Best Stand Mixer Australia 2023 [Reviews]

Best Stand Mixers Australia


For both professional and home bakers, a stand mixer comes very handy, from making airy cakes to whipping up the meringue and mixing cookie baker to scrubbing bread dough. Stand mixers can easily beat eggs and butter and sugar into a fluffy, light batter. Many stand mixers come with optional attachments for food processing, spiralizing, meat grinding, past making, and more, making them the best kitchen automatic weapon that helps you to get free from most of the tasks.

A good quality stand mixer has a strong mixing attachment, a grunty motor, and a bowl much larger for a lavish group of mixing. You can easily turn on your stand mixer and let it creaming your sugar and butter as you get busy measuring and gathering all other things you are required to do.

With abundant options and models available today, it’s difficult to know which one to buy. To mention the best of the best choice stand mixer we have tested and reviewed one of the best food makers available at amazon Australia.

These food mixers we are going to review scored best practices and in style. But we will also give you full detail about how well the product works, how durable the mixers are, how many speed options are available, and how it suits you the best and honest reasons why it doesn’t suit you by keeping in mind your budget. Let’s take a look at how we rated the best affordable stand mixer available in Australia.


How Do We Rate the Top Stand Mixers?

  • Power

Everyone wants a machine with higher power because the more the power is the better the job can be done, importantly if you are active with plenty of dry or heavy dough. Every appliance shows its powerhouse in the form of “ watts” or “Amps”.

In appliances like vacuum watts or Amps will mean nothing about the force either at the lead and motor itself. But in the case of mixers watts specify the amount of current or power that is taken from the electrical grid.

This doesn’t add up to all, the design, build quality, and capability of the motor itself. A good quality motor that works at the best quality speed should be 300 watts or more.

  • Planetary Actions

The whole process of planetary action is just like the same as the earth rotates. Just like the earth rotates in one direction and then in the opposite direction the planetary system is just like the same. That’s why it is named after the planet because it works the same as our planet revolves around the sun.

This makes sure that the edges of the bowl are rubbed by the beater instead of having to do it by hand, and that the ingredients become completely blended. You can say that in planetary action the entire head rotates in one direction and attachment rotates in opposite direction.

  • All Metal Gears

Yes, metal gears are indeed a little noisy and costly as compared to plastic gears, but they are going to last longer than your expectancy. This has been said that there is a clear difference between the quality in different brands manufacturing method, with low-cost mixers chose for pot metal, although quality models offer steel or brass gears with narrow allowances. 

  • Slow Start Feature

Any good food mixer consists of this option, this primarily slows the spinning speed for some seconds, so that ingredients do not take off their flight in the air and splash your wall or create a flour cloud.

  • Speed Options

Usually the more the speed the finer you can do the task. This permits you to do any type of task that you want to do, including smashing Oreos at medium speed, kneading dough at lower, and whipping cream at high speed.

The best part about the speed control function is that it also allows you to optimize the torque delivered by the motor with the rigidity of the ingredients. Good quality built stand mixer should have six to seven-speed settings.

  • Color Option

In our reviews, we always aim to focus more on function over the shape. But we also care about you so we have picked some good quality with many color options to match your decor perfectly.

  • Weight

A weighty stand mixer has a much lower tendency to walk around your surface when blending heavy ingredients. You will usually need a food mixer that is heavy at least twenty pounds, still hefty is normally best.

In before days of manufacturing, old stand mixers got weight from their weighty duty motors usually with Baldor or Emerson that included lots of expensive copper wiring and are very durable.

Sadly, nowadays of manufacturing appliances’ quality of products got much cheaper as compared to before because many companies have farmed out their motor supply to China. Or even if they are located in any other region it includes much cheaper, less efficient, and smaller units. 

  • Tilt Head vs Bowl Lift

Before searching for different companies you should consider what type of stand mixer you want. There are two kinds of stand mixers available, bowl lift or tilt head. With tilt head mixers you remove and insert the bowl elevating the head of the mixers.

You can safely turn the bowl into place in the bottom of the mixer when the head is lifted. Then use a small lever and pull the tilt head towards the corner of the machine to lock it, so it doesn’t move unsteadily during the process.

These types of models are likely to be slightly less heavy, so examine the place you have for storing before buying.

To remove and insert the bowl on bowl-lift models, the bowl hook over arms that expand from the machine, and the arm lift and raise lift and raise to do removing simpler.

Lift bowl is mostly used in powerful and higher-end mixers and it is because the weighty motor found in these products are not supported by the tilt head stand mixers.

