Top 6 Best Picnic Baskets Australia 2023

Best Picnic Baskets Australia

Picnic and warm weather go side by side with lots of love. A perfect picnic is done with fruit crackers, lovely wine, and a tasty and healthy salad. Whether you are giving a treat to someone special like your loved partner on a hilltop or bringing someone to a picnic park or a beach, you must need a perfect picnic basket or backpack for a good and handful day.

Yes, it can also be done by gathering all picnic accessories in a grocery bag and carrying chilled food and heavy cooler drink, but why to face all this burdensome and tidy work when you can do it most conveniently? Napkins, plates, forks, spoons, water bottles, and even a cutting board in one amazing and beautiful picnic basket.

A good and stylish picnic basket must hold a wine opener, bottle drinks or wine, glasses, plates, utensils, and food the most conveniently and efficiently in this review, we will guide you through the best selling picnic baskets in 2023 that you can find easily at Amazon Australia. More we will guide you all about how to choose a perfect picnic basket and what are the features of a good picnic basket.

Our list of top picks is based on many considerations such as durability, quality, price, performance, and the fame of the manufacturer. If you choose from our list we are sure you are buying one of them to class picnic baskets.

How to Choose the Best Picnic Basket

Hold on, there are few things you need to be aware of buying a picnic basket.

1. How to Use it

 First and the most important is to keep in mind that for what purpose you are going to use your picnic basket? will it be used for a family picnic or big group gatherings or a romantic picnic for two?

2. Choice of Basket Material

Two main materials that picnic baskets are made out of are wicker and canvas.

Wicker picnic baskets are durable, strong, and wouldn’t tear. They also have a more traditional appearance which can help create a romantic atmosphere. Wicker also allows for good ventilation and airflow.

Canvas picnic baskets on the other side are often more lightweight and durable. These types of baskets come in a big range of fashions, colors and are often collapsible for easy storage.

3. Size of Basket

Picnic baskets are available in a different range of sizes from large with service for four people to compact personal use baskets. Think about what you want to put in it, you need to have sufficient room to provide everything you need and don’t forget about the food.

You don’t want one that is too big that it becomes impractical for regular use. If you are going to be picnicking in the warmth, you need to cook it and you need to keep your food and drinks cool rather than carrying a separate cooler you might want to consider an insulated picnic basket. They are practical and convenient.

4. Picnic Blanket

A picnic blanket is an essential part of any picnic if you don’t have already have one. Many picnic baskets come with a picnic blanket included that can either be attached to the basket itself or fits inside.

5. Do you Enjoy a Wine of Glass?

If you had like to have wine with your picnic then you want to consider many of the picnic baskets that offer safe and easy transport for your wine bottle. Some offer wine holders that attach to the outside of the basket. Others have special protective compartments within the basket itself. Typically picnic baskets with the wine feature also provide a corkscrew.

6. Stocked or empty?

Do you need one that is stocked or empty? Many picnic baskets come fully stocked with plates, spoons, forks, knives, wine glasses, napkins, food containers, and choose service. You name it, it’s in there is a stocked picnic basket make preparing a picnic quick and easy.

 Empty picnic baskets on the other hand offer multi-use functionality and versatility.

Features to Look When Buying Picnic Baskets

Let’s have a look at the features you need to look for before buying.

  1. Carrying Option

If you normally do routine adventures like on hilly areas and on mountains then just a handle is not going to be the really easy pick for you. For regular adventurers way of holding the bag is significant. Let’s take a look at four different carrying options you can select from.


Most traditional baskets only come with an integral handle. The carrying pick is not right for holding baskets for a large distance but is ideal for short-distance choices.

Shoulder straps

Shoulder strap baskets are more casual and stylish and are a wonderful value for long-distance picnics.

Sling straps

These kinds of bags are built to be used actress through the chest like a bag. It is a more relaxed way of holding a separate basket.

Backpack straps

Backpacks are not a real meaning for picnic baskets but they are perfect for long distances because they can divide the weight.

  1. Material

Material is also an important consideration because it brings different qualities and styles. These are the most frequently used materials in picnic baskets.


