Best Tricycles For Kids in Australia 2023

Best Trikes Tricycles For Kids in Australia

Tricycles are good for the betterment of cognitive, critical, and physical skills. Trikes help kids to build confidence and acknowledgment of independence in themselves. What differentiates a tricycle from a bicycle instead, of course, extra wheels is that they have bigger wheels,  prone to be lower to the ground level, all of these things make it a perfect match for kids.

How to decide which tricycle is best for your kid?

Luckily, we have done this job for you. We have carefully reviewed and tested toddler bicycles for kids, created by the well-known brands on Amazon Australia.


Things to Look for When Buying a Trikes for Kids

Most peoples buy tricycles for their kids in the age between two to three years old. Yes, tricycles bring enjoyment but they also help toddlers with coordination and balance.  Before buying a new tricycle for a toddler you have to go through the following considerations.


Always picks a tricycle that is made of strong durable materials for example metal instead of plastic. Ensure steering does not overturn over freely. And by al[l means no matter which tricycle you are going to buy a helmet is a must.

Pedal power

You have chosen a favorite color pick for your toddler but did you make sure that your toddler can reach the pedals and handlebars? There is no joy in riding if there is no power in the pedals. Ensure your tricycle is perfectly well balanced and she can go in right now not a couple of months from now.


Material is crucial for two main axes: comfort and durability. First always search for a strong steel frame, instead of plastic. If your tricycle is made from less long-lasting material like plastic then you, you.

And also look for kid comfortability, like leather cushioned seats provide extra comfort as compared to a seat made from hard plastic material. Leather seats make your kid want to ride more. Look for soft tires because they help when your kid rides over a bump.

In the end, ensure to be careful about any risky materials used in the manufacturing of tricycles.


Finding the Right Type of Tricycle

You have to think again if you think that a tricycle is just a bike or bicycle with an extra wheel. There are options to select from. Three of the more famous toddler tricycles are push tricycles, big wheel tricycles, and convertible tricycles. 

Big Wheel Tricycles

Most tricycles you find will have popular and favorite characters on them that your kid is going to love the most.  Big wheels tricycles are normally made from plastic with a big jumbo wheel in the front.

Push Trikes

These types of tricycles give dad and mom the choice of pushing the kid trike along together when those tiny legs require a break and when they are not totally set to pedal. This also makes it easy for parents to keep an eye on their little ones.  

Convertible Tricycles

Also known as 4 in 1 or 3 in 1 tricycle, these types of trikes start with a handle, steering, disengaged pedals, and a full harness.  In these types of tricycles, your kid sits on the trike and doesn’t control it, you have to push the trike. With the time passage, you can select to involve the steering, paddles, handles, harness at different stages to meet your kid’s ability and development. Ultimately, it will convert into a regular trike.


The price of an excellent quality tricycle ranges from fifty to one hundred and fifty dollars depending on the features you want. Take into consideration that the more the trike is fancier the more you have to pay for it. Confirm to choose a trike whose features value the price.


How Having a Tricycle can Help Your Kid?

The main cause for buying a tricycle for your kid is to introduce entertainment and fun in their life. But there are more reasons why you have to buy a tricycle for your kid. As we have already said tricycles help kids develop coordination, independence, and motor skills. 

It helps your kid grow motor skills that are important in assisting them to perform their daily activities like sporting, playground skills, walking, and many more.

Your kid’s balance and coordination get better and better with trikes. Pedaling improves their foot coordination and steering help with their hand coordination. While in the beginning, your child may face some trouble with coordinating the trike, but he/she will get better and better with time. Just hold on!

Tricycles are also the best pre-reading activity for your kid. Your kid can learn the rights and lefts of the road and the effects of riding in each of these directions.

Moreover, it will come in useful that your child knows that their body has different sides, left and right, front and back, and will support their brain easily differentiate.

The connection between you and your child also gets better as you spend time with them.


Best Tricycles For Toddlers in Australia To Buy

[1] Schwinn Roadster 12-inch Trike Tricycle

Schwinn Roadster 12-inch best Trike for kids

Founded in Chicago, illionisSchwinn is a well-known and one of the oldest brands. The brand has been producing very well-made bicycles for kids and youngsters since 1895. The main goal of Schwinn is to deliver their users the best experience they ever had with their durable products.

The twelve-inch trike tricycle from Schwinn is very attractive and has a unique and original design. The retro-style design of this model is certainly one of the things that drive many parents and kids into purchasing their products!

About Design

This Schwinn 12-inch trike is available in eight amazing colors and has a very special vintage retro design. No matter how selective your kid is we are sure that your kid is going to find a one for them in the selection of picks. The wood deck with a burned-in logo is an excellent example of original, good designs.

