Best Portable Change Mats for Baby in Australia 2023 [Reviews]

Top 10 Best Portable Change Mats Australia

Are you finding it tough to find a place to change your baby’s diaper when you are out of home? Don’t worry, the changing mat is the best quick fix that you can use anywhere at any time. Babies are joy-inspiring, magical, and adorable bundles, but can also be dirty, and nappy changing can generally seem like an almost never-ending routine. Whether you are out at home, or anywhere, a baby changing mat is one of the most important nappy changing accessories to support changing the method to go as cleanly, smooth, and comfortably as possible. 

If the mother doesn’t have the vital baby product such as changing mat, the baby care can be challenging and tasking. The early birth stage of babies needs special care and attention to avoid their elegant skin from harm and baby changing hazards. The changing becomes essential to protect your baby from average bacteria in random places. The changing mat delivers as a soft cushion that stabilizes and supports the baby.

Hence, the wipe clean, machine wash, and waterproof changing mats are essential to have for every mom. Whether you want to use it outdoors or indoors, you need to look to the changing mat’s comfortability and quality. The changing is necessary not because it is soft and secure for your baby, but also because changing diapers is dirty and messy, you will want something that can clean and catch up on accidents in no time.

10 Best Portable Change Mats for Baby in Australia

[1] Bambino Mio Grab & Go Change Wallet

Bambino Mio Grab & Go Change Wallet


Starting with the most elegant of all change mats in Australia, this classy changing mat does not even look like a change mat at all. The long-lasting fabric has a cool denim appearance on the outside that looks like it might house an iPad rather than nappies. On your baby’s bottom, the large cushioned mat is more soft and water-resistant covering make this mat effortless to wipe down to keep look gorgeous and clean.

To offer a durable and longer lifespan mat is made from the best quality and density soft foam. Aside from the style, we especially like the cushioned padding, which is in the best compactness to keep the baby more comfortable without being too heavy when bending to a thickness of almost 4 cm. The size of this mat means it can hold two and a light jumper or four nappies. When fully unfolded the pad is extra wide.

What We Like

  • Even if the change mat is closed or open the upper zipped pocket has an easy approach to your baby wipes.
  • The company also sells a machine change bag.
  • The mat is easy to clean.
  • Easy to organize. Organizing items made easy with multiple internal and external pockets with meaning.
  • Lightweight, stylish and portable.
  • Absorbent inner padding and water-resistant padding to cover against little accidents.




[2] Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station

Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station

Skip Hop is a trustworthy brand known for making designing creative and innovative solutions for the want of babies, toddlers, and parents. Skip hop diaper bags are available in many styles. Popular designs and styles include travel bags, backpacks, satchels, and totes. Each bag is made using good quality polyester that resists stains and water. Their pronto bag weighs only four hundred grams.  The inside pockets are large enough to hold a light jumper and two nappies.

The changing mat is designed to wipe clean and features a cushioned pillow space. This skip hop mat is an essential need of modern mothers. It can hook with babby buggy, or the strap of backpack or bag instead.  When you carry this bag you don’t need to worry about carrying a purse too. They add pockets for your wallet, smartphone, and other little items. The zipper has a solid design you won’t need to worry about falling of baby items and other things. A changing pad delivers a barrier between a hard surface and your baby. It should be thick enough to deliver a relaxing and comfortable experience to your baby. If you are looking for a functional and stylish baby diaper bag, then this mat is the perfect fit.

Why We Like It

  • The bag is lightweight.
  • Beautiful design for modern mothers.
  •  Including the stitching, the bag is fully waterproof.
  • The front zipper pocket is perfect for holding mobile phones, keys, and other little items.




[3] Sussie Diaper Changing Situation (Travel Waterproof Change Mat with Clutch)


Sussie aims to deliver premium baby products that give you comfortability and creates more fun for your children. Their premium products are tested and created by moms to make sure your little ones and you are happy.  Keep your baby dry, safe, and clean with Sussie’s portable nappy changing mat. The mat can unfold a larger size of ninety-five cm, so you will get good coverage no matter where you want to change the baby’s diaper.

With a bigger size comes more storage and this can take quite a lot. The bigger internal zip pouch can hold a light change of clothes, while the mesh pocket could independently hold more than four nappies.

Two outside zip pockets are fully handy while closed or open, to hold your phone, wallet and keys, and other items. Generally, the super large size and all those features leave this change mat on the heavy size. You always want to keep this one in a car seat.

Why We Like It

  • For super-easy access, two inner clutches.
  • An extra loop for linking toys is included. Easily attach your baby’s favorite toy to keep them distracted and happy during the nappy changing process.
  • Feel love to know that the materials are phthalate-free and BPA-free.
  • The waterproof material makes sure that your baby stays safe and dry from germs.
  • Your baby will be more comfortable and safe with an extra cushioned changing mat.
  • Simple and easy to clean outside and inside.