Emblematic material for picnic baskets. It is chosen for its bendability. It is easy to bent around corners.


Rattan is known as robust wooden and is come from a sweltering palm tree. Rattan is mostly sed in wickerwork for strong and long-lasting baskets and furniture. Because of its strong strength, you will find it on the handle of most picnic baskets.


Bamboo is also utilized in wicker wood, bamboo is used together with pillows to add more portion of spaces.


Polyester is not famous like wood but it also has a lot of benefits. It delivers easy cleaning, durability, and flexibility.

3. Compartments

Many picnic baskets have District sections for everything-from Crockscrews and utensils to wine bottles and picnic blankets, but most of the old and traditional baskets you will find have one big compartment for accessories and food.

This all depends on you if you are the kind of person who loves to have separate space for everything in an organized manner then the compartment’s baskets are best for you as they also save your time and save things from getting messed up.

4. Components

Many picnics come packed with accessories. Mostly picnic baskets come with plates, napkins, picnic blanket, cutting board, forks, wine glasses, insulated cooler, corkscrew, coffee mugs, coffee flask, cheese knife, spoons, pepper/salt shakers, and wine opener.

5. Price

Finally, the price is the last consideration there. You can select picnic baskets from affordable to the most costly ones. Just keep in mind that the extensive baskets contain more features than the most affordable ones.

Top Picks Picnic Baskets Available in Australian Market

[1] Picnic at Ascot Patented Insulated Picnic Basket Cooler

Insulated Picnic Basket Cooler

Our top pick and the first option is a full feature bag that works as a full picnic bag and cooler in one. The basket is fully PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) safe has been made with a clear cell foram to give a long time of freshness to your food.

The front section of this basket has everything you need for a two-person picnic including plates, glasses, flatware, corkscrew, cheeses knife, cutting board, and so on pepper shakers.

The rear section is a spacious leak-proof insulated cooler to keep food at the right temperature. Wine is kept cool in an insulated wine pouch attached to the side of the backpack.

This picnic backpack is great for outdoor concerts, hiking, the beach, and the parks. Constructed with heavy-duty polyester the backpack is lightweight and yet very durable.

The basket is lightweight and folds very easily making sure that this picnic bag doesn’t become a trouble for you when you have done your picnic. With plenty of room for drinks and food and convenient to keep when not in use, this is one of the perfect insulated picnic baskets you can get in Australia.

The bag is also a perfect idea to gift someone you know who goes on long trips, you can surprise your family and friend. Also a good gift for someone’s birthday, retirement, anniversary, wedding, engagement, housewarming hostess gift, Christmas, or holiday.


Brand: Picnic at Ascot

Model number: 400-B

Color available : Navy / blue

Dimension of the bag: 46.99×29.21cm

Material: Polyester

Bag weight: 907 grams

Key Features

  • PEVA food-safe (PEVA stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate and EVA for ethylene-vinyl acetate)
  • Lifetime warranty from Picnic at Ascot.
  • Completely insulated basket with heat-sealed leakproof lining for smooth cleaning.
  • For extra stability flexible side and steel rim support.


  • Leakproof heat linning.
  • The bag material is made of polyester. Polyester fabric is if softer than some wicker and wooden selections and is also easy to clean.
  • It can hold up to 30kg of drinks and food which is more than sufficient for your ordinary picnic. 
  • Easy to carry.
  • Includes melamine napkins and plates, acrylic wine glasses, and stainless steel flatware.
  • The picnic basket is designed in the USA and the company has over twenty-five years of experience in making high-quality baskets, wine carriers, coolers, and lifestyle products.


  • Small if you want to to take food for more than 3 persons.
  • The napkins that come with the bag are flimsy and thin.
  • Most of the customers claim that the glasses and the plates that arrive with the set are broken.

About the Brand “Picnic at Ascot”

 Founded in 1992, the founders are from the UK, but the brand is based in the USA. The company utilizes a famous British tradition that mixes up the European style of picnics with the energy of the American soul.

The company has made a unique line of picnic baskets and items that improves the outside feel.

