Best Newborn Baby Formulas Australia 2023

Best Newborn Baby Formulas in Australia

Anxious about giving formula to your infant? Well, if you are then don’t be. All formulas available have the added fats, minerals, and vitamins that a newborn needs. Each baby formula available to purchase in Australia has to match Australian standards.

Newborns above the age of one year need milk. For this, you have two options, formula or breast milk. Without any doubt, breastmilk is the best and healthiest way to feed babies but this is not always attainable.

So, whether you are strictly supplementing formula with breast milk or formula feeding, you want to deliver the best in your infant’s belly for his/her development and growth. With many different options available today, choosing a good baby formula can be confusing and stressful. Australia has strict regulations and standards concerning the sale and safety of newborn formulas as ruled by food standards Australia, so you are sure that the formula will be suitable and safe for your baby’s consumption.

It is good to remember that formulas can be very appropriate for each child. What is best for one infant may not be for the next.  Before feeding, liquid and powder should be mixed with water. Most formulas are formed from milk, but you can also find protein and soy hydrolysate formulas for newborns who have certain allergies and intolerances. Learn how to mix the formula before giving it to your babies.


What are the Different Forms of Baby Formula?

A newborn baby’s formula comes in three forms. The best choice depends on your desire and budget for accessibility.

  1. Powdered formula

Powdered formula is less costly. Each spoon on powdered formula should be mixed with water. As long as you don’t mix powdered formula with water, it lasts a long time, just make sure to check the expiry date.

  1. Liquid concentrated baby formula

This formula also requires some shaking and mixing with water, skip the scoop because it is liquid. This type of formula is more expensive than powder and needs to be refrigerated within forty-eight hours.

  1. Ready to use formula

It is the most friendly type of baby formula. You don’t need to mix these types of formulas with water. But it is expensive out of three. You can choose from larger volumes and single-serve bottles. You don’t have to worry about the right mixing, there is no chance of any error in mixing. You don’t have to refrigerate unpack bottles.


What are the Different Types of Formula Milk?

Formula milk is formed to be as good as breast milk. They cannot every nutrient, but they do deliver all the nutrients that your infant needs. There are three types of formula milk.

  1. First-stage formulas

During the first four to six months of newborn babies, this type of milk meets the nutritional needs. This group includes special milk or formulas for premature babies for solving particular problems.

  1. Follow on formulas

These milk are used from 4 to 6 months of age and form part of the different diets of a baby of that age. They are in-between steps between growing up milk and first stage milk. It is preferred that these types of formulas should be used after the age of at least twelve months.

  1. Cows milk

Babies are unable to drink cow milk unless they are in their third year because it doesn’t have a nutritional element, cow milk could cause digestive problems also. Cow milk is the most recommended formula if your baby can endure.


Best Formulas For Newborn Baby in Australia 2023


(1) Nestle NAN Comfort 1 [ 0-6 Months Baby Formula Powder]

Nestle NAN Comfort 1 [0-6 Months Baby Formula]

Nestle nan comfort 1 is a cow milk-based formula by the most famous and trusted brand all over the world Nestle. For babies up to the age of six months nan comfort 1 offers complete nutrition to start a healthy grownup.

Backed by hundred and fifty years of infant expertise and infant nutrition, it is gentle on infant little tummies while providing all-important nutrients the baby needs to thrive and grow. This product also features a transparent panel which allows seeing how much the formula is left without any need to open the formula.

This baby formula is easy to mix, one of the most famous formulas in Australia for its reliability and affordability.  For convenience and hygiene, it is available in an amazing packaging format with a decent storage area for the scoop.

  • This formula has a transparent panel, so without opening the tin you can see how much the formula is left.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Affordability and reliability.
  • The formula contains high-quality cow milk.


(2) Blackmores Newborn Formula [Australia’s Leading Natural Health Brand]

Blackmores Newborn Formula

Containing twenty-five important nutrients including minerals, vitamins, probiotics,s and prebiotic and boasting no artificial sweeteners or no added sugar, Blackmores newborn formula is a super-rich nutrient formula for the tiniest tummies.