  • Build Quality

Build quality is can contain some of other metrics and is quite self illustrative, along with other ingredients. Does the mixer have enough power? Are top-quality pieces and parts are used in the construction? Will the electronics bits and the motor is durable.  Are detail is an essential part of the engineering and assembly process? 

Creators normally can pick any two performances when manufacturing the stand mixer, well built, cheaper, or fast. In our review, we are more based on building instead of cost.


Top Stand Mixers Picks in Australia

[1] Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer

Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer

This stand mixer simply controls everyday kitchen tasks like whipping cream, mashing potatoes, and stirring baking mixtures. It is not flashy and fancy, comes in one color only but it can easily get the job done and is user-friendly.

This mixer is different from the rest, this mixer is the same as a handheld stand mixer, there is no planetary function in this type of stand mixer. Rather dual beaters rotate the ingredients.

This mixer features a handle with a release button that you can control with your thumb. Comes with two bowls and you will also get the whisk attachments, dough attachments, and standard attachments. It is a versatile, affordable, and lightweight mixer that could make a nice increase in your kitchen appliances.

This is a great stand mixer that will decrease your efforts and come in useful in drafting some of the appetizing and sizzling meals you have practiced. Besides, it has an affordable price as compared to other products available. The mixer stand also comes with a two-year warranty so you can be sure you are buying a good quality product.


Brand                          Sunbeam

Color                           Silver

Item weight                  ‎6.2 kg

wattage/power             500 watts

Product dimensions    ‎38.3 x 25.9 x 40.4 cm

Features and Performance of Sunbeam Mixmaster

If we take a look at the features of this model, the mixer comes with a strong power of 500 watts, and to get every type of task done there are 12 different options you can have.

The mixer comes with an all-glass, four quartz bowl. The best thing about this mixer is that it comes with a soft grip handle, no more comfortable usage, and spillage is insured. You will enjoy the smooth and low noise functioning. It has a great feature that you can separate the mixing head from the stand when you think that you have to mix require more manually mix your ingredients.


  • The mixer comes with two bowls and both of the bowls are made of heavy quality glass material. The smaller one is for small batch while the bigger one is to handle bigger loads.
  • The tilting movement is comfortable and smooth so it is not hard or rough. Anytime you have to insert the attachment and place the bowl, it can go without any difficulty or fuss.
  • Modern and sleek.
  • Not too weighty.
  • Simple to store.
  • For additional speed power button.
  • A stand and hand mixer in one.
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble.
  • Affordable.


  • In particular, the machine has a lot of nooks and crannies, so cleanup can be hard. 
  • Beaters do not range the edge and bottom of the bowl.
  • Require manual mixing.
  • The Bowl lockup mechanism can be clumsy.
  • It is tough to push the tilt head button.
  • The low-speed setting is not low enough to do the slowest tasks done.
  • Small hooks and beaters.
  • Too many mechanisms and buttons to control.
  • You cannot clean the vents. Dry and light ingredients easily get into the vents.


[2] KitchenAid Stand Mixer “Classic” silver

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Built to last and made to perform this beautiful KitchenAid double bowl stand mixer is a must-to-have for any baking enthusiast. Classically designed and built with a full diecast metal construction. It is no wonder KitchenAid is a popular choice for many Australian households featuring a unique planetary mixing action that thoroughly combines each ingredient you will achieve consistent results every time.

The kitchen aid tilt head stand mixer gives you everything you want in a mixer. A big stainless steel bowl, a powerful motor, and a solid mixer. It comes with a paddle dough hook and whisks.  However, there are 10 other attachments sold separately that make this an even more versatile kitchen appliance.

It has 10-speed settings which you can use to fold mix and beat whip. The handle is very convenient. It is easy to lift even when it is full and the locking tilt head gives you easy access to the accessory port.

Plus paddle and dough hook are all dishwasher safe. The whisk and burnished attachments need to be hand-washed. 

Features and Performance of Kitchen Aid Food Mixer

For added convenience, the mixer comes with twin stainless steel bowls which are 2.8 and 4.8 liters in size.

The stainless steel material assists with keeping ingredients cool which is great in warmer climates and will also help to add volume to ingredients like egg whites for meringues and mousses.

There are more than 10 optional attachments available from a spiralizer to a pasta roller food grinder, vegetable slicer juicer, and so much more.

When it comes to performance the KitchenAid can do more than any other stand mixer. Well, not all food mixers can handle heavy dough bread the kitchen aid could easily be used for dough ad little else after 10 minutes of kneading. 

When we tested this mixer, its paddle attachment with chocolate chip cookie dough mixed the ingredients well.

