Best Whipper Snippers In Australia Market [2023]

Best Whipper Snippers Australia

When it comes to dealing with lawns a lawnmower isn’t sometimes enough to get the job done perfectly. Especially if you have plenty of edges or tight spaces to cut around. But rather than getting on your knees and hands with a heavy pair of secateurs or scissors, we have another way to clean up this mess effortlessly, easily and in no time, it is a whipper snipper which is also known as a line trimmer, weed eater or brush cutter.  With many choices available, it is challenging to find the best whipper snipper. A Whipper snipper is the perfect way to clean up a messy yard, particularly those areas that are difficult to reach with a lawnmower. A whipper snipper wraps up a hard gardening job efficiently and quickly. Check below the 7 Best Whipper Snipper [Trimmer] from Amazon.

Like you care about quality and long-lasting products, it’s necessary to invest in a good product that is durable, well-made and has the best features for the work you wanted to do. Whipper snippers are also known as line trimmers. Americans call them weedeaters. Whipper snippers are both available in petrol or gas mode. To cut down bigger areas of grass that aren’t accessible to your mower they also come with an attachment.



What is the Difference Between Whipper Snipper and Line trimmer?

Whipper snipper and line trimmer are two similar types of machinery with a couple of meaningful differences. Grass trimmers or line trimmers, commonly have bent shafts to make cleaning the edges of the lawn easy and fastly.

Whipper snippers have straight shafts that are more suitable to do excessive duty work like overgrown areas and clearing brushes. To trim grassy areas they also came with an attachment that is not reachable to your mower. They are best for keeping your lawn clean which is unreachable.


Bent or Straight Shaft: Which is better?

The bent shaft is better than the straight shaft. Let’s have a look at both of them. A bent shaft generally means a smaller shaft. It can be beneficial for lengthy jobs. Because of their decreased weight or length, curved shaft trimmers may be the favored option for little folks, also for people who only have a lesser area to manage.

You can handle gardens that need less heavy-duty trimming more easily and quickly with this bent design. In curved design, people will be sometimes forced to bend over, which is distressing.

Straight shaft design is more practical and functional. The straight shaft is tall, which increases the reach. Straight shaft trimmer will because of a lesser gear reduction and it also has less vibration as compared to bent shafts. The straight shaft trimmer will give you a more effortless experience.


Two-piece or One-piece Shaft?

Two pieces shaft is powerful. A split or two-piece shaft design allows the engine to power other attachments such as grass edgers. For normal usage and domestic user, this is the best idea to save shed space and money and a two-piece shaft would be a factor.

For a yard care professional who would commonly carry more than one identical tool in their trailer having a single one-piece shaft removes another area for failure and wear.


Different Types of Whipper Snippers

There are three different types of whipper snippers.

  1. Petrol whipper snipper
  2. Cordless or battery operated
  3. Electrical operated
  1. Petrol Whipper Snipper

These types of models are well-suited for large gardens and lawns. If your lawn is filled with strong and large grasses then you must go for the petrol-operated whipper snipper. Fueling these whippers is simple and they can be refilled quickly.

  1. Cordless or battery operated

Cordless or battery-operated models are best for household use, but as compared to petrol-operated models they are less strong. The main advantage is that cordless whipper snippers are user-friendly and they cause less pollution and don’t need them, again and again, fuel refilling.

  1. Electrically operated

Electrically power function remains attached to power cords but in terms of power and functionality, they are alike battery-operated models. Electrically power-operated whipper snippers come with very space-saving and compact designs, but they are less popular.


Top Whipper Snipper Picks in 2023 for Australian

(1) Black+Decker GLC3630L20 [Lithium-Ion Strimmer Grass Trimmer]

Black Decker Grass Trimmer


This machine from Black & Decker is versatile and lightweight, functioning as both an edger and a trimmer. It has a two thousand watts motor that is powerful enough to cut tough and long grass. This trimmer is perfect for cutting larger areas quicker because the trimmer has a cutting swathe of 30cm.

