Best Wireless Home Security Cameras Australia 2023

Today, it’s almost compulsory for every home to have some kind of home security camera kit. The rate of crime has risen, and we need to prove that it happened and possibly who was involved. The following are reasons and benefits why you must install the best home security system cameras in Australia in your home. 

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 3 Important Reasons for Installing Wireless Home Security Cameras 

  1. You will be able to prove that there was a breaking in, a theft and who did it. The security cameras will record everything that will prove that someone is the suspect and act as evidence in a court of law.
  2. They will record all occurrences in the home especially if you have employees taking care of your children, the sick, or doing some home improvement activities-you will not need to be there physically.
  3. The recordings by the best surveillance system for home use will also aid in proofing that an incident was an accident when making insurance claims. Also, with home security systems installed at your home, you will be given lower insurance policy prices.

 Benefits of Installing Wirless Home Security Cameras 

  1. Over the long run, it cuts the costs of running up and down from the workplace to your home to confirm security or other happenings.
  2. They give you the peace of mind that everything is alright at home especially caring for children and other valuables.
  3. Insurance is cheaper and the processing of claims is expedited very fast for there are indisputable proofs of what happened.

Having considered the above, you will come up with the best wireless home security camera reviews below. You can check top-rated products reviewed at

 Wireless Home Security Cameras Australia 2023 


1. Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System With Alarm 

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System With Alarm
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About the Product
These are highly recommended premium wireless home security cameras with night vision for both indoor and outdoor use. Being a premium with many features, this security system retails in the range of below $1000


  • The cameras are small with dimensions of 9.9h x9.7wx5d inches
  • They are very light weighing only 3.6 pounds
  • Uses 3 Lithium rechargeable batteries

 Reasons You Should Go For It: 

  • The cameras have a resolution of 1080 HD and advanced motion sensors
  • They have a 3-second look back to see what happened before.
  • The cameras show high area view when used indoors
  • The cameras have an optional recording in the cloud when used indoors
  • They are wire-free or plug-in and weather resistant for use in the outdoors
  • You can trigger off the 100-decibel siren with the remote control
  • Can talk and listen to people at home-two way talk ability
  • Have local and free cloud recording
  • Overall Arlo Pro 2 is considered an ideal wireless home security camera.

 A Few Points May Be Important For You To Know: 

  • To connect the wireless home security cameras outdoors to the router or home Ethernet you need weatherproof cables

2. Arlo Pro Best For Homes and Apartments

Arlo Pro Best For Homes and Apartments
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About the Product
This product is a premium system that costs just above $330 and is a 100% wire-free home security camera with an alarm for both indoor and outdoor use and comes with rechargeable batteries, motion and sound-activated alerts and a 100 plus decibel siren to keep you safe and protected.


  • Its dimensions are 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches
  • It’s very light weighing only 1.59 pounds
  • Bought with and uses 12 CR123A batteries

 Reason You Should Go For It: 

  • I found it amazing being 100% wire-free
  • It braves all weathers; rain, snow, or sunshine
    This is a home security camera with a backup battery that is rechargeable
  • You can activate Live View and record videos from anywhere at any time.
  • Has a two-way talk facility with a remote control 100 plus a decibel siren.
  • It is a wireless home security camera system with a recorder that can be locally plugged
  • You can get these wireless home security cameras at a reasonable price.

 A Few Points May Be Important For You To Know: 

  • It is a bit slow in capturing and uploading videos

3. YI 4pc Home Camera – Overall Best Surveillance Camera with Night Vision

YI 4pc Home Camera - Overall Best Surveillance Camera with Night Vision
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About the Product
These YI 4pcs Home cameras are wireless indoor home security cameras that are 1080p, wireless IP security surveillance systems with night vision and baby monitor on iOS, and with optional Android App – Cloud Service. They are among the best under $200 wireless home security cameras.


  • The cameras are very small with dimensions of 2x2x2 inches
  • Very light to ease mounting weighing only 2.75 pounds
  • Has YI Home camera which is 1080p
  • Has state of art baby cry detection
  • The lenses are f/2.0 aperture and 112° wide-angle

 Reasons You Should Go For it: 

  • The lenses are wide angle, panorama and full HD for better videos
  • The YI cloud storage offer loop record with no limited storage
  • You can download the YI application for Pc and Mac clients to view all 4 feeds
  • It has a built-in high-accuracy motion detection technology to keep an eye on everything.
  • Comes with a built-in ultra-responsive two way microphone to allow you to communicate to scare or give instructions.
  • Has an integrated App that controls and monitors the system.
  • These are combo wireless home security cameras that can be used indoor and outdoor as required.

