Best steam Iron in Australia For 2023: The Best Steam Generators and Steam Irons Reviews

Best steam Iron in Australia For 2022


The best steam iron or iron generators for your clothes are as unrumpled and smooth as you are. Have you been longing for that clean, dry press look just from your house? If yes, you are at the best place for generators and steam iron. Either you have got a costly modest or wardrobe it is unavoidable that it will have pieces that are inclined to creasing and wrinkling. Ironing is a task most people do not like to do, as it can be irritating and time-consuming when you cannot get the creases you need and are able to eliminate wrinkles you wish for. A steamer can remove the wrinkles out of the cloth without making contact with a fabric steamer. It is often used on fabrics like suits, sweaters, delicate fabrics, t-shirts, jackets, and clothes with pleats to protect the fabric and shape of the garment, which are difficult to iron before using steam on fabrics.

Selecting a good iron for you will make your life easier and you can take control of time too. And yes it is true, wrong iron can ruin your clothing and make you look unkempt and rumpled.

A good iron is weightless with a smooth soleplate and steam power to float through wrinkled suits and shirts. It should refill easily and heat up quickly with easy temperature settings. To avoid scale build-up, good irons also have anti-calc features.

Steam Iron vs Dry Iron. What is the Main Difference?

Let’s discuss the difference between dry iron and steam iron. Which iron is perfect for your daily iron and steam needs and fits you best. Let’s get started with differences:

  1. Water tank

There is no water tank available in dry iron but steam iron contains a water tank.

  1. Soleplate

The soleplates of a dry iron are plain and flat. Remember, steam holes are unavailable in dry iron.

Steam iron soleplates have holes to bypass water for a good ironing experience.

  1. Spraying mist

As dry iron doesn’t contain water tanker and holes. So, there is no function of steam spray but you get this option in the steam iron.

  1. Versatility

You cannot use dry iron as a steam iron but you can use steam iron as a dry iron too.

  1. Weight

The weight of dry iron is lightweight for daily use. As compared to dry iron the weight of steam iron is a little weighty.

  1. Self-cleaning

Most dry irons don’t offer a self-cleaning option. In steam irons, you can enjoy the feature of self-cleaning. 

  1. Anti-drip

As there is no provision of the water tank in dry iron so the function of anti-drip is not available.

In steam iron, you get the option of anti-drip so that during ironing you don’t face any water leakage.

  1. Vertical ironing

You can use dry iron horizontally but you cannot use it vertically. In case of steam iron, you can use them both vertically and horizontally without any damage.

  1. Ease of use

Dry iron is very easy to use but with the lack of features. In the case of steam iron, you need some knowledge on how to use a steam iron to avoid spots on clothes.


Steam Iron Buying Guide: Top Tips

  1. Cost

The cost will obviously depend on the model but as a general guide, cheap irons will cost from $15 to $30 dollars, mid-range irons from $30 to $70 dollars, and high-end premium models will range from $70 to $100 dollars.

  1. Types

There are 3 types, you can get conventional (corded), cordless, and a full system in the steam iron.

The conventional iron is a typical corded steam iron, most people use the corded ones because of their good ironing power.

The cordless steam irons are best for quick ironing, you are not bound to a particular area due to the cord but their power ability of steaming is less as compared to corded ones.

The full system steam iron is best for ironing large sums of clothes and fabrics. This is normally used by businesses and people who need something more robust. Full system iron can give a superior look to your fabric.

  1. Sizes

Here is what you need to know about the sizes of steam iron:

Small steam iron: A small steam iron is best for travel or quick touch-ups.

Medium steam iron: A medium steam iron is your typical consumer-size iron.

Large steam iron: A large steam iron is best suited for large fabrics like curtains, tablecloths, and much more.

  1. Water capacity

Most steam irons will have a water tank capacity between ½ to 1 cup and some models with removable tanks make it easier to refill.