Two different power modes are available to let you choose the battery energy. To save the battery use eco mode and use turbo mode to cut the long and tough grass. This machine only weighs 3.5 kilograms which makes it easy to store and use.  For easy holding, this machine also includes a second handle.

Buyers say that this machine is easy and quick to assemble. We found that the blade guard is a little trickier to attach. This machine can even make a tough brush with no clogging and ease.  This machine includes E-drive technology, a heavy torque gear system that can power through the hard excessive areas in no time. This model has a wonderful design making it easy and comfortable to use. To make it easier to use it has a telescopic handle that allows you to adjust the height.

No need to be upset about finding plug sockets or extension leads, the lithium-ion battery gives an effortless experience so you can clear every area of your garden. It also has a dual handle for more comfort and balance.

Reasons to Buy this Machine

  • Cordless whipper snipper: no need to worry about extension leads and sockets.
  • Featuring E-drive technology: which can cut through grassy areas quickly.
  • 30 cm cutting swathe is best for larger areas.
  • 8500 RPM speed to power through even strong grass-cutting areas.
  • Two different power modes: turbo mode for cutting large grass and eco mode to save the battery.
  • 80 DB sound pressure.
  • Weighs 3.5 kg.

Positive Points

  • A cutting swathe of 30 cm allows you to cut larger areas more quicker.
  • The device is simple to maintain and function.
  • It has a quick and durable charging battery.
  • 200 watts of high power output.
  • Dual handle for more balance and comfort.
  • Two power modes, eco mode, and turbo mode.
  • Very easy to convert from an edger to a strimmer.
  • Nice balance and handles very well when being used.  
  • This machine can hold its charge for up to eighteen months.


Negative Points

  • The blade guard isn’t easy to attach.



(2) WORX WG163E Trimmer/Edger with Command Feed

WORX Trimmer Edger with Command Feed

WORX is a brand known for power and performance and its tools are known to help customers work more efficiently and easily.  This WORKX WG163 is a strong quality cordless whipper snipper at an affordable price. It offers several interesting functions with a nice edger adjustment. It delivers a good battery time and is lightweight also.

This machine is a cordless whipper snipper running on a twenty-volt battery pack. This produces enough power for the twelve-inch cutting clobber. This tool operates as both an edger and a trimmer, with the use of tools it converts in a matter of seconds.

You will have important water tools to take care of weed patches and unwanted grass, improper general trimming, and overgrown yard edges. This one power tool takes care of many lawn problems because it combines an edger and trimmer. You get a two-in-one tool.

This battery-operated whipper snipper works best to cut unattractive grass from around fences, trees, and other lawn items. Its power is enough for the homeowner. The WORX WG163E is a full package. It comes with a trimmer, battery charger, two batteries, and the trimmer line reel. This machine only weighs 3.97 kilograms.

Reasons To Buy This Machine

  • It attaches easily to an edger with rubber wheels for guidance and traction, ending in effortless and smoother cuts, counting on uneven ground.
  • The shaft is telescoping and the line trimmer head rotates around 90 degrees, so this trimmer can easily fr into hard-to-reach places in your yard.
  •  Without clogging E drive technology can power through hard overgrown areas faster.
  • Two in one whipper snipper and edger.
  • 90 degrees pivot.
  • Adjustable shaft and handle for more comfort.
  • To protect lawn ornaments, and flowers, and assists in cutting the product also includes a flower guard.

Positive Points

  • Better and larger at trimming thick grass as compared to other 20-volt trimmers.
  • Changeable speed control to increase battery performance.
  • It is durable and lightweight.
  • It makes less vibration and less noise than other models.
  • Extra twenty-volt battery to help you keep finish your job. The package also contains a charger.
  • The trimmer head leans which is useful for unusual angles and reach spaces.
  • It also contains a flower guard which covers wooden structures and flower beds with sharpened string.