When we folded the chocolate chips at the end of the mixing process we were pleased with how quickly they were fully incorporate and that the chip stayed intact without breaking into pieces.

Most impressive was what the KitchenAid stand mixer and its whisk attachment could do with four ounces of the room-temperature egg. In only 3 minutes you can have foamy egg whites with stiff, not dry peaks that could create meringues. KitchenAid offers a one-year warranty but this warranty ensures you get a replacement mixer if you don’t work well enough as said by the manufacturer.


Brand              KitchenAid

Color               Aqua, red

Wattage           300W

Item weight      10.6 kg

Dimension       35.3 x 22.1 x 35.8


  • Effective planetary mixing action.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Overall best performance in all aspects of mixing, kneading and whipping.
  • Extra attachments to turn your mixer into an ice cream maker, pasta roller, and many more.
  • Covered with a one-year warranty.
  • Strong enamel coating.
  • A heavier good quality mixer that wouldn’t roll, shake, rattle during top speed mixing.
  • You can choose between more than 20 different colors.
  • User friendly.


  • As compared to sunbeam master mix less powerful motor.
  • Mixing bigger quantities of thicker or batter doughs may be a little hard for the artisan.
  • 11 kg of weight can be heavy.
  • Cannot mix or scrape the ingredients when the mixer is operating.


[3] Magimix 5200XL Food Mixer

Magimix 5200XL Food Mixer

This beautiful stand mixer saves space and time. It truly is the most invaluable and versatile addition to any kitchen from starters to desserts. Magimmix makes life simpler for everyone passionate.

The powerful and efficient ultra-quiet induction motor is guaranteed for thirty years. All it takes is one button and the Magimix motor automatically adjusts.

Magimix food processor comes with three bolts and the main mini bowl is ideal for chopping, mixing, and combining small quantities from a delicious pesto sauce to the perfect one egg mayonnaise dip. This megamix is best for grating and slicing or your vegetables and fruits. The main dollars for combining, mixing, and chopping large quantities. With the Magimix food mixer, you can blend the finest soups. sauces, airiest pancakes, batters, and smoothest smoothies.  Magimix food mixer made life simpler in the kitchen.

Features and Performance

The large feed tube allows slicing both length and width and widthways for creating perfectly uniform slices with ease. There is no limit to what you can do with this food processor.

Steel Sabatier main blade crushes ice and chops the toughest and finest of ingredients all to a professional standard together.    

Homemade deliciously golden pizza bases and Moorish leaf flavors of pie crusts are at your fingertips at the touch of a button.

Neat pasta and past brioche and bread dough all in a matter of minutes with the dough blade and with its dynamic kneading technique.

It ensures a professional quality giving you unbeatable results every time. Its bowls are truly shatterproof all accessories and parts are made in France and they are dishwasher safe from starters to dessert. Magimix food mixer made life simpler in the kitchen.



Brand                          Magimix

Color                           Red, silver

Wattage                       1100 watts

Product dimensions    26 x 11 x 42.1

Item weight                  10 kg


  • Three-year parts and thirty years motor guarantee.
  • Easy to multifunction tasks like chopping, grating, and slicing.
  • The powerful motor automatically sets its wattage power based on what’s in the bowl.
  • Big 3.6 liters capacity is perfect for batch cooking and large families.
  • Easy to read instructions.
  • Large feed tube.
  • Versatile.
  • More and more accessories.
  • The storage box is included.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The french fry and dicing attachments deliver the best results.
  • Smooth and silent operation.
  • With just three buttons you can handle everything.



  • Heavy and needs a lot of space.
  • Costs you a lot as compared to other mixers available on our list.
  • Not easy to move around.


[4] Sage Bakery Food Mixer

Sage Bakery Food Mixer

The food mixer comes with a number of attachments including a dough hook, a scraper, a beater, a splash, and a splash guard as well. To add to that the stainless steel bowl has a 4.7-liter capacity and it has a handle on it too. Now, the machine does have quite features that other food mixers out the don’t have. For example, you can hide the cord into the machine if you find it is too long, and it also has a speed gauge on the side. So you know what is the best setting is for types of beating and whisking.

Things like a countdown timer and the illuminating gauge on the side to let you know what setting to use and when. Finally, it also comes with a good few attachments whilst still being cheaper than other food mixers out there which in our opinion, also makes it a good value for money.

Features and Performance

So here is this great mixer, the first thing you notice is the inclusion of the scraper beta. So the scraper beater is essentially the leaf beetle. We had normally get with all mixers but it’s with the addition of windscreen wiper. It is fairly obvious but what it is doing is scraping the bowl with every turn and what it does? It combines your sugar and butter into a light fluffy texture.