  1. Soleplates

Most steam irons consist of steel soleplates. You may find some other models that use ceramics and titanium for better heat distribution and some soul plates may be scratch resistant.

  1. Controls

Controls and settings, steam irons will have a temperature dial preset heat programs, and even digital controls.

  1. Wattage

Wattage will range from 500 to 2,000. Watts depending on the model usually the higher wattage ions will have a higher heat temperature. This will reduce wrinkles far more effectively.

  1. Cord storage

Some steam irons will require you to wrap the cord around the unit but there are also other models that use a detachable cord system making it less of a hassle when storing.

  1. Comfort

Comfort depending on the model steam irons will generally have methods of reducing hand strain. Also, the weight of the iron itself will have an impact on comfort. Heavier iron will cause more discomfort after long use.


Difference Between a Steam Iron and Steam Generator Iron

How Steam Iron Works

Let’s start with the steam iron first. First, fill the tank with cold water then set the thermostat to the desired temperature according to the type of fabric to be ironed. When the iron is hot water is fed into the vaporization chamber.

The water heats up and turns to steam the variable steam relaxes the fibers of the fabric surface and the heat of the soleplate dries it.

How Steam Generator Works

It produces pressurized steam that is sent right to the heart of the fabric fires the variable steam is much more powerful.

Water is stored in a large tank separate from the iron. It is then sent into a high-pressure boiler a heating element heats the water, turning it into high-pressure steam measured in bars.

When you press the trigger the steam immediately moves into the steam cord, enters the soleplate, and is released under high pressure. It penetrates the heart of the fabric for a fast result in a fast heat-up system.


Top 7 Best Steam Irons in Australia

[1] Russel Hobbs Power Steam Ultra- 3100 W Vertical Steam Iron

Russel Hobbs Power Steam Ultra- 3100 W Vertical Steam Iron

It is one of the best-selling irons in Australia. It has a ceramic base and has plenty of holes in the bottom. Thanks to the power steam ultra-advanced triple-action cleaning system. Descaling your iron is now a straightforward and simple process. The combination of a self-clean function, high powered shot of steam, and a built-in anti-calc feature helps you to keep your iron in excellent condition for the best ironing results.

Performance and Quality

The iron has some helpful features and provides amazing performance. The non-drip feature avoids water and heat spotting from marking garments. We love that iron shuts off automatically, that is a good safety household for electricity and kids.

Its steam boost is very strong, benefiting to clear stubborn creases even at a lower temperature. Its anti-scale design allows for much simpler steam from the iron.

The ceramic soleplate is ideal for every type of fabric. So in that way you can use this iron in a fully versatile manner. You do not need to get bothered about positioning the ironing board for that reason. 

It has a strong vertical steam function that is perfect for getting wrinkles out of upholstery, curtains, and hanging garments and it has an all-purpose steam function that enables you to control the level of steam you apply.


Brand                          Russel Hobbs

Color                           Black

Item weight                  1.6 kilogram

Style                            Iron

Item dimension            12.2 x 17 x 30.5 centimeters


Russel Hobbs Steam Iron Customer Reviews & Ratings

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[2] Tefal FreeMove Air Cordless Steam Iron          

Tefal FreeMove Air Cordless Steam Iron

This cordless steam iron comes with a special design and look, it is made in such a way to provide convenient and easy ironing. In spite of the apparently weighty design, the iron is lightweight. You will face no trouble at all while using it.

This iron is capable of swimmingly drifting over all types of fabrics, making your ironing session more fun and easy. This is the best cordless iron under $100.

Performance and Quality

The cordless design is really cool. You can move easily by being tangled or whatever. This iron contains its own charging ground that will reheat the iron when you are ironing.

Ensure to place the iron correctly and properly, without positioning the iron on the base, you cannot reheat it. When the iron is fully charged light indicator will alarm you that it is good to go. The base also has a user-friendly design. You won’t need to lift the iron. Just slide it to promote comfort and safety when ironing.


