What is The Best Weighted Blanket in Australia to Buy? [Guide & Reviews]

What is The Best Weighted Blanket in Australia
Having a tough time dreaming? Feeling anxious lately or stressed out? Yes, us too. To get a comfortable sleep a weighted Blanket is one of the favorite things we have found.

Over the last two years, sales of weighted blankets have ascended. As compared to a regular blanket weighted blanket is a super great comforter and does a lot more for your sleep.

These heavier blankets usually edge the scale between ten and twenty pounds and deliver several promising benefits for people who are suffering from insomnia or anxiety. All over your body weighted blankets apply deep pressure to help the production of serotonin, and support the battle of sleep problems and the digestive system.

Also helps calm kids on the autism spectrum relieve a range of conditions including anxiety, stress. Sleep problems, and sensory disorders.

Worried about buying a best weighted blanket in Australia? There are a lot of options available.  There are ones that are made with Minky soft fabric, ones with glass beads, ones with organic cotton, and ones with plastic beads. There are also all kinds available from a king-size to a small lap pad. If you are a hot sleeper, you can also get a cooling weighted blanket. With so many options it is hard to find which one will give you better sleep.

Listed below are our top picks you can buy in Australia. We have established our selection on a wide range of tests that involves brand research, owner experiences, and product testing. We’ll also take an in-depth look at average designs and material, typical pricing, purported benefits, and safety matter for adults with positive health conditions and kids. There are some of the highly rated and most stylish weighted blankets you can get.

Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Yes, weighted are effective. A weighted blanket is a blanket that contains pellets or weighted balls. They work alike to a method called deep pressure stimulation (DPS). This method involves handling firm but gentle pressure balanced across the body. 

The feel of weight should feel like you are swaddled, or a hug. This deep pressure works to calm you and causes your mind to release reducing anxiety, and happy hormones, and benefits you get a better nap.

A weighted blanket would work best for you if you are suffering from a mental illness or just find it hard to sleep.

Weighted blankets can be ‘like a hug’

Factors to Consider While Choosing The Best Weighted Blanket

If you have a tough time falling asleep and relaxing, then a weighted blanket suits you well. You should take the following factors into your consideration while browsing different weighted blankets.


Normal weighted blankets cost you between a hundred to three hundred dollars in any size. Relying on the selected weight good models carry different price points.


Weighted blankets could be warm.  Go for a soft fleecy fabric if you get cold at night, but if you get warm, then think about getting a blanket made from cotton fabric whin is breathable.

Most blankets come with a waterproof lining and a removable cover on the inner blanket.

Filler material

Many weighted blankets are full of some kind of material. This alters from plastic beads to glass beads or more natural materials like small pebbles or sand. Normally the filter is stitched into smaller pockets, to assure a balanced weight allocation. The smaller the pockets the better the distribution of weight.

Natural materials could be your best bet if you are looking for a blanket that is environmentally friendly but if washed wrongly may lead to mildew growth. The glass can last longer and are also eco-friendly.


It is suggested to choose a weighted blanket that is roughly ten percent of your body weight. Usually, a blanket weighed between five and ten percent of your body weight mar brings you comfort. The best way to find your optimum blanket is to test out more and more weights.

How Heavy Should Your Weighted Blanket be?

Cover Material

Always buy a weighted blanket based in part on your texture and desired feel. Some of these blankets have covers made of microfiber or cotton materials that provide a smooth feel, while others are made with fleece for a cozier and plusher texture. With a definite feel on each side, some weighted blankets have reversible designs.

Ease of cleaning

Most weighted blanket covers are detachable and can be dried and washed in a household machine. The complete can be cleaned at home in some cases. To prevent early tear and wear, you may need to spot dry or clean your blanket.


Some weighted blankets are made with breathable cover interior and fabric components to keep you comfy during the night. Others may absorb and trap body heat, linked with their bulky weight, which can point to extra warmth.


Top 10 Picks For Best Weighted Blanket in Australia

[1] YNM Blanket For Adults (Great for Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, OCD)

YNM Blanket For Adults
YNM Blanket For Adults Customer Reviews

YnM’s blankets are bestsellers, they have won excellent feedback from their customers. Devoted to creating a better sleep experience, Ynm engineered a therapeutic, high-end weighted blanket that excites the feeling of being hugged. This blanket is designed to deliver pressure across your body, helping calm the nervous system while fostering restorative sleep and boosting mood. YnM offer blankets of different size and weight options.

The blankets are designed with a hundred percent breathable cotton shell filled with hypoallergenic, odorless weighted gas and nontoxic bead. The company also manufactures blankets for kids that normally weigh between 5 and 7 pounds. Their blankets come in a variety of colors including plaid, seagrass, ivory, light grey, and dark grey. The blanket is easy to clean, dry cleaning is preferred for a longer lifetime.

Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better With Weighted Blanket

Why We Loved it?

  • The blanket is machine washable.
  • Engineered to be ten percent of your body weight, this naturally increases relaxation and reduces your stress.
  • Sand pallets feel more comfortable and delicate than plastic pallets.
  • Seven layered designs, beads, and breathable materials stay leak-free and evenly distributed with advanced layering and stitching methods.
  • Block out stimulation.

Why Should You Consider it?

  • Deliver deep sleep.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Helps with issues like sleepwalking.
  • Available in kids’ sizes and weights.
  • Well constructed and durable.
  • Provides relief from restless leg syndrome.


The Downside

  • Size errors have been reported.
  • For some people, it can be a little hot.
  • It’s harder to fall asleep without one if you get obsessed. 



[2] Gravity Queen/King Blanket

Gravity Queen King Weighted Blanket
Gravity Queen King Blanket Customer Reviews

The inner shell of this blanket is made from a hundred percent pure cotton and filled with fine-grade, non-toxic glass beads. The inner blanket is equipped with elastic buttons and corner ties that prevent uncomfortable bunching and protect it from the duvet cover.

This weighted blanket offers a very fleecy and plush feel because of the duvet cover is made from polyester microfiber ( polyester is one of the powerful fabrics with high resistance and low elasticity to stretching and shrinking. The fabric can be washed conveniently and is highly durable).  The cover is detachable and can be dried and washed at home. You can get three colors in this blanket: navy, grey, or white. The inner blanket should only be air-dried and hand washed.

Why We Loved it?

  • This blanket is ideal for any king or even queen size bed.
  • Best selling weighted blanket.
  • Features glass beads and to keep everything in place the inner weighted layer is made with gridded stitching.

Why You Should Consider it?

  • Perfect for couples.
  • Weight is perfectly balanced.
  • Low profile banket.
  • The cover is machine washable.
  • Low profile blanket.
  • No beanbag feel.

The Downside

  • The big size only comes at thirty-five pounds.
  • Too massive to adjust to the night.
  • You can only hand washed the inner blanket.
  • Much expensive.


[3] Relax Weighted Blanket For Adult/Teenager

Relax Weighted Blanket For Adult Teenager
RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket for Adult Customer Reviews

Relaxblanket should be at the top of your list if you want a weighted blanket that can provide you a close cuddling feel. This blanket can help feel at ease and comfy your body by stimulating the feeling of being hugged or held, making you fall asleep better and faster throughout the night.

The company earned the certification from Oeko tax which satisfies its quality.  As compared to the most weighed blanket the blanket has a premium appearance and feel.

The outer contains a stylish Minky texture and is made from ultra-soft microfiber. The inner blanket is a hundred percent cotton.  The soft Minky cover provides a cozy and snug sleeping experience and feels lovely against the skin.

RelaxBlanket Sizes

RelaxBlanket Sizes

Why We Loved it?

  • Made with only anti-allergic tested fabric.
  • Free from toxic materials.
  • It contains a beautiful perfume feel.
  • Tight-long stitching holds the beads to remain balanced.
  • Tiny glass beads, ultra-high breathable cotton, and less fiber deliver superior temperature control. 

Why Should Consider it?

  • Multiple sizes and weight options.
  • Fabric is ultra-breathable.
  • For better sleep, the limited fabric ensures the right sleep.
  • To keep the blanket in place features internal clasps.

The Downside

  • Due to the movement of glass bead fillings, it creates an irritating noise.
  • For hot sleepers too warm.
  • No sharing size. 


[4] P&R Oeko-Tex Certified Chilled Bamboo Weighted Blanket

P&R Chilled Bamboo Blanket
P&R Chilled Bamboo Weighted Blanket Customer Reviews

Since 2018 pine and river has been selling weighted blankets. They offer an assortment of sizes and styles, you can easily get all of them at Amazon. They might be not well known as compared to other weighted blanket brands but their weighted blankets work very well. 

The best thing that sets an apart from their opponents is that all of their weighted blankets are sustainable and eco-friendly.  Their blankets are made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber allows the material to be extremely lightweight, absorbent, strong, durable, and dry faster. It also can adapt to its environment keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Pine and River offer two different weight options, fifteen and twenty pounds, both of which are available in grey and blue.

Why we love it?

  • Not only it is squishy but it is more breathable and absorbent.
  • Less likely to cause skin irritation.
  • As compared to cotton absorb less heat.
  • The fiber can be machine washed.
  • Fifteen kg, perfect amount of weight.

Why Should You Consider it?

  • The fabric is cool and soft, the perfect choice for the summer months.
  • Comes with extra stitching.
  • Queen-size blankets are perfect for couples.
  • Thirty days return policy.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly.  
  • Truly absorbs the heat away.
  • Cover material feels good on the skin.