As a result of eighty-five years in natural health, this formula is created especially and perfectly for newborns, you can be clear that your baby is receiving the best formula overall.  This formula includes both soy protein and cow’s milk which makes it easier for infants to change fluently between formula types. Effective in whey protein over casein, therefore it’s not difficult to digest, reducing the chance of ingestion problems like gas and wind to ensure your little one rests well and plays. You may have to buy this product online from Amazon because your local Walmart may have not this product available.

  • Many parents give this formula high ratings for not upsetting the baby’s tummy and mixing up easily.
  • This formula is said to be near to break milk according to the developer and is also easy to intake by newborns.
  • It contains minerals, vitamins, and DHA that helps in brain improvement and also supports the growth and immune system.
  • A rare combination of in0gredients containing over twenty-five nutrients including important minerals and vitamins.
  • Gmo-free, Gluten-free with no artificial sweeteners or no added table sugar.
  • It mixes well without bubble or foam and it is not fishy or oily with a chemical smell.
  • Blackmores is highly suitable for birth to six-month babies.


(3) Aptamil Profutura Premium Formula [Infant Formula from Birth to 6 Months]

Aptamil Profutura Infant Premium Formula

Aptamil premium formula is a healthful blend of FOS and GOS, which are prebiotic mechanisms related to human milk oligosaccharides. It contains balanced nutrients, age-appropriate, promoting overall growth and development of your infant aged between 0 and 6 months. This baby formula contains vegetarian protein with a unique blend of nucleotides, FOS, GOS, and other minerals that supports eye and brain development. This lactose-based formula supports physical growth and is easily digestible. Many parents are happy with the positive result of this formula. For easy transportation, this formula is also available in a sachet. It smells very well and dissolves quickly in room temperature water.

  • Supported by forty years of Nutricia’s pioneer research.
  • Best for healthy newborn babies, if as part of mixed feeding or not being fed.
  • Not good for babies with cow’s milk protein allergies, galactosemia, and lactose intolerance.
  • Easy to prepare you may see foam and a lot of bubbles appearing after mixing it with water but this will deplete in a short time.
  • The formula is easy to digest.
  • Less gassy.
  • Proteins from vegetarian sources.
  • Pleasant on your baby’s stomach.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Smells very well.


(4) Aptamil Gold+ 1 Infant Formula

Aptamil Gold+ 1 Infant Formula

Any Aptamil product will the result of testing, consideration, and careful research. This formula is suitable for babies up to six months. It is formed to meet the nutritional needs of newborns. Aptamil gold +1 is developed to build your child’s resemblance.  It contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins including vitamin A, C & D, iron and calcium. Which holds normal cognitive development. The formula is very to use and mix. It is a premium formula containing a lot of healthy ingredients including research on breast milk. For easy transportation, this formula is also available in form of a sachet. It lays the perfect foundations for future development and growth on your baby. With a pleasant smell, it dissolves quickly a room temperature.

  • Supported by forty years of Nutricia’s pioneer research.
  • Best for healthy newborn babies, if as part of mixed feeding or not being fed.
  • Not good for babies with cow’s milk protein allergies, galactosemia, and lactose intolerance.
  • Easy to prepare you may see foam and a lot of bubbles appearing after being mixing it with water but this will deplete in a short time.
  • The formula is easy to digest.
  • Less gassy.
  • Proteins from vegetarian sources.
  • Pleasant on your baby’s stomach.
  • Easy to mix.
  • Smells very well.


(5) Karicare Plus 1

Karicare Plus 1

  Hundred percent recyclable packaging, no added preservations, and free from artificial flavors. Their formula is made with New Zealand cow’s milk, Karicare plus 1 offers a healthy start for your infant. To support your baby’s brain development containing added omega fats and prebiotic for a settled and happy healthy gut, making it the best formula for infants with gas. There no hidden chemicals, just the healthy your baby needs. With a hundred percent recyclable, scoop, lid, and tin, this a perfect option for nature-loving people.

This formula also claims that it helps your baby poop more easily. To support your baby their range contains the key minerals and vitamins.

  • The formula is free from artificial flavors and added preservations.
  • Your baby can poop more comfortably within the first week of use of this product.
  • Made from Newzealand cow’s milk.
  • All ingredients are tested and are natural. There is no chemical mix-up.
  • This formula is highly recommended by doctors.
  • Give your baby advance brain growth.