4. SMONET Wireless Home Security Camera System  Indoor Wireless Home Security Cameras For Babies & Pets 

SMONET Wireless Security Camera System Reviews
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About the Product
These YI home security cameras that work with iPhones are 1080p and deliver HD videos so that you can view them more clearly. By connecting to YI, you will never lose any footing even if the system is broken or stolen. These are affordable wireless home security cameras going just below $120.


  • Have baby crying detection technology
  • Comes with the Home YI cloud-free package
  • Lens has 112 wide angle view and F/2 aperture
  • Has 8 individual 940mm infrared LEDs
  • Very light for it weighs 2.75 pounds
  • It works on both iOS and Android devices

 Reasons You Should Go For It: 

  • The local backup supports up to 32GB Class10 microSD cards with FAT32 format for easy and accessible stored videos.
  • The camera provides complete coverage in full HD and with a simple double-tap, you can zoom up to 4x and focus on the smallest details.
  • You will never lose your footings for are saved on YI cloud storage
  • You will keep up the happenings at you home with the 4 live camera feeds
  • Senses the slightest motion with high-accuracy motion detection technology.
  • You will enjoy a two way supercharged integration.
  • It is user-friendly with an intuitive interface that allows the customization of activity alerts, camera sharing, customize schedules and more.
  • This model of Smonet is considered as the best indoor wireless home security camera.

 A Few Points May Be Important For You To Know: 

  • The SD cards only record when it detects activity and with an 8gb SD card you can only a-one week of footage.

5.  SMONET 1080P Best Selling Home Security Cameras 2023 

SMONET 1080P Best Selling Home Security Cameras 2019
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About the Product
This home security camera without an internet camera system transmits video by 2.4 GHz as Wireless Signal with an approximate 3 seconds delay and you can view live video, record video and playback video without any internet. The internet is only required when you view remotely on a phone, laptop, PC and tablet. You can get these wireless home security cameras in the range of under $300.



  • 8CH 960P Wireless NVR Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive that supports up to 8 cameras
  • 3520D processor and embedded Linux OS
  • Support video preview, recording, playback and USB Backup
  • Supports Android/IOS/Pad/PC Remote View
  • Networking Protocol: UPNP, SMTP, PPPOE and DHCP
  • 1 SATA Port, Up to 4TB Each, 1 USB 2.0 Port
  •  Power Supply input is DC12V-2000mA, with an output: 100-240V


  • Image Sensor of 1/4″ Color CMOS
  • Image Resolution of 1280x960P
  • Lenses are 3.6mm or 4mm Lens with Random Delivery
  • Night Vision work up to 65Ft (20m)
  • Minimum Illumination of 0 Lux (IR On)
  • Weatherproof and can work outdoor
  • The power Supply input is DC12V-1000mA and the output of100-240V

 Reason You Should Go For It: 

  • The system pair with automatically as long as you power on other devices. They readily work and stream. It is easy and works without any internet connection.
  • It is powered by nearby outlets and works continuously for 24 hours a day for a full year without surveillance giving you peace of mind.
  • It is easily remote controlled from anywhere through devices such as phones, laptops, tablets and Pcs as long as the system is well set up.
  • The smart coding and compression technology allows data to be saved monthly on top of weekly in the 4TB hard disk.
  • The IP66 Super Waterproof Grade and Dustproof make it suitable for outdoor no matter the weather conditions.
  • This is a complete package of wireless home security cameras

 A Few Points May Be Important For You To Know: 

The complete set is a bit bulky with 12.3 x 10.8 x 7.1 inches in dimensions and weighs about 7 pounds

6. SV3C Surveillance CCTV Top Rated In Australia 

SV3C Surveillance CCTV Top Rated In Australia
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About the Product
These are very reliable indoor-outdoor surveillance cameras that are weatherproof, and have motion detectors and remote views. The some of the best security cameras under $390 


  • The camera resolution is 1280x720p
  • The sensor type is ¼” 1 Mp CMOS sensor
  • Video storage is a Micro SD with a maximum 128GB
  • The power specification is DC 12V 1A
  • It operates optimally at between -20 and 60 degrees
  • It weighs only 1.26 pounds and has 9.8×4.7×3.9

 Reasons You Should Go For It: 

  • You can set the cameras very fast wherever you want either indoor or outdoor
  • The smart motion-detection Wifi camera will send alerts or snapshots to your phone anywhere
  • The CCTV camera has a night vision capability of up to 67 feet
  • Its package includes a 9.8 feet power adapter cable and has SV3C Technology that provides 30 days free return guarantee,
  • The device has a 12 months warranty, and lifetime technical support coupled with a very friendly customer service
  • These are top-rated wireless home security cameras.