The Downside

  • Fifteen and twenty-five pounds are only two options to choose from.


[5] Baloo Soft Weighted Blanket

Baloo Soft Blanket Customer Reviews

Baloo is a luxury and eco-friendly weighted blanket. The Baloo living cool cotton weighted blanket is available in fifteen and twenty pounds options. Their breathable cotton and premium material are worthy of more costly weighted blankets. To create the weight the blanket is made with lead-free grass microbeads.

The product is a hundred percent cotton and is eco-friendly, promised to deliver a comfortable and far more cooler feel to lead the weight. Baloo blankets are safe for the environment and you as materials are free of chemicals. They offer several weights and sizes.

A thin layer of polyester keeps the glass silent and from moving around. The filling is not noticeable but the overall weight is not. The blanket works as both a twin and a throw-size comforter. The weight is perfect as a throw blanket. To start feeling the pressure from the weight wrap the blanket around your body.  We love how this blanket feels to touch, how t looks visually, and how it holds and hugs you.

Why We Love it?

  • It is the best-rated blanket for breathability. It is made from high-quality cotton and is less batting.
  • Comfortable and aesthetic design.
  • Robust design.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Why Should You Consider it?

  • To avoid leaks it is double stitched neatly.
  • Chemical-free Oeo-Tex certified material.
  • Good for both daytime sleep and relaxation.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • The fabric is cool and smooth.

The downside

  • The product is costly.
  • You have to buy a duvet cover separately.



[6] Weight evolution (Best Blanket for Adults/Kids)

Weight evolution (Best Blanket for Adults Kids)
Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket Customer Reviews

Weighted evolution delivers the best cooling weighted blanket that helps autistic and anxiety-ridden people. With a bamboo duvet cover and glass bead filling, this blanket will deliver you evenly distributed pressure that will calm anxiety and help alleviate stress. Besides temperature regulating and breathability properties, and a lengthy warranty, this weighted blanket delivers a hugging and comforting sensation.

Bamboo duvet cover makes it a good choice, bamboo is known for its temperature controlling and breathable properties. It comes in five different weight options and four different colors. To avoid overheating the tiny beads allow plenty of airflows and also confirm the body to create a comfortable hugging experience.

Why We Love it?

  • Superior comfort and design.
  • Comes with a removable duvet bamboo.
  • Twp-piece construction for long life and easy washing. The blanket easily unties and zip open from the inner blanket for quick simple removal.



Why Should You Consider it?

  • Perfect for adults of any weight.
  • Good for hot sleepers.
  • People looking for a color option.
  • Reduce anxiety and enhance your mood.
  • A  wide selection of weights and styles. 

The Downside 

  • It is not good for traveling.


[7] Quility Premium Weighted Blanket

Quility Premium Weighted Blanket
Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket Customer Reviews

Quility premium blankets can help with everything from reducing anxiety and stress to getting good sleep. The blankets come in dark grey and grey hues. Every blanket has seven layers. The outer layer is lined with several polyester layers and is made from 100% percent cotton-containing glass beads. The glass beads are also lead-free, odorless, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

The included duvet cover comes with a variety of color options (ivory, aqua, pink, patterned, navy blue, and grey). It is also made from a hundred percent super-soft polyester fabric. The blanket is filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic glass beads, which are designed to offer breathability and temperature control. The blanket’s removable duvet cover offers durability and avoids bead leaks. To wash the blanker remove the duvet cover and throw it in your washing machine but make sure to use a gentle cycle and cold water.

Why We Loved it?

  •  The outside of the blanket is crafted from hundred percent cotton which ensures to be breathable, comfortable, and soft.
  • Hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed, company offers a full refund, no question asked and your money will be back to you.
  • This blanket delivers a natural sleep and gives you the sensation of being hugged to encourage restful and deep sleep.
  • Queen and king-size blankets are perfect for couples.

Why Should You Consider it?

  • The luxurious feel and look.
  • Super high breathability.
  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Impressive weight.

The Downside

Not easy to attach the cover to the blanket.


[8] Sivio kids Flannel Weighted Blanket (Ultra Soft and Comfy)

 Sivio kids Flannel Weighted Blanket

If your kids suffer from a lack of sleep or anxiety, consider buying them a blanket that is specially made for them.

This blanket is the top pick for Kids who appreciate a variety of colorful patterns and features images like spaceships, dinosaurs, and unicorns. It has a warm sherpa and soft fleece side that both should keep your little one soft and warm all night.

It is available in four different weight options starting from three lbs to ten lbs available in twin XL and twin sizes. It is made from a hundred percent natural cotton. The blanket provides a light sensation to your skin and is super soft to be touched. It is also smartly dyed and wrinkle-free to keep up color that remains fresh and new after every wash.