Negative Points

  • Could go through the trimmer line too faster.
  • Difficulty in changing from edger to trimmer.
  • The telescoping handle had to be retightened.



(3) Bosch Cordless Line Trimmers (Without Battery)

Bosch Cordless Line Trimmers

 With a good reputation, Bosch is another best trimmer brand. Their products are known for durability and strength as well as reasonable prices. This BoschEasyGrassCut 18 is an eighteen-volt grass trimmer that has a twenty-six cm cutting diameter and is lightweight. It is weightless and good for cutting and edging medium to small lawns.

This whipper snipper is combined with comfortable and adjustable handles make this easy to use and practical. It can effortlessly be adjusted from a trimmer to an edger and the weight and design make these functions uncomplicated.

The Easy Grass Cut 18 offers a good quality work result thanks to its aerodynamic design, long battery life, and its powerful motor.  The trimmer’s lightweight and balanced design makes it easy to reduce and maneuver fatigue during expandable use. This machine is a cordless grass trimmer designed, rechargeable, and easy work of weed cutting, light grass trimming, and lawn edging. It weighs only 2.7 kilograms that is light enough for most younger and elderly users. To operate as an effective trimmer it can be easily adjusted by 1800 degrees to operate. The trimmer features a flower and plant protector and the twenty-six cm diameter is best for medium to small gardens. 

Reasons To Buy Bosch Cordless Line Trimmer

  • Two-year replacement warranty.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Trimmer features a flower and plant protector.
  • Easy edging function.

Positive Points

  • Ergonomic adjustable and comfortable handles.
  • 18V interchangeable batteries.
  • Quick charge time.
  • Cordless trimming.
  • Relatively quiet and easy to operate.
  • Very easy to use.

Negative Points

  • The package doesn’t include a charger and battery.



(4) Baumr-AG BCX720 [Multi Tool Brushcutter and Trimmer]

Baumr Multi Tool Brushcutter and Trimmer

This machine gives you an actual cut above the rest with buying and selling quality, brush cutter attachment, and Italian bump-feed line trimmer head attachment.  With good battery life, ergonomic design, and powerful motor, it is a soft option that can take on undergrowth, grass, and weeds with soothe.

It offers 65 cc large and powerful machines with the cordless option.  It is a great option that combines the eco-friendly and low noise benefit of electric models with performance and power approximate to petrol options.         

This garden multi-tool comes with the bump feed head, eight blade cutter, tri-blade cutter, lawn edger, spike blade cutter, circular saw, four-line trimmer head, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw attachment.  This machine comes with a constant speed setting allowing for operational efficiency and greater versatility.

Reasons To Buy Baumr-AG

  • strong 65cc engine.
  • Bull-horn handles for greater control.
  • Anti-vibration system.
  • Twelve months Australian warranty.
  • Easy E-start system.
  • 12 kg weight.
  • Come with added accessory kit ( gloves, toolkit, shoulder strap, ear muffs, ankle gaiters, and fuel mixer bottle).



Positive Points

  • Pollution-free and noiseless.
  • 65 cc powerful engine.
  • High operational versatility and efficiency.
  • Best for heavy-duty tasks and big lawns.
  • Ergonomic and compact design.
  • Time-efficient and energy.
  • Improved edging and cutting capacities.

Negative Points

  • Expensive and heavier than other models available in the market.



(5) Troy-Bilt 575 EC 4-Stroke Straight Shaft Line Trimmer

Troy-Bilt 4-Stroke Straight Shaft Line Trimmer

This cord shipper snipper from Troy-Bilt stands out for its original and its innovative design. Troy Built is located in the USA and they made products for every gardening situation.  Troy-Bilt 575 comes with a powerful straight shaft.  The feed nylon and bump head is designed to make sure that you always have the right length of cutting. Motorheads rotates around 180 degrees to give you an easy or effortless movement.