 A Few Points May Be Important For You To Know: 

  • The WiFi camera only works with 2.4 GHz and cannot with 5 GHz
  • They are wireless outdoor home security cameras but need to be plugged into a power source
  • The PC client and Search tool software do not work with Mac Os
  • You do not require scanning the QR code to install, just install the camera through a LAN search by IP address.

7. TENVIS HD IP Camera  All In One Wireless Home Security Cameras

TENVIS HD IP Camera -  All In One Wireless Home Security Cameras Reviews
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About the Product
These home security cameras work with iPhone have huge storage of 128 GB where you can save videos for 60 days such as about the baby, accidents and thefts. The wireless home security cameras are very affordable going for less than $100- deliver premium quality at an affordable price!


  • The dimensions are 4.1 x 4.1 x 5.1 in
  • The video capture is 720p
  • Has night vision camera of 10 meters coverage
  • Comes with a smart wave connection technology hence connects to WiFi instantly
  • Has local storage hence your privacy is protected

 Reasons You Should Go For It: 

  • It delivers high-resolution videos both during the day and at night anywhere.
  • This camera stored pictures up to 2 months due to its large storage capacity of 128GB
  • Its installation is very easy than in other HD cameras
  • It allows remote monitoring of your house, sick people and pets due to its high performance and versatility
  • It gives full coverage through its rotatable pan and tilt of a wide-range camera that supplies a surveillance rotation degree of 355 horizontally and 120 vertically degrees.

 A Few Points May Be Important For You To Know: 

  • The SD micro storage is not included hence is bought separately

8. Zmodo 1080p Best Rated Wifi Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

Zmodo 1080p Best Rated Wifi Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras
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About the Product
This premium system with wireless wifi home security cameras is loaded with features such as being able to flip and mirror camera view, 2 Mp 1080p cameras, and the new PoE repeater that makes it outperform all the others. The complete kit goes for under $400. 


  • The camera dimensions are 9 x 10.5 x 16.6 inches
  • It’s a bit heavy for it weighs 15.6 pounds
  • Cameras work well in temperatures between 14°F-122°F/ -10°C-50°C, the VR or repeater at 32°F-104°F/0°C-40°C
  • The NVR Storage only supports 3.5″ SATA hard drive, up to 6TB

 Reasons You Should Go For It: 

  • The Zmodo application distinguishes the detected motion as two types of events; major and Minor. And the notifications will only be sent when a major event occurs.
  • Major Events occur if a motion is detected after a prolonged period without any event-at least 25 minutes.
  • And a minor event occurs when a motion is detected within 20 minutes of the last motion event and at least 3 minutes without motion.
  • Zamado 1080p are ideal wireless home security cameras for apartments and 3 bedroom houses.

9. XmartO Best Selling Long Lasting Wireless Home Security Cameras 

XmartO Best Selling Long Lasting Home Security Cameras
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About the Product
This is an affordable, DIY-friendly wireless home security system that automatically connects when turned on, and requires no wires between NVR and cameras. Once you plug them into power and hook them to your screen, Auto-Pair and give you a quad-view of 4 cameras immediately-it is really hassle-free plug-and-play installation system that is economical and goes for under $200.


  • Comes with built-in Wi-Fi router and two external Wi-Fi antennas
  • Has the XmartO’s latest Dream Liner Wi-Fi relay technology
  • The system includes four weather-resistant WiFi cameras
  • Has 3 infrared LED Arrays that allow you a range of 80ft in pure darkness.

 Reasons You Should Go For It: 

  • The NVR has a private secure wireless network for uninterrupted video transmission that comes with 24/7 monitoring and recording hence cannot miss any event
  • Very easy to install in DIY-hassle free plug and play
  • It gives you uninterrupted video transmission due to its built-in Wi-Fi router and external antennas, with the NVR forming its own strong and stable Wi-Fi network that ensures maximum Wi-Fi coverage and a secure wireless network.
  • These wireless home security cameras are reliable and easy to install

10. Ring Stick Up Camera Economical Home Security Cameras

Ring Stick Up Camera Economical Home Security Cameras
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About the Product
These are very beautifully made wireless wifi home security cameras that are under $200. They come with a-30 days free cloud storage but after that you will have to pay for the cloud storage.