Brand                          Tefal

Color available            turquoise

Item weight                  1.7 kilograms

Item dimension            27 x 12 x 14.5 centimeters

Power / wattage          2400 watts

Material                       Plastic



  • Cordless technology delivers freedom and comfort.
  • Easy to navigate and lightweight.
  • Cab be also used as a dry iron.
  • 2400 watts of power.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ceramic soleplate.
  • Vertical steam function.
  • Spray mist.



  •  Keep on beeping when ironing.
  • Tough to see the maximum level mark.

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Tefal FreeMove Air Cordless Steam Iron Customer Reviews
Tefal FreeMove Air Cordless Steam Iron Customer Ratings


[3] Phillips PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron

Phillips PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron

This steam generator features optimal temperature technology, with safety features such as no burns and automatic temp settings. Best for people who love to do several things at the same time, the steam iron won’t burn your clothes if it is not used for several minutes and leave it face down. The iron will leave no shine on your clothes too.

Moreover, with its built-in descaling and smart Clac clean feature, you will know when to clean the iron. It contains a container which makes descaling easy and a safe process. 

It’s impossible not to love this iron when you start ironing with this compact steam generator. 

Performance and Quality

The Philips PerfectCare features an extra boost, continuous stream, and ultra-powerful steam option, highly beneficial for refreshing hanging clothes or vertical curtains.

The 1.5L water tank is removable, while the 2400W SteamGlide and power soleplate deliver convenient, energetic, and smooth ironing. It is easy to store and quite compact and even sets on the ironing board easily.

The steam generator can be easily cleaned, nonstick, and scratch-free.

velocity technology makes this steam generator more convenient and powerful than ever. Although it is a bit noisy.


Brand                          Philips

Model number             GC 7840 / 26

Color                           blue/white/Black

Item dimension            19.3 x 37.3 x 22.3


  • Nonstick and scratch-resistant soleplate.
  • To melt tough creases away extra strong.
  • Auto shut off feature for your safety and ease.
  • No burn guaranteed.
  • For easy carrying safety lock.
  • Easy descaling with Calcclean container.
  • Lightweight weighs 3.3 kg.
  • Transparent and removable water tank.


  • The steaming operation makes a loud noise.


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Phillips PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron Customer Reviews
Phillips PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron Customer Ratings


[4] Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-scale Steam Iron

Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-scale Steam Iron

Tefal makes electronic products in more than 120 countries. It makes innovative electronics to maintain and take care of your home more comfortable. In steam iron Tefal stands on the top ground as turbo pro steam iron by Tefal is one of the heck of a steam machine.

Enjoy flawless and fast results every day with Tefal Turbo pro-Anti-scale FV5675. With TurboBoost technology and solid 2800 watts of power, it impels steam at up to 220g per minute. To avoid build-up it also has an anti-calc collector. It has six different settings for every type of fabric and you can also set it to steam automatically. With an automatic cut-out function and Durilium soleplate, it is designed to be both safe and robust.  Also included are an anti-scale valve and scale collector, and both of them are detachable. This is the best iron under $150

Performance and Quality

It offers 221 steam boosts per minute and 50g of continuous steam per minute, which is customized to obstinate greases. The iron has a lot of great options the anti-scale valve and scale collector will be best for those in hard water areas. They were easy to clean and remove, too. Although the good design, it was tricky to see the temperature and water level, as the indicators were difficult to see. 

The steam booster was very effective and powerful. Tefal also has a ten-year product repair warranty means you don’t have to worry about repairing it in the coming years. When left facedown the thirty-second feature turns off the iron automatically. It will also turn off in 8 minutes if left upright. 