[4] Disney Winnie the Pooh Changing Mat


Disney Winnie the Pooh Changing Mat

This Disney Winnie the Pooh changing mat will be a perfect choice if you want a changing mat that offers a hygienic, comfortable, and safe place to change your baby. To keep the baby stop from slipping and stable it comes with foam-filled elevated edges. It is refined in an elegant design to match and fit your nursery color pattern. It improves your nursery appearance and is available in many colors.

This changing mat also features easy to clean PVC cover. This changing mat is perfectly sized and durable with Obaby changing units.  It is good for babies right from birth because the material is baby-friendly and soft. This mat can be used on furniture and regular interiors outdoor and indoor.  It supports baby-sensitive skin because it has no chemical, and it also passes the Australian standard manufacturing test.

Why We Like It

  • lightweight weighs only a hundred grams.
  • Comes with an Obaby five years guarantee.
  • Perfect from birth.
  • Skin-friendly.
  • Easy to clean.



[5] JJ cole Changing Clutch

JJ cole Changing Clutch

This cute little change clutch by JJ cole looks like a purse and comes in a range of designs. When folded the whole unit is very small. The clutch unit holds one or two nappies and a small wipes packet. This clutch is unlikely to be best for all-day working, you will likely keep this in the nappy bag for extra outgoing. Rather than being rounded this pad is oval. Rather than being rounded this JJ cole pad is oval-shaped. This shape makes it effortless for mothers to get out supplies while using one hand to protect the baby.

The clutch is made with polyester that features a waterproof surface and the other side is a canvas-type scrubbable material. JJ Cole specializes in items for moms and babies and prices itself giving stylish look with functionality. But the con about this changing mat is that it cannot hold more than two diapers and the clutch does not contain a wiper container.

Why We Like It

  • The pad can be cleaned with water and soap.
  • The mat changing price is affordable, mothers can afford to keep one in the car and one in the diaper bag.  
  • Features a convenient pocket that holds multiple diapers and wipes.


[6] Mamas and Papas Essential Baby Changing Mat

Mamas and Papas Essential Baby Changing Mat

The mamas and papas essential baby changing mat is a combination of performance, convenience, and style. It is good from birth because it is made with a comfortable protective cover. With smooth edges, the skin-friendly mat is made with wipe-clean PVC. The baby-friendly edges have no scratchy materials or rough seams, and it is simple to clean. Moreover, the Mamas & Papas changing mat fits all top changers, dressers, and cot. You should avoid placing near direct sunlight or in strong heat to maximize.

This changing mat is not machine washed but is easy to carry and is durable. The changing mat is free from chemicals; hence it is safe for the baby’s overall health and skin.

Why We Like It

  • Wipe clean and air dry.
  • Lightweight weighs only 450 grams.
  • Easy to wipe clean and lovely design.
  • The mat is certified as it meets the Australian standard tests.
  • It is hypoallergenic it protects the baby from bacterial surfaces.
  • Features a layer of a non-toxic PVC cover and baby save ink.
  • Without any danger of falling off, supports your baby.


[7] Lekebaby Portabel Changing Mat

Lekebaby Portabel Changing Mat

This changing mat is amazon no one top best-selling portable changing stations, and it is simple to see why this pad is important, a more inexpensive dupe, with a couple of amazing features. The zipper mat separates from the clutch for trips and features a rare pillow stitched into the water-resistant pad. For mothers with fluffy bub, this pillow will be a comfortable relief.

The clutch has an extra onesie, a couple of nappies, an interior zip pocket for wipes, and an interior mesh pocket for a couple of nappies.

Why We Like It

  • Outside zip pocket to carry your keys, wallets, phone, and other accessories.
  • The design features heavy and is quite different.
  • Quality guarantee, package comes with easy thirty days money guarantee, no question asked and your money will return to you.
  • The changing mat has lots of space for creams, wipes, nappies, and change of cloth.
  • The bag is very handy, you can attach it to your pram or hang it on your wrist like a purse.
  • The changing mat is very easy to clean because of its super amazing waterproof technology.
  • Provide extra movement space for your baby to move.
  • To protect your little one’s head, cushioned pillow.
  • The comfort changing mat will offer a comfortable and safe feeling.




[8] Iziv Diaper Changing Station Folding Travel Changing Mat

Iziv Diaper Changing Station Folding Travel Changing Mat

Iziv changing is recommended to those who want simple extra storage and affordable mat. This portable changing mat weighs only two hundred grams with plenty of room storage. Flat and slim when folded, the waterproof polyester will slide simply into a backpack or bad.

The changing mat is very easy to clean. It is made of 100% anti-bacterial and flannel fabric material. The color works for both girls and boys.  With this portable changing mat you can clean your baby in comfort. This changing mat is very comfortable and soft and also includes a small pillow for your infant’s head.

Why We Like It

  • It is easy to store mat and also gives you much space when unfolded.
  • Folds up like a clutch head and is easy to use with one hand.
  • Its lightweight design will easily fit into your diaper bag or purse.
  • It is made with a waterproof design which means that it can be easily and quickly cleaned.
  • It is stylish, sleek, and very easy to fold.
  • You can strap it to your wrist or clip it to a stroller.
  • Features mesh internal pockets and large zippered to keep several wipes, creams, and nappies, and an adjustable clip and strap to carry the things inside.
  • The changing pad easily detaches and unzips from the clutch, to keep debris away from cloth and nappies in the mesh pocket.