  • It has a video output of 1080 HD with live and night vision.
  • A wide-field view of 150 horizontal and 84 vertical degrees
  • It has customizable motion detection
  • The camera has a two-talk mode with noise cancellation
  • It comes with a remote-controlled siren
  • On purchase, you get a Micro USB power adapter but you can buy a power over Ethernet adapter (PoE) separately.
  • Requires minimal internet upload speed of 1Mbps, buying higher of about 2mbps is better
  • Connectivity is 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connections at 2.4 ghz/5ghz or Ethernet
  • Its is weather resistant operating between -5F to 120F degrees or -20.5 to 48.5 degrees Centigrade
  • Its dimensions are 3.83”x2.36”x2.36”
  • It has an integrated mounting base or stands with an adjustable angle making it sit freestanding or firmly mounted to a wall or ceiling.
  • The package box should have a stick-up cam wired, base cover, base pad, installation tools and other hardware, indoor Micro USB power supply and cable, outdoor micro power supply with integral cable, user manual and security sticker.

 Reasons You Should Go For It: 

  • The cameras have a slim design that can be mounted indoors and outdoor
  • It lets you hear, speak or talk to people at home through your phone, Pc and laptop
  • Sends you signals to your devices on detecting the motion
  • You can check on your home through Live-View on demand anytime
  • You can launch real-time voice video through Alexa devices
  • It easily connects to the internet through either Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • These wireless home security cameras are easy to install and are installable in DIY for they come with all tools.
  • The power adapter cable is long enough; 8 feet long

 A Few Points May Be Important For You To Know: 

  • You can only view it on the internet for there is no application that can be installed on your devices.

 Best Home Security Cameras of Australia 

 Buyers Guide and FAQ’S 

Price is always a major factor that you should consider. The price must be within the budget that you have t aside to accomplish the project. So, first decide on the budget, to have a rough idea of the cost of the project.

Another factor in buying the best surveillance system for home use is the size or the number of cameras that will be needed to cover the desired locations at your home. For example, if you want to cover 5 locations, your search match will be a system that holds above five cameras. Once you buy the cameras you should not be forced to buy more. And if you have to add more cameras, then check whether there is a system that allows the addition to what the initial purchase has.

It is always wise to decide which system you want; wireless or cable. Wireless systems are neater for there will be no wires running across your home or needing to be laid in the ceiling. However, most of the wireless home security cameras’ night vision will have power cables to charge the cameras, but not to connect to each other.

You must also think of how your footing will be stored; Local or cloud. Cloud storage is better because it offers unlimited space, but has the down side of you losing privacy for your videos are stored remotely by a third party. If you want privacy, select the local store where you will need to have hard disks or SD micro storage which is a bit small.

To avoid missing out on some of the events in the house, you should select a home security camera with a backup battery.  You may have batteries that are rechargeable and can be used when there is a power shortage.

Choose security systems that have easy installation, especially DIY to cut costs. The home security cameras easy to install system should come with all required tools and materials to avoid being forced to go shopping for them where mistakes can occur leading to loss in finance

 What to look for when selecting the best security system for your home? 

To arrive at the best CCTV security system for your home, you have to review the systems based on the following 10 pointers:

  1. Looked at your home needs that include the areas to be covered both indoors and outdoors. This gives you the number of cameras needed.
  2. The quality of output you desire should also be considered for picture clarity is vital.
  3. You have to decide whether you need cameras with night vision or not. You can go for wireless home security cameras for indoor use and outdoor use.
  4. The placement of the cameras must also be considered; visible or hidden or not
  5. You have to choose whether to install the system with backup batteries or just the rechargeable ones that could go off in prolonged power absence.
  6. The communication between you and the system and the recording devices must also be a factor; the two options are through the internet or Wi-Fi
  7. Compatibility with portable and nonportable viewing devices such as laptops, phones and Pc is crucial.
  8. You have to decide whether the recording and backing up should be on-site, offsite or on the cloud.
  9. The initial price, installation and maintenance cost must also be looked at to lime with the project budget
  10. You must check on the installation in terms of cost, adjustments needed to your home, and the ease of install in DIY (Do It Yourself).


Human surveillance or camera system, which is the best?

Initially, the human security provision is economical, but it’s expensive in the long run. The best option is wireless outdoor home security cameras for it’s cheaper over the long term, once you install it that’s it, the only cost is on power, storage and maintenance. Also, the camera system is impartial in that it will never alter evidence or be biased toward some quarters.

Do I lose my footing or miss events during a power blackout?

Losing the already recorded video is difficult, but you definitely lose some of the vents in the home if you do not have ample power backup. You should install power devices such as UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to provide the system power until the main power is back

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Which ones do I choose open or hidden cameras?

This is primarily determined by whether you need the people in the home to know you are watching them, and whether you will periodically be talking to them in the two ways talk mode. If you just want to see what’s happening in the home wireless hidden home security cameras are the most suitable fit for your home.