Why we Loved it

  • Kids between thirty to a hundred pounds can safely use this blanket.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Eighteen pattern option.
  • Micro-glass bead filling.
  • Comes in dozens of cool and adorable design.

Why Should You Consider?

  • The blanket is well super cool, comfy, durable, and is well made.
  • Offers a three-pound weight option.
  • Ideal for kids who don’t want to sleep in heavy-weight blankets.
  • Seven layered designs guarantee perfect breathability. 

The Downside

  • Many customers claim that the colors get fade after washing.


[9] Harkla Kids Blanket (Great for Sensory Seekers)

Harkla Kids Blanket

Having a dotted pattern on the blanket is perfect to eliminate the anxiety of the kids and also deliver them a peaceful night. This Hurkla weighted blanket is best for comfortable and soft texture with no weight that makes the kids attain better sleep. To avoid risk factors it provides a money-back guarantee for maximum customer satisfaction. It comes with easy cleaning and maintenance with a detachable cover that makes it easier to separate two parts and clean at home. Both the blanket and cover are popular and useful among the users because of their smooth drying with an average spinner and machine and low maintenance.

The material used in the blanket is harmless Poly and non-toxic with a fully even distribution among the pockets that deliver a beautiful experience of sleeping without annoying the bulk here and there. Also, it is very much preferred for kids between forty to seventy lbs. In simple if you want to get a  peaceful sleep then this blanket is an ideal choice. If you are in search of a  solution to your child coping with anxiety and sensory issues then this blanket is a healthful choice for you. It offers easy cleaning ability with an outstanding experience of peaceful nights.

Why We Loved it

  • Unique design
  • Supersoft removable duvet cover.
  • The blanket is filled with hypoallergenic and glass beads cotton stuffing.
  • This Blanket just cost you around 140 dollars.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

 Why Should You Consider it?

  • Easy cleaning
  •  ideal for  anxiety issues
  •  perfect for kids between 5 to 9 years
  •  for event distribution perfect stitching.

The Downside

  • Not good for bedwetters.
  • May overheat.


[10] Buzzio Kids Weighted Blanket [Best for Kids]

BUZIO Kids Weighted Blanket
BUZIO Kids Weighted Blanket Reviews

With peaceful comfort, it offers effortless sleep that works great with the long night balancing the physical and mental stage during the whole night. Hence, peaceful energy is enough for the hyper energy, all-day activity, and falling and running that enhances the stress level of the kids.

It has a seven-layered design that is effective when it comes to offering constant body pressure and grant the body to breathe during sleep. Also, it comes with an odorless and non-toxic polyester that works fine with the protective and strong shield that avoids any leakage from the beads.  It is just ten percent size of your child and the favored weight of the kid should be between thirty and sixty lbs.

Why We Loved it

  • Strong warranty of two years.
  • Feels like a cozy hug.
  • Non-toxic, skin-friendly, and breathable deliver the ideal performance.
  • For added comfort, duvet covers are also available.

 Why Should You Consider it?

  • Glass beads to keep you cool and dry all night.
  • Soothes you and offers anxiety relief, so you can fall asleep better.
  • Leakproof shield.
  • Excellent quality polyester.
  • Extended warranty.

The Downside

  • Need constant cleaning.
  • May cause warm.



Faqs on Weighted Blankets


Can a weighted blanket improve my sleep?

Yes, it is not scientifically proven but small researches show that it can help you sleep better. Weighted blankets can help a restless body to improve sleep troubles and reduce feelings of anxiety. Weighted blankets have shown positive results for several conditions including anxiety, ADHD, and autism.

Are weighted blankets safe for kids?

Yes, if your kid is over two years then weighted are safe for them. Just choose the right weight and look for important safety features, make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, and also consult an expert before buying.

What weight should I choose for a weighted blanket?

You should always choose a weighted blanket that is around ten percent of your body weight. We prefer starting on the lighter side and adds up the weight until you find your love spot. Temperature is also an important thing to consider. Blankets with breathable shell materials and glass pellets like rayon or cotton derived from bamboo tend to sleep cooler than blankets synthetic fabrics and plastic pellets.

Do weighted blankets ease anxiety and improve sleep?

Weighted blankets can deliver many alike benefits to deep pressure therapy.  The pressure of a weighted blanket is similar to the sensation of a hug which provides a sense of security and a warm feeling, it also releases the hormone oxytocin in the body which helps you sleep quickly with ease.

Is Ecosa weighted blanket best?

For me it is a beautiful feeling, it increases the quality of my sleep. It is good to have this blanket to help out the body and mind. I highly recommend this blanket. Ecosa is a great choice.