cloth and a black carrying case.
  • There are many designs and sizes to select from.
  • With a very subtle tint virtual clear lenses.
  • To decrease glare premium anti-reflective coating.



  • Only available in one size.
  • Costly at $133.



  • Comfortable
  • Functional
  • Fashionable eyewear



Baxter Blue Light Glasses Customer Reviews


Customer Questions and Answers Related To This Product

Are these glasses good?

Yes, they are effective these glasses block 80% of the blue light.

Can I also wear these glasses casually?

Yes, you can wear these glasses at work or also on different occasions. They look pretty good.


[4] Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

Felix Gray Blue  Light Glasses

Felix Gray is eyewear that sells non-prescription and prescription sunglasses and glasses. Felix Gray makes good blue light filtering glasses for adults and kids. Whatever lens or frame you select from, the company comes with lenses that are blue light filtering. The company has a creative line of glasses designed to utilize your lifestyle and health.

Each pair is capable of reducing screen glare and blue light emission, best for those who are exposed to big screens. If you are looking for that professional, clean, and sophisticated look, then you must give Felix Gray a shot.


  • Fashionable frames for kids, women, and men in a range of styles.
  • Durable frames made from german metal and handcrafted Italian acetate, featuring scratch-resistant.
  • Affordable option.
  • Tons of positive reviews from reliable sources.
  • Risk-free trial.
  • Exchange, return, and free shipping. 



  • Some customers say that the fit was a bit tight and they also slide down to the nose.



  • Lightweight.
  • Sophisticated design.


            Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses Customer reviews


Customer Questions and Answers Related To This Product

Are these magnifying glasses also?

No, they are not magnifying glasses.

What more does Felix gray offer?

Felix gray sells blue light blocking glasses with non-prescription lenses or prescription lenses. You can choose from a range of sunglasses, sleep glasses, and optical glasses. The company has made lenses to help you with eye strain.



[5] LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses [Anti Eyestrain, Computer Reading Glasses, Gaming Glasses]

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses Anti Eyestrain, Computer Reading Glasses, Gaming Glasses

These glasses are formed with unique blue light blocking polymer that prevents and absorbs blue light from passing across the lens to your eyes. Their multiple coating is mixed in a single layer of 10um that helps avoid abrasion and scratches while reflecting damaging light.

Every pair delivers no yellow tint rooted with top-grade light transmittance. Their magnification selections are offered by quarter so you can certainly see characters that are twelve to fourteen inches far from the book or screen.

LifeArt declares that their blue blockers help in sore and dry eyes along with sleeping. The glasses are slim and lightweight but also fairly longlasting glasses because of the surface hardness of the lens. They are not inclined to abrasion and are also scratch-resistant.

LifeArt blue light blocking Glasses details


  • Frame elasticity keeps the glasses easy to adjust and balanced.
  • Offer magnification by quarter like 0.75, 0.50, 0.25 etc.
  • Clear lenses.
  • Anti-scratch coating.
  • Sturdy but lightweight.
  • For testing include a laser blue light card.



  • For some a little oversized..
  • Fits large to medium-shaped faces.



  • Durable and thin.
  • Classic design.


  LifeArt Glasses Customer Reviews

LifeArt Glasses Customer Reviews
LifeArt Glasses Customer Reviews Ratings


Customer Questions and Answers Related To This Product

What are the clear, rubber pieces that came with my glasses used for?

The rubbery clear pieces are ear hooks it can help you keep the glasses on the face.

Are these glasses considered oversized?

Yes, they are. They call me back to the  80s style glasses. Very cool design.

Do they have spring hinges?

Yes, they do actually.


[6]Gamma-Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses [Anti Glare UV Digital Eyestrain]

Gamma-Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gamma-ray blue light blocking glasses are famous for their good built quality and trendy designs. The plastic frame makes these glasses flexible and ultra-lightweight. Thus you can easily wear them for long gaming sessions without facing any tiredness.

The anti-reflective lenses are good for any reviewers and video calls rave about their capability to decrease eye strain from long screen time use. These glasses are made completely of plastic lenses and frames that make them durable and lightweight.

If you want to look professional and casual during your work, playing games, watching TV without break extra cost on your pocket then these glasses are worth the price.

Gamma-Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses experiment


  • The lens is anti-reflective.
  • UV400 glare reduction and protection.
  • Comfortable and durable glasses.
  • Available in many magnifications.
  • For the quality and price recommended.
  • Comes with a cool case.
  • Strong and lightweight material.