[9]  Summer Infant Quickchange

Summer Infant Quickchange

This changing pad is large enough that your baby will be fully protected and small enough that it can easily fold up into your diaper bag. Once you have folded it will not pop open.

When being change on hard surfaces it is thick enough to give your baby comfort.  The shape of this pad is best for your little one while you change them. The surface is cushiony and soft for a comfortable and warm feel.  But this changing pad is not large enough for a toddler. The changing pad is also slippery so you have to be careful.

Why We Like It

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Weighless, easy to carry anywhere.
  • Stylish, cute design.


[10]  Isoki Change Mat Clutch

Isoki Change Mat Clutch

Isoki mat clutch can be your good budget pick for having 3 free pockets, something tough to find in the most affordable options. The big external pocket has plenty of room for nappy and wipes bags, while a smaller zip external pocket on the topmost will keep wallets, keys, and other little things. With a love of design and fashion, it’s no doubt that Isoki has produced this stylish three-pocket mat clutch at an affordable price. This changing pad is hygienic and is small enough to fit in your bag.

Why We Like It

  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Available in a variety of fabrics and colors.
  • Comes with storage pockets that are perfect for carrying baby wipes and nappies.
  • Compact and lightweight.


How to Choose a Best Portable Changing Mat

You have to look for the following things while choosing a changing mat:

  1. Waterproof protection

A waterproof pad that easily clean is important for any changing pad. A waterproof cover restricts liquid from seeping leaking inside the pad which can lead to mildew and mold. For more protection, go for waterproof multi pads, which can add a touch of cushy softness and can be tossed in the dryer and washing machine. 

  1. Belts

Some parents like the idea of having safety belts. If your baby likes to kick around and crawl around a lot then this comes in handy and gives you no trouble that your baby falls when you turn your attention for a second. Look for holding straps to attach to the wall, changing the back of the dresser or table. Be sure to keep the baby within the arms reach and always use the straps.

  1. Extra storage

Does it have many pockets to store things you need? How many nappies can it fit? Look for a changing mat that can easily store four nappies, extras, and wipes such as disposable nappy bags, rash cream, and a spare onesie. Many changing mats or diaper clutches come with no pockets to hold your wallet, mobile, or keys, which isn’t the best.  Select portable changing pads with a section of extra storage and pockets. This means that you can keep the important basics in one place, also includes diapers and baby wipes.

  1. Rolling vs folding style

Portable changing pads are formed to roll up or fold up. Folding styles are best for extra storage and rolling styles are a good option if you want to save space vertically, especially f you have a spare bottle holder slot or a single compartment bag.

  1. Safety

When purchasing items especially for sensitive ones like babies it is very important to look for safety features. Look out for safety features like a safety belt, nonsleep feet, antibacterial covers, and elevated sides. It should be free from nasties such as lead, phthalates, and BPA. to ensure check the labels.

  1. Price

The price of changing pads depends on the features and brand of the product.

  1. Easy to clean

Everybody wants a pad that is easy to clean. Look out for features like a non-stick surface, a washable cover, ad a tilting mechanism.

  1. Portability

Changing mats need to fold easily. You don’t want to carry around what feels like a jumbo yoga mat everywhere you go.

  1. Cushioned pad

A newborn baby’s head is weak, especially if they have come into the world with forceps or vacuum delivery, so a padded area for your baby is important.

  1. One hand usability

Can you close and open it one-handed? Most of the time you are trying to unfold the mat while holding the baby in one hand. Look for a mat that is easy to unfold with one hand.

  1. Stitching and durable material

You will change up to more than three thousand nappies in your baby’s first year alone. Choose a product that will last and is made premium, otherwise, you will find yourself having to look for a replacement before you know it. Portable changing mats are usually made from easy-care materials. Polyester, plastic, nylon, and vinyl are some of the most common choices, though microfiber and knit are also used.


Faqs on Baby Changing Mats

Which are the best nappy clutches for every style and budget?

Bambino Mio change is the best-changing mat for every budget and style. It provides comfort for your baby and is easy to clean. Compact and lightweight make it more ideal for every parent.

How many changing mats do you need?

You just need a one-quality mat for your infant or two is the optimal amount. Just be careful about the features and make sure the changing mat contains all the safety features and extra storage you needed.

Is a portable changing pad necessary?

No, it is not necessary to buy a changing mat you can lie your baby on muslin or towel to change their nappy. But it could be messier. Changing mats save you a lot of time and effort and arrange all the things in one place.

How long is a changing pad?

The standard pad size is 17×33.

How to choose the best travel changing pad?

Here is what to look for when choosing a changing pad.

  1. Cushioned pad for your baby head.
  2. For your baby comfort padded center.
  3. Waterproof. 
  4. Easy wipes accessibility.
  5. One-handed use.
  6. Durable stitching and material.

 Which is the Best Portable Waterproof change mat?

Skip Hop signature is the best waterproof changing mat.