The machine comes with an effective jump-start, this means that you do not have to pull the string.  It comes with the benefits of a four-stroke engine, four-stroke engines means it requires less vibration, less harmful fuels, and doesn’t need more fuel mixing. featuring a four-stroke engine, you get twenty-nine cubic cm of dislocation. This whipper snipper is easy to use and start. the trimmer has an easy-to-use straight shaft with petrol and oil mixture and is made to accept optional trimmer attachments. The machine is like riding a roller coaster, there is no vibration protection in the handle, it vibrates a lot. this machine is also heavier, it weighs around 9 kg. we recommend not to buy this machine.

Reasons To Buy Troy Bilt

  • Four-stroke and twenty-nine cc engine.
  • Spring boost starting technology.
  • Easy D-handle for the right to left-handed use.
  • powerful two pieces straight shaft.




Positive Points

  • Four-stroke can give you a lot of benefits.
  • Spring boost technology makes it easier to start.
  • Easy handle rotation.
  • The straight shaft makes it easier to cut grass in higher areas.  

Negative Points

  • No vibration protection in the handle, vibrates a lot.
  • Fewer features and is also expensive.


(6) Swift 40V Cordless Whipper Snipper

Swift Cordless Whipper Snipper

The swift 40Vcordless battery-powered whipper snipper gives you a perfect and effortless experience. This machine is best for trimming lawns, you don’t have to worry about extensions and wall sockets anymore. A strong battery, a large glass box, and to help you cut your small garden the strong motor work together.

The good thing about this whipper snipper is that within seconds you can change the batteries. For constant and less trouble, you can have an extra battery. Each battery gives you a thirty minutes charge time and takes four hours to fully charge the battery. The motor uses less power to keep the speed up. Good efficiency means the trimmer can use a smaller motor and lighter battery. This whipper snipper also includes a safety feature, so if you have a child who knows how to insert the batteries, press the safety button the trimmer will not work.  The device comes with a forty-liter collection box, which is more than enough for a battery-operated whipper snipper. It has some air vents at the top for a better flow of grass and is made out of quality impact polyurethane. There is also an indicator that tells you when to empty the box.  To save plants and trees from being damaged, the trimmer also has a plant guard.


This swift machine is the best choice for you if you have a medium-sized lawn.  The power adjustment of the motor ensures efficient and smooth operation. Safety features and clever design means that you sue the whipper snipper with ease. This machine worth the purchase.

Reasons To Buy Swift Trimmer        

  • Lithium-ion battery: lithium ion-battery is robust and lightweight.
  • Through power indicators, you can see the charge.
  • For ease of storage the handlebar bends.
  • Eco-friendly and cordless: don’t need to worry about plug sockets here and there anymore.
  • Automatic shutdown: If the motor gets overheat the automatic shutdown off the machine until it returns to a safe temperature.
  • Thirty-seven cm of cutting width: The whipper snipper has a good trimming width.
  • Twelve months warranty on battery and twenty-four months warranty on the machine makes it more valuable.
  • The package also includes lifting blades which ensure to trim more grass in a single stroke.

Positive Points

  • Plug and mulching blade included.
  • Easy to store and lightweight.
  • 2-year machine and 1-year battery warranty.
  • Big 40 liters grass collecting box.
  • Safety button for children’s safety.
  • Shows battery power, so you know when to charge the batteries.
  • Wheel lever adjustment.


Negative Points

  • Grass eats up space and needs time to assemble the box.
  • two hours of battery time with a fast charger and four hours with a standard charger.


(7)Trimmer Grass Rok: Quality Petrol Whipper Snipper

Trimmer Grass Rok Quality Petrol Whipper Snipper

If you are looking for the best petrol whipper snipper then ROK delivers one of the best Whipper Snippers in the market.  This whipper snipper from ROK is lightweight and Ezy-start. The trimmer contains a strong 25cc hi-torque motor. Lightweight whipper snipper is easy to move around and best for all-day use. feed and bump with twin line easily refillable fill spool. No need to buy a costly extra shell. For safe and easy storage, aluminum telescopic detachable shaft.  Ergonomic handle for an effortless move all time. Comes with a lot of safety features. 