The company honor itself on high standards and quality craftsmanship that are with a lifetime warranty.  Many of their top-selling baskets mark more advanced designs, such as the bold picnic cooler, collapsible cooler basket, and picnic cooler basket.

Picnic at Ascot Insulated Picnic Basket Customer Reviews

 Picnic at Ascot Insulated Picnic Basket Customer Reviews

[2] Picnic Time Country Picnic Basket With Liner

Picnic Time Country Picnic Basket With Liner

          If you are searching for a classic and simple basket then this hand woven willow design basket may be a perfect option for you. Simple to hold for a fast at a nearby beach or at the park.

This country basket looks super stylish, vintage, and traditional in terms of design. No doubt this basket is perfect for a photoshoot. This rattan and wicker basket is ready with a washable and removable liner to make cleaning easy. This basket will remind you of all your beloved romantic and classic films. This is a picnic basket from a romantic world!

Its dual entry lid functions to hold your drink and food categorized while at the same time also overlapping as a hand in hand small table, credit to the hardwood and surface creation.

The interior is coated with an amazing washable liner, available in 3 different color blends: classic white and red, white and navy blue, and black and red. It is a blank picnic basket and within you will get a large space to keep your flatware, drinks, snacks, food, and even you can save a basket. The basket is made in the USA, made to last, and is finely constructed.

What we did not like about this basket is that it is not insulated so always keep in mind to add some ice and non-perishable food to keep the drink and food fresh and chilled.

Generally, this is a reliable and strong choice that is greatly rated online, thanks t its simple and robust design.


Brand                               Picnic Time

Color available        white/red gingham

Product dimensions           43.82 x 34.29 x 36.2 cm

Material                                   wicker and rattan

Item weight                              1.7kg

Key Features

  • Split lid design delivers a balanced surface for drinks and phones.
  • The polyester blend liner is easy to clean and remove.
  • The lid is made of the most famous woodwork wicker and rattan.
  • Two-fold lid.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • You can also use wooden lids for drinking.
  • Perfect for two persons.
  • Simple and romantic design.
  • Makes amazing couple gift for anniversaries, weddings and birthdays.
  • Made in the USA.
  • High-quality wood finishing adds beautiful touches.
  • Also perfect for you if you love photography.


  • No foldable option for easy storage.
  • No insulated feature to keep the food fresh and drinks chilled.
  • Some customers ask for a refund because they did not get the lid with the package.

Picnic Time Country Picnic Basket Customer Reviews

 Picnic Time Country Picnic Basket Customer Reviews

[3] HappyPicnic Wicker Picnic Basket Set for 4 Persons

HappyPicnic Wicker Picnic Basket Set for 4 Persons

Picnicking is an elegant affair with a traditional English-style picnic basket. This HappyPicnic Wicker Picnic Basket Set for 4 Persons with Large Willow Hamper with Large Insulated Cooler Compartment, Free Waterproof Blanket and Cutlery Service Kit-Classical Brown is one of the best basket in the market. The HappyPicnic is a suitcase willow basket with genuine leather straps. Corduroy interior and deluxe picnic and coffee service for two. Components include wine glasses, porcelain plates, stainless steel silverware, napkins, two food storage, containers, a set of stainless steel salt and pepper shakers.

Wine and cheese accessories include a stainless steel waiter-style, double-hinged corkscrew, a stainless steel cheese knife with a wooden handle, a wooden cutting board a nickel-plated bottle stopper with real cork. There is also an insulated wine duffle and an insulted zipper-top cooler to keep your food fresh and drinks chilled.

The coffee service includes a thirty-ounce stainless steel vacuum flask as well as twenty-six-ounce double-walled stainless steel coffee mugs.

To fully complete the picnic experience the canterbury picnic basket also includes an acrylic fleece blanket that opens out a roomy 57 by 48 inches.

The HappyPicnic is a wonderful centerpiece for any picnic. Moreover, the basket is not only appealing and charming but also well and practical though. The basket holds enough food and drinks for four persons.


