Difference Between the Omega Horizontal Juicers?

Best Omega Horizontal Juicers

We will provide you with an explanation of the differences between the NC range and J8227c and J8228c. All of them are capable of juicing celery as well as other fruits and vegetables.

Juicers of the next generation

In Australia, we can choose from three main generations. Juicers from Omega’s 5th generation are the J8227 & J8228. MM900HDS and NC1002HD, both of which are from the 7th generation, are ultra-premium models from the 6th generation.

How do they differ?

Each machine performs differently due to small differences. What the above means is that you should consider your own requirements as part of the decision-making process.

Size of the feeding chute

There is no difference in size between the J8228 and J8227, the chute is the same size, it is 4.5cm. NC machines, on the other hand, have a slightly larger oval shape (5.5 mm). Also available on the MM900 is a 4.5 mm circle.

Best Omega Horizontal Juicers

A BPA-free product

Omega juicers are made from plastic that is BPA-free. Parts like the Nozzle, Auger, and clear drum are made from polyester, while PEI Ultem tough plastic and Tritan are used for the clear parts.

The juicer’s screen

Stainless steel has been added to the juicing screen of J8228 and J8228 in order to improve the performance. For instance, the earlier NC model is still plastic, which is the NC802, while the NC802 model has a steel screen.

Speed (RPM)

Every Omega juicer operates at 80 RPM. That’s the speed that will deliver the most nutritional value and enzymes. To process any slower, you’d need a more powerful motor.



J8227 / 8 – 165mm W x 368mm D x 394mm H

NC802 / 902 – 165mm W x 368mm D x 394mm H

NC1002HD – 140mm W x 440mm D x 330mm H

MM900HDS – 165mm W x 368mm D x 394mm H