One of the best safety features is electronic cut-off safety technology. When the device overheats the electronic cut-off turns off the device until it cools down.  This device can easily convert into an edge trimmer. comes with a bonus secure and adjustable shoulder strap. The device is too easy to use even if you are wearing gloves. A good thing about this trimmer is also noise control

Reasons To Buy

  • Petrol-operated whipper snipper: Petrol-operated trimmers are perfect to cover larger areas in less time as compared to battery-operated whipper snippers. 
  • Powerful hi-torque motor of 25cc.
  • Weighs only 4kg.
  • Aluminum telescopic detachable shaft, for safe and easy storage.
  • Comes with a secure shoulder strap.
  • Ergonomic adjustable handles.

Positive Points

  • The machine automatically shutdown when it gets overheat.
  • easy to use and lightweight.
  • Best for big grassy areas and tough grass.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Easy to use even when wearing gloves.
  • Easy to rotate in any direction.
  • Can easily turn into an edge whipper snipper.

Negative Points

  • Battery got the edge over petrol operated whipper snipper.
  • Sometimes can be hard to start.


How To Choose The Best Whipper Snipper?

  • If your lawn is bigger, then you should go for petrol operated whipper snipper. Petrol-operated whipper snipper is well suited for large gardens. If your lawn is filled with strong and large grasses then you must go for the petrol-operated whipper snipper. Fueling these whippers is simple,  they can be refilled quickly.  These Whipper snippers usually come with a straight shaft that is good for bigger gardens.
  • Another thing you should look for is two-strokes or four-stroke shifts. The four-stroke engines can be more advantageous as they use emit less pollution and unleaded petrol. Four-stroke are environmentally friendly and more powerful. Make sure to fill and check them with oil before you risk damaging the trimer.  
  • A Cordless or battery-operated whipper snipper is well suited for a suburban and small urban household with a small garden.
  • When you are running low on petrol, a transparent fuel tank makes it easy to see. This makes refilling of petrol easier, simple and effortless as you will know how much petrol to fill in.
  • A quick or easy start of a whipper snipper lets you start your petrol-powered line whipper snipper at the press of a button-  don’t need to mess around with pulling ropes.
  • A vibration-absorbing handle steadies the handle of your whipper snipper even the machine is vibrating, you don’t need to worry anymore about uncomfortable, itchy hands.
  • The shoulder strap will let you use the machine with more ease by dividing the load of the whipper snipper off your hands.
  • A rotating head lets you change the direction you want to move either vertically or horizontally.  So, that you don’t need to angle the whole whipper snipper anytime you want to move.
  • An expandable shaft gives you, even more, reach, making to-do good cleaning in complicated places.
  • Look for a model with an edging guide if you are looking for a superb straight edge.
  • If you want to clean open areas a broad diameter is useful. Petrol line whipper snippers usually have a good diameter than electric or cordless machines.

Features to Look Before Buying a Whipper Snipper

  • Weight: choose a whipper snipper that you can easily carry and handle. Look for weight, as you choose optional attachments. If you can’t handle or carry the tool, you cannot use a pole pruner attachment.
  • Good balance: top mount motors usually have the best balance. Search for trimmers with adjustable-length handles or shafts so you can manage the size to your height.
  • Noise output: battery and corded electric-powered whipper snippers are peaceful, gas-powered whipper snippers are loudest. When running the whipper snipper it is best to use air protection. 
  • Low vibration: operating a gas-powered whipper snipper produces vibration which can leave your hand deadened. Search for a machine with anti-vibration technology.
  • Easy loading or feeding: interrogate how easy it is to load and feed replace string.
  • Safety features: to avoid debris from hitting and striking you, good safety guards should include a shield over the strings. Many machines offer a cutting guard that enhances to limit the trim protection and range plantings.