Brand                          HappyPicnic

Color available            brown

Product dimensions    40.64 x 30.48 x 20.32cm

Material                       wood

Item weight                  6.8 kg

Key Features

  • Original leather straps.
  • Powerful willow construction.
  • Porcelain plates.
  • Stainless steel mugs and thermos.
  • Includes acrylic blanker which is easy to clean.
  • Vacuum flask, wine duffel, and cooler bags are insulated to keep your food fresh and drinks chilled.


  • Makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. Special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, and eid.
  • Acrylic blanket, the acrylic material is easy to wash.
  •  Excellent award-winning quality.
  • Perfect choice for couples.
  • More insulated features and coffee service for four.


  • With full components and food weighs heavy.
  • When considering the price it is expensive.

HappyPicnic Wicker Picnic Basket Set Customer Reviews

HappyPicnic Wicker Picnic Basket Set Customer Reviews

[4] Picnic Time Piccadilly Willow Basket

Picnic Time Piccadilly Willow Basket

If you are looking for a way to enjoy a romantic day out with your favorite person and a picnic is on your mind then you need to invest in the picnic time Picadilly willow basket. With a complete set of flatware dishes and wine glasses for two people, the picnic time set is a perfect way to enjoy a peaceful romantic meal outdoors.

We really like the unique lid design of this picnic basket it makes. This basket is a little different from others which is nice. The shape of this basket gives you plenty of room for a nice meal. Plus the lid holds the plates and glasses to keep them out of the way.

This basket even has a bottle opener for added convenience. The willow wood construction of this picnic basket lends an old-fashioned feel but also makes this basket fairly durable.


Brand                          Picnic Time

Color available            red and whilte plaid

Dimensions                 40.64 x 24.13 x 36.83 cm

Material                       willow

Product weight            40.8 g

Key Features

  • This basket has all the needed tools for a picnic, includes a corkscrew for wine, flatware for two, acrylic wine glasses, and melamine plates.
  • Premium leatherette accents to keep everything in place.
  • Durable wicker construction.
  • Unique lid for easy compartments with the classic and cute fully lined polyester interior.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Two eight ounces shatter-resistant wine glasses.
  • The integrated handle is easy to hold with one hand.


  • We wish that this basket comes with matching napkins and some added insulation to keep the food fresh and drinks chilled.

 About the Brand Picnic Time

Founded in 1982, located in California. The main aim of picnic time has been straight, made a line of products to help people spend time outside with their loved ones. Pointless to say they have accomplished their goal with their line of picnic baskets.

The brand is offering a large choice for picnic totes, wine baskets, and picnic baskets best for all events.

The picnic collection of this company contains two hundred colors and styles to select from.

Picnic Time Piccadilly Willow Basket Customer Reviews

Picnic Time Piccadilly Willow Basket Customer Reviews

[5]Juvale Large Wicker Insulated Picnic Basket

Juvale Large Wicker Insulated Picnic Basket

A wide choice that is ideal for picnics with loved ones, family, or friends. This picnic basket comes with the full functions you want for up to 4 people. With an affordable price, the material looks more ideal and premium. Like other boxy baskets available in the market that are not easy to carry, this Juvale comes with a rectangular shape so you can easily carry the basket.

This basket comes with an insulated bag to hold your drinks and food hot or cold, this beautiful and practical wicker picnic basket is a fantastic choice for a large family.

Versatile and lightweight, the basket is perfect for family picnics at the beach or in the parks, for festivals, double dates, outdoor events, concerts, and is the best gift for weddings and other events.

What is best about this basket is that it melds lovely, vintage, and traditional design with functionality, versatility, and convenience. This basket is going to your utmost pick due to its fascinating specifications and features.

The food cooler makes it available to you to have perishable food like chicken salad, potato salad, lobster rolls, dips, dairy products, and eggs on a picnic.


Brand                         Juvale

Color available            brown

Product dimensions    49.28 x 33.53 x 29.21 cm

Material                       wicker

Item weight                  3.17 kilograms

Key Features

  • The double lid portion has everything organized.
  • Extra storage pocket permits you to fully arrange your drinks and food setup.
  • The basket is made of wicker authentic and natural wicker material which gives you a vintage, antique, and rustic feel for picnic plans.
  • Aluminium-made insulted bag ensures to keep your drinks and food warm or cold.
  • Its super large design cab hold snacks, drinks, and food for four peoples.