This tricycle is going to give your kid a lot of support, confidence, and balance. Your kid can be ready to fully depend on the tricycle to tale them where they want to go.


  • When riding at a higher speed the trike has a low center of gravity that will help avoid the tricycle from falling over.
  • With long chrome handlebars, your child can taker over complete control of the ride.
  • Heavy duty is another durable point to note.
  • The seat features 5 different positions of adjustments, so it easily moves backward and forwards for different kids and growing legs.
  • Handlebars contain bell and tassels makes it a perfect gift and a family picture.


Who is it best for

This trike is perfect for toddlers between the age of one to five. This tricycle is versatile and two years old can also reach the pedals very easily. Five-year kids will find the tricycle completely fitting and comfortable.


Brand name                Schwinn

Color                           blue

Model no                     S6728

Product dimensions    31.75 x 36.07 X 62.74

Item weight                  1 kg


  • Comfortable and adjustable seat.
  • Vintage design.
  • Grows with the kid, ages one to five years old.
  • Low center gravity.


  • You have to replace the tires after a while.


Schwinn Roadster Trike Customer Reviews

 Schwinn Roadster 12-inch Trike Tricycle Customer Reviews


[2] Medog Fly Bike Foldable Tricycle – Non-Scratch Wheels

Medog Fly Bike Foldable Tricycle

This is one of the best trikes for toddlers of 1, 2, or 3 years of age and is the best pick if you have a low budget but you want good quality. It looks great, easy to fold, and is lightweight. Its rubber feet protect everyone’s feet. With Medog fly you don’t need to worry about your floor, it will not cause any scratches to your furnished floor, so this is a great tricycle for indoor too.

About Design

The trike is very simple to assemble and comes with friendly-to-read instructions. The price is impossible to believe too with good quality. It comes in red color. This pushover trike provides good steering skills.


  • Rubber paddles provide no harm to you and your floor.
  • Strong durable design.
  • Easy to fold and fits in even tighter spaces.
  • Easy to read the instructions.
  • Almost 2 kg weight makes everything easy to carry around.


Who is it best for

This trike is best for kids age between one to two years old as it needs someone to push.


  • Lightweight.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Rubber wheels.
  • Foldable.
  • Can also be used indoors.
  • Multiple color options.



  • There are no paddles.
  • Plastic material is not durable as compared to metal.
  • The seat is not soft and comfortable.


Medog Fly Bike Foldable Tricycle Customer Reviews

 Medog Fly Bike Foldable Tricycle Customer Reviews


[3] Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Red Rider Trike

Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike

Radio flyer provided a chance to parents to help their kids grow with ride-on and toys, much like the stylish and cool tricycle.  This tricycle is made to suit the likeness of vintage, old classic tricycle.

In the previous of models, Radio flyer has observed that their trikes are either too thick or too thin in design. Both thick and thin designs cause the trike to trip over and harm the kid. To tackle this, the company has managed to make a perfectly balanced in the shape of Red Rider.

It is easy to lift, the seat also has a grip at the back to hold the tricycle, and this makes it lighter to feel. It has durable construction and quiet wheels. The Red Rider tricycle offers fun, comfort, and convenience.

About Design

The pattern of this tricycle is very engaging and friendly. It has a strong steel frame with lots of curves, the glossy wireframe sees very alluring.  A storage bin is also included in the tricycle at back allow to keep extra things for your child. The trike has a strong steel build which allows the trike to ride smoothly on both dirt and pavement roads. The handlebars have easy movement and strong grips that allow the child to completely feel their riding experiences.


  • The trike has an easy-grip at the back so you can carry the trike easily when your kid gets tired or bored from riding the trike.
  • An adjustable seat can completely grow with your child.
  • When riding wheels do not do any nasty noises.
  • To keep kid fun things storage bin at the back of the seat.


Who is it Best for

                        The red rider is perfect for children between the ages of thirty months to five years. The bicycle will assist your kid to develop motor skills and that will unquestionably help them in riding more next-level bicycles for sure.


Brand name                            Radio flyer

Color                                       red

Model number                         421z

Product dimensions                56.49 x 68.5 x 53.39 cm

Item weight                              4.54 kg


  • Perfect and very sturdy for toddlers.
  • Grows with the kid.
  • Storage bin to keep stuff.
  • Lightweight.
  • Strong steel frame.
  • Vintage classic design.



  • Not any instructions to assemble the trike and is very hard to assemble.
  • Too big for kids under one year.


Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Customer Reviews


[4] High Bounce Extra Tall Trike

High Bounce Extra Tall Trike

For many years high bounce is making excellent toys for many years now. The high bounce company aims to provide safe, durable, and affordable toys. Followed through enthusiasm, the company has produced thousands of products for every age.

