Best Seat Belt Extender Australia 2023

Seat Belt Extender Australia

Understanding What is a Seat Belt Extender?

A seat belt extender is a special piece that is supposed to go between the men’s and women’s ends of the seat to make the belt more lengthy.

A seat belt extender is specially created for those who are too big to fit into seat belts and also sometimes for Pregnant women. This shows that they dragged seat belts out all the time and this does not permit them to fasten it, no it’s not that the case is it is too tough for them to buckle, I still remember my aunt who wrestles too much to fasten just the seat belt.


Kind of Extenders

There are three types of extenders available in the market.  Adjustable, rigid, and regular extenders.

  1. Regular extender

Regular extender folds without a hitch around you. They are created from the same webbing material used in your car seat belt. These types of seat belts are the most used seat belts.

  1. Rigid extenders

Rigid extenders are created from a superb solid cable. Due to this when buckling the extender stand straighten with short flexibility.

  1. Adjustable seatbelts

As like regular extender is made from the same material used in a car seat belt, an adjustable seat belt is also made from similar webbing material. The big change between adjustable and regular extenders is that you can adjust the length of the adjustable seatbelt between nine to twenty-six and in the case of regular extenders the length is fixed.


What Type of Seat Belt Extender Suits You The Best

In order to find why you need a seat belt extender and what’s suits you the best here are some major key points you should before buying.

  • Plus-sized people: extra size people use seat belt extenders because their car seat is not long enough to fit around their body easily. In a situation like this, a regular extender works best for them.
  • People with health issues: people who have had health issues like arthritis, head rotatory cuff surgery, back injury problems should consider using a rigid seat belt extender since it uses an amount of reaching and rotating the person with comfort.
  • Elder ones: the elder people can get most of the comfort with rigid or regular extenders.
  • Transportation providers: transport providers like urgent medical or taxi transport should use adjustable extenders.  As the driver did not know about the passenger like he or she is fat, slim, or have health issues or not. Adjustable extenders work superbly in these situations as everyone can adjust the length.


Best Seat Belt Extenders Available at Amazon Australia

[-] 2 Pack Seat Belt Buckle Booster

2 Pack Seat Belt Buckle Booster

This buckle booster controls your seat belt in a smooth and efficient way. You are all set to ride just by easily clicking the tongue in. no longer an unsteady belt that is difficult to hold while fastening. No longer buried holder hiding behind the car, smugly under the seat and booster seat.  Due to its superior materials and clever design, the buckle booster will enhance your kid’s ability to buckle himself with ease. No more frustration and hassle buckling up in the back seat.

What to love

  • The buckle is BPA free which allows you to easily buckle with the use of one hand, so if you have any surgery or you have to hurry this booster lets you buckle with just one hand.


[-] Seat Belt Extender Car Safety Buckle

Seat belt extender car safety buckle

You can use this extender with almost every car available. This extender is made to provide safety when the car buckle is not long enough to fit your needs.  To take off or put on the extender you just have to press the car buckle extension.

What to love

  • Adopt quality stainless steel and ABS to avoid rusty and fade, this extender is also certified to drive with safety.


[-] 2 Pack Car Seat Belt Buckle Holder

This top quality will hold the belt receiver in an upright position, saving you effort and time and enabling you an easy position. As many buckles available in the market are made from low-quality plastic material and break easily and cause damage and scratches also. This buckle is made from premium silicone material that is soft and is also durable which ensures longevity. It is free of phthalate and BPA. It features a universal dotted design that makes it a good buy for all the standard seat belt receivers. Within seconds this buckle holder will smoothly slide over your seat belt. This 2 pack car seat belt buckle holder weighs only 0.55 pounds.

What to love

  • Easy and effortless installation.
  • Keep seatbelt buckles in an upright position and in place, making it simple for both kids and adults.
  • The holder is durable as compared to cheap plastic holders.
  • It helps motivating passengers and drivers, especially children, by making it safer.
  • Save time.
  • It is not harmful or toxic to children.


[-] Seat Belt Adjuster and Pillow With Clip for Kids

Car pillow travels fully support the chin, neck, and head for ideal comfort. The seat belt adjuster fits well across the lap and shoulder. It also absorbs shocks and keeps you away from people’s neck area.  The shoulder cushioned pad is covered and filled with PP cotton and a soft micro suede fabric to give you the best relaxing experience. The triangle safety strap positioner is made of baby cotton and breathable fabric.

Both seat belt adjusters and covers are made for all sizes of seats and cars.

What to love

  • It is very convenient to make your trip more safer and enjoyable.
  •  Its updated design allows for easy change and installation.


                        Frequently Asked Questions

Is there more than one type of car extender?

Yes, as every car’s specifications are different, metal tongues are also different. So before buying an extender ensure that it fits right in your car.

Can I use my seat belt extender in more than one car?  

Yes, you can use a seat belt extender in more than one car if the metal tongues are the same.

Are seat belt extenders safe?

Yes, they are safe if your original car seatbelt doesn’t fit you right.

Is it safe to use a seat belt extender?

You can safely use seat belt extenders if:

  • If you are an obese teenager or adult whose body is much that the built-in car seat belt is tough to fasten. 

How to measure your car seat belt for an extender?

To get the right car seat belt extender for your vehicle you are going to need to measure the width of the metal tongue at the end of your seat belt. Keep in mind that it is not necessary that every seat has the same width, so if you want to buy a seat belt for multiple cars then make sure to measure the tongue to each seat to wish to sit in.

Are seat belt extenders legal in Australia?

Yes, seat belt extenders legal in Australia.