Best Nursing Chairs in Australia

Best Nursing Chairs in Australia

Having a new baby is a magical experience but all the special moments and joys come with lots of time spent on your feet, too. That is why having a comfortable place where you can sit and bottle or breastfeed your baby regularly can be extremely beneficial during the early months.  

It’s a good thing that there are many baby nurse chairs available on the market for exactly that purpose. Some nursing chairs feature rockers, while others have automatic reclining mechanisms and footstools that allow you to extend your legs a little at the same time.

 While you feed your child, you can rest comfortably in the dedicated chairs, which provide support and comfort. Whether that’s with reclining features, arms rests, and lumber support.  

Here, we have put together some information about what to look for before buying a nursing chair and listed a number of recommendations for nursing chairs you can buy right now.


What to Look for When Buying a Nursing Chair


For the first few months at least, it is likely you will spend a lot of time in your nursing chair, so selecting the best nursing chair that is not only comfortable but also supportive is of the utmost importance.

 Make sure that the cushioning is padded well and maintains its shape over time. It is also helpful to have padded armrests, since they make sooth your baby or make breastfeeding more comfortable. 

A silent and gentle Rocking Motion 

You don’t want your baby to be disturbed if you are nursing them back to sleep after a long night. It will truly take the stress out of those late nights when you can find a nursing chair that glides quietly and smoothly.

Ease of cleaning 

All kinds of spills and messes can occur with a baby, especially on a nursing chair. The ease of machine-washing and wiping the removable cushion covers relieves stress.

Armrest pockets 

The last thing you want to do after getting comfortable in a chair is get up so that you can get something. If you have a muslin’s remote, a tablet, or wipes in your arm pocket, then you can keep them close to you while your baby is napping without disturbing them. 


In order to get the most value for your money, you may want to consider another way the chair can be used in the future.  


Others have limited mobility while others have 360-degree rotation. Personal preference dictates the choice. 

Special features 

If you want to read without disturbing your sleeping baby, some gliders feature built-in USB chargers so that you can charge your phone or iPad.


Types of Nursing Chairs 

In general, nursery chairs can be categorized into four main types, with the stand low-slung recliner being the most basic type. Every other class of nursery chair adds features to the stand low-slung recliner. 

Classic nursery Lounging Chair 

These chairs are among the most affordable in this category, as described above. Functional, comfortable, and simple. 

Reclining Nursery Chair 

An ordinary recliner with a lower seat, similar to that in a living room.

Gliding Nursery Chair 

A platform rocker is also known as a platform. It has a sensation of rocking and moving back and forth but does not move as far back and forth as a traditional rocking chair, and there is also a sense of gliding back and forth along the platform underneath the chair.

Rocking nursing chair 

Rocking chairs with a built-in cushion. Reclining models are also available.


Top 5 Nursing Chairs in Australia

[1] Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider 


 Delta children Blair slim nursery glider 

Designed for a nursery or playroom or even as a home office, this Delta furniture Blair slim nursery glider will allow you to sink in and spend some time with your baby. 

You’ll love the curved silhouette of this glider no matter how much floor space you have. It has upholstered in a durable woven fabric that is easy to clean. By maximizing every inch of the glider’s footprint, you will enjoy maximum comfort without sacrificing space. 

This chair offers your little one the comfort and ease of gliding and swiveling while you rock the chair for years to come. Delta Force was founded around the idea of making safe, high-quality children’s furniture. Their chairs are affordable for all families. 

Fabric and cushions are easy to clean and maintain. Spot clean with water and mild soap to maintain woven fabric with removable cushion.

 Delta children Blair slim nursery glider Customer Reviews
 Delta children Blair slim nursery glider Customer Ratings 


[2] Obaby 7 Position Deluxe Reclining Glider Nursing Chair 


 Obaby 7 position deluxe reclining glider nursing chair 

The elegantly designed white wooden nursing chair features soft grey cushions and a grey cushioned back. As your baby and you rock back and forth from the stool and chair, you are relaxing your baby and strengthening your bond.

In addition to the seat cushion, a foot stool matches the cushion, and it is easily adjustable in seven different positions. We appreciate the two handy pockets attached to the arm cushions, which make inserting items quick and easy objects. In addition, one should have a place where they can store items that are easy to grab in an emergency, such as a spare dummy or emergency muslin.  

Due to the accessible side handle, you can easily adjust and adjust the backrest at any time. You can also lock the chair in a fixed position. A wonderful feature for people with busy hands!

 Obaby 7 position deluxe reclining glider nursing chair Customer Reviews
 Obaby 7 position deluxe reclining glider nursing chair Customer Ratings 


[3] Ickle Bubba Dursley Rocking Chair and Stool


Ickle Bubba Dursley rocking chair and stool

In your nursery room, you can feed your baby in comfort and style with the Ickle Bubba Dursley rocking chair and stool. A rocking chair and footstool are included in this set, which can also be rocked. 

You can rock your little one in peace while your little one eats in the nursery room with this stylish and comfortable Ickle Bubba Dursley rocking chair and stool.

Traditional furniture sets are constructed of wood that’s exceptionally strong and elegant, with naturally colored and softly padded suedette fabric, which provides good support for your legs, arms, and back. The wooden bows are designed to rock gently. 

You can stretch out your legs and place things on the matching rocking stool.

Ickle Bubba Dursley rocking chair and stool Customer Reviews
Ickle Bubba Dursley rocking chair and stool Customer Ratings


[4] Dream On Me Multifunctional Nursing Chair 


Dream On Me multifunctional nursing chair 

Dream Me is designed to make feeding time more comfortable and convenient. With the portable nursing chair, you can find the most comfortable sitting angle no matter where you are.

 You don’t need to assemble it and it can be adjusted to six different angles to suit your needs. 

This chair is designed for breastfeeding mothers by Dream On Me. Besides watching TV and doing homework, the chair can also be used to shop online, read, or even do your homework. 

Dream On Me nursing chairs are functional and versatile, making them a great addition to any home or nursery. The chair is very sturdy and well made. With its fully flat feature for storage, it can be easily stored. It can be unzipped when not in use.

Dream On Me multifunctional nursing chair Customer Reviews 
Dream On Me multifunctional nursing chair Customer Ratings 


[5] Obaby High Back Rocking Chair 


Obaby high back rocking chair 

This high back rocking chair from Obbay will provide you with a relaxing experience. If you would like to relax in the nursery while your infant is feeding, you can easily do so. You can relax while your little one is soothed by the gentle motion of the chair. 

From the toes to the head, the wooden frame and solid high back provide long-lasting support while the deep foam seat and added cushion deliver a superb level of comfort.

With its durable and soft weaved upholstery in a neutral shade of grey, the Obaby high-back rocking chair fits in with any nursery setting. This rocking chair features a high back design and a cushioned backrest, providing maximum comfort and support.  

Obaby high back rocking chair Customer Reviews 
Obaby high back rocking chair Customer Ratings



Is it worth having a nursing chair? 

The honest answer is that a nursing chair is not necessary. Having one can be beneficial to a baby, and many believe it is the best baby-related purchase they ever made.

 Making a good feeding position for your baby can be hard, whether he or she is bottled or breastfed.   

Are recliners good for breastfeeding? 

During nursing, your baby can rest comfortably on your chest thanks to the reclined position. In addition to providing excellent relief from aching joints and back pain, sitting in a recliner has many health benefits.  

What is the purpose of a nursing chair?

The purpose of a breastfeeding chair is to provide a calm and comfortable spot for breastfeeding. The most common type of recliner offers different angles for your back to be supported and some recliners can be rocked to enable baby to be soothed.