The high bounce extra tall is specially designed for kids of taller size. This tricycle is bigger than the other mentioned kid trikes, and it allows the kids to grow and enjoy themselves together with their favorite ride. Everyone knows how difficult it is to part a toddler from their favorite toy. Whi is larger good? Bigger trikes are easier and simpler to handle than smaller ones, and high handlebars are more easier and comfortable. This High bounce extra tall trike can work for both outdoors and indoors.

About Design

The trike has one of the efficacious designs. It comes in three different and amazing colors: green, pink, and purple. Strong triangle wireframe and long-standing EVA tires are completely slipped resistant. The triangle metal frame is strong and it makes the trike looks advanced in class. If your kid wants to ride it from a standing pose it has a tall seat which you are going to love.


  • Metal frame for added balance.
  • All the features are made of high-rate materials that are safe and tested.
  • Eva tires always ensure to have your back and used by the best tricycle companies. 
  • Sleep-resistant pedals and wheels. Plastic wheels hint that you don’t need to keep observing the air level. 
  • Super sturdy top quality makes from durable durable polycarbonate.
  • Three different adjustments are available.


Who is it Best for

High bounce extra tall tricycle is suitable for children between the age of three to six. It is also best for kids with taller heights.


Brand                                      High Bounce

Color                                       green, pink and purple

Product dimension                81.3 x 57.2 x 68.6 centimetres

Item weight                              5 kg


  • Strong frame.
  • Large wheelbase.
  • Comfortable seat and handlebars.
  • Larger than other tricycles available in the market.
  • Lovely design.
  • EVA tires.
  • You can easily get the spare parts online.



  • Assembly instructions are not provided, though the assembly of the trike is very easy.
  • Not suitable for kids aged below three years.

High Bounce Extra Tall Trike Customer Reviews

 High Bounce Extra Tall Trike Customer Reviews


[5] Fisher-Price 3-Wheeled Scooter with Corn Popping Sound

 Fisher-Price 3-Wheeled Scooter

Since 1930, the fisher-price has been producing reliable and safe trike for kids. For many years the company has asked its expert research team to put in a hundred percent of their effort and time into determining what qualities and features a good tricycle should own.

As mentioned upper tricycles grow with me trike also grows with a kid with time and permits them to keep developing. The adjustability and adaptability of this trike are a good pick mainly for parents that have several young kids. It can enable them to learn to push, ride, share on the tricycle and promote patience and teamwork. Whether you are outdoor or indoor, you can carry this ride with you everywhere you go. The tricycle feels very strong and the steering is very comfortable.

About Design

The fisher grows with me has a sturdier and thick design that is best for developing a sense of confidence in your kid. The tricycle has an amazing light blue color with orange, pastel green, and dark blue accessories that mix very pretty well together.

The wheelbase delivers very good stability and is wide enough. It is also easy to ride with every age as the seat is adjustable.


  • The seat is adjustable to three different positions.
  • Removable paddles also widen the lifespan of this trike.
  • The tight grip allows it easy to hold the handlebars.
  • As you can adjust the seat easily your child can grow with the trike.


Who is it Best for

Fisher-price grows with me is best for kids ages between two to five years old.


                        Brand name                fisher-price

                        Color                           light blue

                        Prodcut dimension      48.3 x 73.7 x 53.3

                        Item weight                  0.5 kg



  • Durable and solid quality.
  • The weightless trike only weighs 0.5 kg.
  • Comfortable steering.
  •  Also, be converted into a push tricycle as the pedals are removable.
  • For extra small kids, the seat can also be set at an extra low level.



  • Many children find it tough to grip the foot pedals.
  • A little costly.
  • Made of plastic not durable as compared to metal tricycles.


Fisher-Price 3-Wheeled Scooter Customer Reviews

Fisher-Price 3-Wheeled Scooter Customer Reviews


[6] Fisher-price Harley Davidson Tough Trike  (Best Selling Trike)

Fisher-price Harley Davidson Tough Trike

This trike gives you a perfect look of a little bike but is influenced by small legs as contrary to the big bike engine. This ride is handy to sail the area. The features are made of many details and are stylish.

The make of this tricycle makes it very capable and stable of winning different surfaces. All of the wheels have a larger base which guarantees stability and also makes sure about different types of terrain. Except for wheels, the tricycle is fully made from plastic, but the plastic is solid it can support a child near to twenty-four kilograms.


About Design

The bike has a stylish glossy black color and around it, there is good quality Harley Davidson sticker with a logo of Harley. The seat color is orange making it a perfect match with the black frame. The color of the handlebars is silver that looks like chrome to polish off the look.