Quicker keeping the air in the mixer and that results in a lighter fluffier cake. In this mixer, there are no numbers labeled for speed settings but tasks. You can choose between aerating whipping, creaming, beating, light mixing, folding kneading, and in the end pause.

The machine also has a countdown timer which means you can set it to do its job for, however.

This machine also has a countdown timer which means you can set it to do its job however long you need and whatever speed you need and after that time it will stop and beep. Start by making a sponge mixture with a flat beater.   

The sage food mixer comes with a scraper beater which is essentially a flat beater with a spatially attached to either side of it, that does a great job of scraping all those residue bits of ingredients off the edge of the bowl into mixtures.


Brand                          Sage

Color                           stainless steel

Wattage                       1200 watts

Item weight                  10.9 kg

Product dimension      49.5 x 47 x 30 cm


  • Reliable build and durable.
  • The motor is quiet.
  • Accessories are user-friendly.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • A bundle of extra attachments to select from.
  • Handle on the bowls.



  • Not that durable.
  • It is weighty.
  • Less capacity.



[5] Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Food Mixer (Baking Machine for Heavy Baking)

Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Food Mixer


Kenwood delivers an excellent mixer in a compact size. So, yes the first thing you are going to notice is the compact size of this mixer. This mixer only stands about 13 and a half inches tall yet supports a full 5-quart mixing bowl on the side. The blender will easily and quickly blend down the vegetables into purees and soups.

Also, you are going to notice the speaking troll’s switching between speeds is like turning up the volume the on. A nice stereo it is a smooth gradual transition from speed to speed with no stops or click in between. There is also a pulse function on the side of the mixer that is great for folding the last bit of ingredients into your recipe. This works great when you were making our chocolate chip cookies that fold in the chocolate chips at the very end.

You did have to scrape down the bowl as there are a few unmixed ingredients in the batter. Next to speed control is the head lift lever, this is used to lock and lift tilt the head underneath.         

This machine is going to be best for the home chef wanting to save space with no compromises on power.

Features and Performance  

Speaking of sturdy, all of the tools are solid stainless steel. This means that they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Their dough look has a great design with flattened pits and edges which helps the mixer incorporate all the dough ingredients even the sire whip is incredibly sturdy.            

The front of the mixer are attachment ports, Kenwood offers a handful of attachments like their food processor and thermal resist wonder to make the Kenwood a true multitasking machine. 

You are going to get more space in your kitchen while at the same time having a large 5-quart bowl to mix it if you want.

The jugs are made from acrylic glass and stainless steel with removable blades that are easy to clean.  


Brand                          Kenwood

Color                           Silver

Wattage                       1700 watts

Item weight                  10.4 kg

Product dimension      28.5 x 38 x 35.6 cm


  • With the tilt head function, you can easily add ingredients between the process.
  • With a robust 1700w motor and a big bowl capacity, this mixer easily fits with dual batches of bread dough or cookies.
  • Five mixing attachments, along with a spatula and guard. 
  • You can also get extra attachments for juicing, pasta making, and meat grinding.
  • Double-handed bowls, thorough instructions, easy controls, and large bowl.
  • Comes with a full ten years warranty.



  • Less famous.
  • Some people don’t like the design.
  • Heavy as compared to the sunbeam.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I start my stand mixer on a low setting?

Irrespectively of the model or brand stand mixer you buy, it is by no means suggest to start the appliance on a top setting. Rather fo for the lower setting. A number of causes stand for this suggestion. Number one, you are less commonly to make chaos with dough spatter. Number two, you will increase the lifespan of your mixer.

How long will the stand mixer last?

This relies on the model and brand of the mixer you are going to buy. KitchenAid and Kenwood are some of the most durable mixers on our list. Both brands offer 1 years warranty. With proper care, you can extend this lifetime.

Can I prolong the lifespan of my machine?

To extend the life of your mixer, routinely check the mixer for signs of runout. Including cracks in the socket, screws, and wire, and place it when you noticed those things.

Does any of the mixers mentioned above overheat?

No machine does not overheats, just start with the low settings.

What accessories are included with a stand mixer?

             The accessories comes with your mixer relies on the model you are going to buy. Normally stand mixers come with a flat beater, wire whisk, and a dough wire. Most mixers also offer optional attachments and accessories that you can buy apart for an extra fee.

Why should I always use the pouring shield?

 The pouring is very useful it will avoid the messes and spatter from occurring on your countertops and floors.