Brand                                      Tefal

Model number                         FV5675

Colo available             Black

Product  dimensions               32.73 x 19.9 x 16.7 cm ; 1.86 kg

Item weight                              1.86 kilograms

Capacity                                  300 milimeters

Wattage / power                      2800 watts



  • Auto shut-off.
  • 2800 watt power.
  • Weightless weighs only 1.86 kilograms.
  • Sleek design.
  • Anti- Calc technology.
  • Durilium AirGlide.


  • Tough to fill the tank.
  • Tricky to see the temperature and water level.


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[5] Swan 2 in 1 Cord or Cordless Steam Iron [Rechargeable, Non-Stick Ceramic Soleplate, Steam Boost, Self-Cleaning]

Swan 2 in 1 Cord or Cordless Steam Iron

The cordless iron is super handy and helpful. The Nonavailability of the cable itself would make it really cool for free action when ironing. Design wise this cordless iron features a ceramic soleplate with a narrow nose for ironing between small areas and buttons. The iron can be recharged on its 360 base and has extra heating time. This steam iron comes with multiple modes that permit you to select from either vertical steam, steam burst, spray and dry function. Additional features you can enjoy on this iron are its anti-scale/anti-drip and self-cleaning functions that avoid lime and staining scale created upon the iron.

Performance and Quality

This iron is a multipurpose wonder that especially battles wrinkles with its variable steam functions. You can iron more and more clothes in no time due to its ergonomic design and a big water tank that won’t tire your arm, wrist or hand.

The soleplate is non-stick, it makes sure you can expel wrinkles from all types of clothing. The iron also saves you time by quickly charging and heating.


Brand                          Swan

Color                           Blue

Item Dimensions          15.2 x 13 x 31.5 centimeters

Item weight                  1.64 Kilograms


  • Easy to use.
  • Design to get rid of wrinkles on tough corners and all types of fabrics.
  • Big water tank.
  • Many steam functions.
  • Quick to charge and heat up.
  • Non-stick ceramic soleplate.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Self cleaning function.


  • The base is very light.
  • No auto shutoff.


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 Swan Steam Iron Customer Reviews
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[6] PHILIPS AZUR ELITE Elite Steam Iron with OptimalTEMP Technology


The optimal temperature feature in this iron means that there is no point to get sad about burnings and dot settings as there is just one iron temperature for all types of fabrics. Philips takes ironing to a new level with the Tefal turbo pro which is no less than an award-winning steam iron.

This iron comes with no dial for temperature settings because it can sense the fabric and sets automatically. So no matter what you are going to iron whether it’s cotton and polyester mix, silky fabric, or heavy denim this steam iron can easily do the job done for you. Instead, this technology is more than you think if you forget to take off iron from your clothes it won’t leave any marks or burn down your clothes. Whoopee!

Performance and Technology

This steam iron comes with 3 mode settings: ionic, max, and dynamic. Its dynamic model uses a motion sensor to find iron motion and switches the steam off as fast as it comes to the stop. Recommencing once the iron is stirring again. This decreases the number of tips and saves water in the 350 ml tank. The max setting is preferred for heavy fabrics, as it provides a complete constant blast. Ionic also delivers fitful bursts completed with silver ions for more hygienic ironing.

Specs-wise the iron provides a splendid 260g steam and also an industry-leading 75g per minute. Add a 3 meters cable, comfortable handle, and anti-calc system and you have the most practical and streamlined iron available.


Brand                          PHILIPS

Color                           Black, Purple

Item weight                  2.34 Kilograms

Style                            Azure Elite Model

Product dimension      13.5 x 33.5 x 17.5

Power                          3,000 watts



  • Three settings: ionic, max and dynamic.
  • Max mark is provided for the tank so you can see when filling the water in it.
  • For extra steam turbo steam pump.
  • User friendly.
  • Best steam results.
  • No burn technology.


  • No function for water spray.
  • Costly for a steam iron.
  • Very heavy and large bulky iron, especially when filled.
  • Controls are not clearly visible.