Larger wheels ensure a perfect grip on the surface and the pedals are easy and comfortable to turn. The handlebars contain grippers and you can hold them very easily and there is also a small storage box for kid essentials.


  • Larger wheels ensure a perfect grip on the surface and the pedals are easy and comfortable to turn.
  •  The handlebars contain grippers and you can hold them very easily.
  • there is also a small storage box for kid essentials, like keeping the helmet and snacks.


 Who is it Best for

 The mini bike rider trike is best for kids age between two to five years old.



                        Brand name                            fisher-price

                        Color                                       balck and silver

                        Product dimension                  54.6 x 20.3 x 43.1

                        Item weight                              4 kg


  • Rugged tires.
  • Pretty easy to assemble.
  • Also available in many famous themes like Thomas the Train, Dora the explorer, and Kawasaki.
  • Good grip on handlebars.
  • Suitable and durable for all types of terrains.
  • Wide wheels and stable structure.
  • Big pedals that are effortless to move.



  • Plastic made.
  • For short kids, pedals are difficult to reach.
  • The seat gets off if pulled too strongly.


Fisher-price Harley Davidson Tough Trike Customer Reviews

Fisher-price Harley Davidson Tough Trike Customer Reviews


Toddler Trikes Safety Precautions

For kids riding a trike is a lot of joy and fun, but accidents in any circumstances in a healthful activity like this can occur. However, to help your kid be fully protected you can follow the below things:

  • Only allow your kid to ride on a tricycle when they are ready for it physically.
  • Confirm you keep a close eye on your kid as they ride.
  • Don’t allow kids to ride near hills, cars, swimming pools, steep inclines, and other dangerous areas.
  • Make sure your kid wears the helmet, knee, and elbow pad while riding a tricycle.
  • But a tricycle that is well built with several safety features. Also, make sure that the tricycle has a perfect size so that you won’t strive while paddling it.
  • Daily check the trike or you can check before your kid is about to ride it to make sure everything is good.


Tricycle Prices Range

            You can get tricycles to fit every budget, and you don’t cost as much as you may think. Expect to pay between $40 and $200 for a good trike.

  • Low-cost

Good basic trikes made of plastic cost charge you between forty to fifty dollars.

  • Mid-range

Trikes made of metal cost you around sixty to a hundred dollars.

  • Expensive

Trikes that can be converted cost you around hundred to two hundred dollars. But this can last a longer for your kid.


Is your Kid all Set to Ride a Tricycle?

            First, you have to find out if the kid knows how to steer or pedal, always keep in mind that every child is different, so some take time some get it quickly. So does your kid have all these given below things what it takes to ride a trike?

  • Ability

Kids require some force to pedal and make the trike move. Responding to the handle while applying force to pedals need some basic skills. Though some tricycle also helps parents to move.

  • Height

The height of the trike plays the main role in determining either they are ready for a pedal tricycle or push tricycle. The child must be able to touch the pedals easily.

  • Balance

Even the tricycle with good stability demand kid to control before they can be ridden. A child’s physical and mental development decides their ability to control the tricycle. They cannot pedal the trike until they cannot learn how to balance.

  • Coordination

Toddlers first find their ability to run and walk. Their basic motor is in the growing stage and they are learning to coordinate their legs and arms. Before the development of these basic skills never allow them to cycle.

  • Patience

Leaning a new skill needs focus and patience. Young kids have a very small focusing time and this may intrude with their learning to cycle. In a situation like this kids gets very bored when they fail to learn a new skill.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are tricycles good for a certain age group?

Many tricycles such as push ones are good for children primarily as soon as they can able to walk. And you can also push your baby as well with a convertible tricycle before she is still mobile. Though other trikes are not able to be ridden till your kid is grown up to safely steer and pedal, normally around age 2 to 3.

  • Are tricycles safe for young children?

Yes, that’s the magic of the wheels tricycles. It is safe but with adult supervision, your kid shouldn’t ride near a hilly area, traffic road, near pool until he has knows how to use braking and steering and can be trusted to stop.

  • Are there any useful accessories for tricycles?

First, the helmet is a must to have. Your child can also wear knee and elbow pads. If your kid is riding his/her trike after dark ensures to install reflective strips and light for visibility.  Other than these safety accessories you can find a lot of accessories that children are going to have fun with such as flags, bells, baskets,s, and tassels.

  • How does a tricycle help a kid’s development?

Motor skills, coordination, and balance get better by riding a trike, which is also a fun way and a good exercise for a kid to discover the surroundings.

  • What is the best tricycle for two years old?

Fisher-price grows with me and Schwinn 12 inch tricycle is best for kids ages two years or more.