  • Non- polarized.
  • Excessive reflective coating.



  • Durable
  • Fits all faces.
  • Economical.
  • Ultra-portable
Gamma-Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Features


Gamma-Ray Glasses Customer Reviews

Gamma-Ray Glasses Customer Reviews
Gamma-Ray Glasses Customer Ratings

Customer Questions and Answers Related To This Product

How do you know what magnification to select?

You can choose the magnification by clicking the size dropdown list on the glasses.  It is a little puzzling by naming its size instead of magnification power.

Do these glasses block light?

Yes, these glasses block light. It doesn’t fully change with the way stuff appears on the screen.

Can I wear these glasses as reading glasses also?

Yes, you can wear these glasses as reading glasses also.


[7] MaxiJuli Blue Light Blocking Glasses [Computer Reading/Gaming/TV/Phones Glasses for Women Men]

MaxiJuli Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses from MaxiJuli are very efficient in separating out blue light as well as with its affordable cost. These glasses come with a one-year warranty. You don’t have to worry about cloudy vision as the lenses are durable and clear.

The glasses come in different styles and colors, both with patterns and plain. Since they are affordable as compared to others listed in our review you can get more than one pair of glasses to fit your outfit at different events.

Not only these glasses block the blue light from TVs, computer and other devices but also block high energy visible light. You can get these at $8 on Amazon.

Maxjuli Blue Light Blocking Glasses Technology


  • Matches many face patterns.
  • Good quality for the low cost.
  • Sturdy.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Many color options are available.



  • Hard to clean.
  • Runs small.
  • Get a little yellow after sundown.



  • UV 400 protection.
  • Clear lens.
  • Anti-glare.
  • Non- transition lens.


MaxiJuli Glasses Customer Reviews

MaxiJuli Glasses Customer Reviews
MaxiJuli Glasses Customer Reviews Ratings


Customer Questions and Answers Related To This Product

Could these frames be used for prescription lenses?

Not they are not.

Do they all come in one size?

Yes, standard size.

Does the lens appear yellow? I don’t like that if this one does that?

Yes, they do appear yellow but it is not noticeable at all.


[8] K Kenzhou Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

K Kenzhou Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

These glasses not only filter damaging blue light but also UV rays and wave radiation. These glasses can guard your eyes against TV, smartphone, and computers.

Computer visual syndrome occurs when your eyes get too sore and dry because of the long session looking at the screen. These glasses help you to stay focused more.

The frame has an ergonomic design that feels comfortable and fits nicely. The color and design of these glasses are also professional and casual so you can wear them to work and also on different occasions. You will also get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. These glasses are affordable too, you can get these glasses for around $19 at Amazon.

K Kenzhou Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Features


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Comes in a two-pack option.
  • Range in color options.
  • Safety from really bright indoor light.
  • Perfect glasses for reading under high light.



  • Not glare-free.
  • Can go up easily.


K Kenzhou Glasses Customer Reviews

K Kenzhou Glasses Customer Reviews
K Kenzhou Glasses Customer Reviews Ratings


Customer Questions and Answers Related To This Product

Can these glasses also protect from mac blue light?

Yes, these glasses will do the job. You will find them comfortable and lightweight.

Is the lens slightly yellowish?

Yes, these blue-light-blocking lenses are a little yellowish.

What are the percentage of blue light is blocked?

These glasses can block about ninety percent of blue light.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is blue light?

Blue light is a color on the visible light spectrum that delivers a large quantity of energy with a short wavelength. Long-term exposure to blue light can result in digital eye strain which is connected to blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches. That too can result in the way you sleep.

Where is the best place to buy blue light glasses?

We highly recommend Amazon as the online store that offers wide types of glasses, brands, shipping options, and attractive deals options.

What do blue light glasses do?

Blue light glasses are created with a specialized coating filter that blocks out damaging light excreted by technology devices such as television, computers, and cell phones. These glasses can also help regulate headaches, decrease eye strain, and better sleep patterns.

Are blue light glasses good for night driving?

Although blue light glasses do not help with night blindness. They can decrease reflections and glare that may inhibit your driving ability at night. They also help assist the eye strain that many people experience during night driving.

Do blue light glasses help with migraines?

Yes, some good-quality glasses help with migraines. They are designed to avoid migraines and headaches.