PHILIPS AZUR ELITE Elite Steam Iron Customer Reviews & Ratings

PHILIPS AZUR ELITE Elite Steam Iron Customer Reviews
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[7] Braun Household TexStyle 9 Steam Iron [360° Glideability Over Any Fabric]

Braun Household TexStyle 9 Steam Iron

This is the best iron if you are searching for a vertical steamer with some superb iron functions. It allows you to rush the iron on any type of fabric in any direction over any wrinkle and crease.

Temperature settings with iCare mode perfectly adjust to any kind of fabric and the anti-drip system will leave your fabric without any drop stains. It automatically turns off, 8 minutes in vertical and 30 seconds in horizontal is a very much appreciated feature, good for energy-saving and safety.

Performance and Quality

The Braun Textile 9 contains a 330 ml big water tank, that is very simple to refill, and a 2400w strong motor with amazing steam emission.  There are three strong steam modes; higher pressure, extra steam shot, and high steam deeply pervade into the fabric leaving wrinkle-free clothing.

It has a super convenient self-clean function for extended performance. When ironing different garments you won’t need to change the mode or set the temperature. The iron is resistant to scratches and oxidation, which clears the issue of rust.


Brand                                      Braun household

Model number                         S19148EBK

Color available                        black

Product dimensions                13 x 13 x 30 cm; 1.59 kg

Item weight                              1.59 kilograms

Material                                   Aluminium


  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • 360-degree glide ability
  • EloxalPlus soleplate
  • iCare mode
  • Steam boost
  • Anti-drip system
  • Easy to clean sole


  • The cord is only 2.5 meters
  • It doesn’t heat up immediately


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How to use a steam iron properly without water leakage and clean it using the self-clean method

Here we will give you some ideas on how you can safely and properly use steam iron because steam irons.

  • Set the steam setting which can cause water leakage and clean the steam iron using self-clean technology. Sometimes a dry iron is not enough to remove deep wrinkles on old cotton clothes and that is why steam iron is preferred by many for restoring the cloth shapes to their usual smoothness and shapes though it is safe to use.
  • Normal tap water but it is best to use distilled demineralized and filter water for the long life of the steam iron clean filter. Water will not only increase the steam iron’s lifespan but will also protect the clothes because sanded water or water containing fabric softer can stain the fabric.
  • The iron should be unplugged and cold before filling water and don’t fill the tank than its maximum line.
  • While ironing you can use both spray and steam burst buttons which can handle tough creases for better wrinkle-free ironing.
  • The burst button is used for steam ironing and most common fabrics can be ironed easier and faster with the use of a steam iron or steam iron button.
  • The steam gets the wrinkles out faster. More holes more steam. Steam iron with holes can also double as a steamer hold.
  • One should be careful not to over steam which could damage the fabrics. Spray particularly deep wrinkles with iron spray function. Iron over the damp section to relax the wrinkles spray water to ease out tough wrinkles.
  • Some dampness helps in getting the wrinkles out it is said that the best time to iron a cotton shirt is just after we pull the shirt out of the washing machine.
  • To clean the soleplate fill the iron preferably with distilled water or clean filter water. Now plug in the steam iron and put the thermostat that is temperature knob to the maximum position.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to pay for a good iron?

You can buy steam iron at a very good deal these days. Prices of steam iron start from $40 to $100. Our review has covered amazing best best buy models with all the features and price range you want. 

How to prevent water drips on fabrics?

You have to take specific precautions to avoid water drips on fabric. First, always make less use of the steam booster button then wait for 3-5 seconds after pushing the button. Third, when you feel that iron is hot enough, make use of steam water.

What to do if the soleplate is staining the fabric?

If the soleplate is producing the yellow stains on fabric, first check your water. The water should be rust free and clean. Also ensure that the iron matches the fabric.

What if the iron is not delivering enough steam?

If the iron is not delivering enough steam then check the water tank. Also , check the temperature control button.