  • The basket comes with a full set of accessories for four, accessories include one cooler bag, four forks, four knives, four spoons, four premium ceramics plates, pepper and salt shakers, four wine glasses, corkscrew, and cotton napkins.
  • Customers are really happy with the excellent quality of the accessories. Ceramics plates, real glasses, and stainless steel utensils.
  • Embedded shoulder straps.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Straps make it a lot easier to hold other vitals like a kite, a frisbee, and also your cat and dog leash.


  • As compared to other baskets on our list this one is costly.
  • Due to its large size not easy to hold.

About the brand Juvale

Juvale features a fascinating collection of decor, houseware, and picnic pieces, the brand believes that the delightful way to live is to hold things easy and uncomplicated.

Main focus on quality, unique designs, and composed and clean lines are the basis Juvale is based on. The company unites the latest minimalism and aesthetics with the lines and quality typical of Scandinavian and European designs. The company products are created from modern aesthetics and classic materials.

Juvale Large Wicker Insulated Basket Customer Reviews

[6] All Camp Collapsible Insulated Picnic Bag

All Camp Collapsible Insulated Picnic Bag

If you want a practical, unique, and simple picnic bag, the All camp collapsible basket has everything to hold your food and drinks fresh and chilled. We love this basket because it is amazingly beautiful, very spacious, and well constructed of course.

The cooler portions are enough to store food, sine, snacks, and fruit for a picnic. The basket is easy to store and takes less space as once you have finished the picnic you can fold it flat.

We admire the superior quality and sturdy construction of the material used to make this basket.  This basket is excellent for outdoor events, wine tasting, fishing, hiking, camping, and picnics.

Customers who used it are well satisfied with the quality of the product. This basket also makes a superb gift for events like anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, and birthdays.


Brand                                      AllCamp

Color available                        Grey

Product dimensions                38.1 x 24.13 x 24.89 cm

 Material                                   Polyester fabric with good insulation

 Item weight                              700 grams

Key Features

  • Highly insulated and leak-proof technology for easy cleaning.
  • Large twenty-two liters of storage capacity.
  • High-quality polyester canvas.
  •  For easy accessing double zipper and for carrying soft grips are included.


  • Modern and practical picnic basket.
  • Convenient and fold flat for easy storage.
  • Built-in cooler compartment.
  • A cheese knife and a high-quality cutting board are included.
  • Durable picnic basket.
  • The insulated cooler kept items cool for more than twenty-four hours.
  • Lightweight out of all items listed.
  • Affordable. 


  • Only comes in one color option.
  • Glasses and plates that come with ag are made of plastic.
  • No blanket is included.
  • Comes with only one year warranty.

About the Brand AllCAMP

            All camp has recently come in 2017 but in few years the company has earned a good reputation due to their quality and affordable prices. The company is devoted to keeping its customers happy.

The brand has been chosen as a member of the Amazon exclusive brand, they deliver the best shipping and availability experience.

All Camp Picnic Bag Customer Reviews

 All Camp Picnic Bag Customer Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best picnic basket for long-distance picnics?

Picnic at Ascot patented insulated picnic basket is the best picnic basket available in the market.

What are picnic baskets called?

A picnic hamper or picnic basket is a basket meant to keep tableware and food for outside plans. New picnic baskets these days have a unique integrated storage portion to keep wine.

What is the essential picnic checklist?

Picnic basket, cooler, picnic blanket ( good if it is waterproofed), plates, napkins, cups, utensils, drinks, bottle opener, sharp knife, cutting board, salt and pepper shaker, mustard, mayo, ketchup, are the essentials for seating, toting and serving.

For clean up, you should have a trash bag and paper towels as no everyone wants to keep the green not dirty.

Other essentials for a picnic are hats, flashlights, insect repellents, and sunscreen.

What can I do with my picnic basket?

You can use your picnic basket to hold food and other serving essentials. It is recommended to use an insulated basket if you want your food fresh, wine, and drink chilled. You can also use your picnic basket as a side table.