(6) Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergic Colic Baby Formula 

Similac pro advance is the only formula that includes an immune healthful prebiotic and HMO. The Similac formula is the most used in hospitals and is the no one choice of mothers. It contains a superior level of nutrition that will support healthy development and growth in your baby through the first year. This is the only formula available that contains an immunity-boosting prebiotic that can only be found in breastmilk. The gap that can be found between formula and breastfeeding is narrowed with this product that is the closest match to a mother’s milk.

This formula contains a healthy level of lutein, vitamin E, and a healthy level of DHA to help excellent eye, bone, and brain development. All ingredients are tested and there are no growth hormones in this formula.

  • You are securing your baby in the most important stage of their development by developing a strong immune system in them.
  • The presence of a 2-FL HMO prebiotic saves the baby from viruses and infections.
  • Parents agree that this formula is safe and easy to mix up.
  • This product is highly recommended by doctors and no one choice of mothers also.
  • The most used formula in hospitals.
  • Lower fussiness and gas.


(7) Enfamil Neuro Pro Baby Formula Milk Powder

Enfamil Neuro Pro Baby Formula Milk Powder

Enfamil neuro pro was created in reaction to turn up research showing the strong effect that MFGM has on psychological growth in babies. Gifting complete nutrition for infants under twelve months, this formula is a great example of why Enfamil is highly recommended by pediatricians. This formula is made using only non- GMO ingredients. Enfamil formula is the only formula to contain a mix of DHA and MFGM. MFGM means mil fat global membrane. It is a 3 layered membrane that is usually found in breastmilk. The MFGM formula is made from cow’s milk. The formula does contain some dual prebiotics but there are no artificial growth hormones.

Enfamil neuro pro offers many of the same benefits as breast milk because the formula is inspired by breast milk. The DHA and MFGM combine for a boost to your infant’s mental growth. moreover, the prebiotic has a good effect on your baby’s immune system. The formula is tasty as a piece of cake and can be digested easily.

  • Offers the same benefits as breast milk.
  • DHA and MFGM boost your baby’s mental growth.
  • HMO improves a baby’s immune system.
  • Highly recommended by pediatricians.
  • Offering complete nutrition for infants under twelve months.
  • The formula is free from artificial flavors.


(8) Novalac colic Premium Infant Formula Powder

a baby with colic can be amazingly disturbing and stressful. A baby dealing with colic may scream more than simple crying which shows that they are suffering from pain. Baby with colic may scream more than 3 to 5 hours a day. Food allergies are one of the most common causes of colic. Novalac colic premium delivers quick relief to babies. 

Manage and resolve symptoms of colic in your baby with novellas colic. Wind and bloating commonly seen in babies suffering from colic are many times due to un-consumed lactose that can remain in the gut.

Novalac premium struggles to beat that with its magical and healthy ingredients which contain reduce carbohydrates and lactose that are easy to digest, which may help to lower the build-up of tummy, gas, and wind. This formula is suitable for babies of up to 1 year.

  • The texture of this formula is a little heavy, but it tastes delicious.
  • It is formulated with a special mix of minerals and nutrients to help resolve the symptoms of colic in babies.
  • Help lower abdominal and wind discomfort in babies.
  • Car for your baby with important daily minerals and nutrients.
  • It is suitable for ongoing daily use after the colic symptoms of the baby have been resolved.          


(9) Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk Based Powder

Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk Based Powder

This formula is for infants of 0 to 12 months and said to be made of organic ingredients.  This formula is certified organic by USDA, which means that it contains only the inspected and highest quality organic ingredients, this could be perfect for mothers who can not breastfeed their babies. It contains lactose and is made from organic ingredients, which is close to found in breast milk. To deliver a healthier gut, this formula comes with a mix of 4 or more prebiotics.  This formula is easy to consume.  There are no preservatives, artificial colors, pesticides, or herbicides in any part of the content. 

It has been shown that this organic formula can help lower colic as well as eczema caused by an allergic reaction to milk products. Keeping your baby much more happy and comfortable and keeping your baby free of gas after feeding is important to the ease of the whole family.

The ingredients of this formula are organic nonfat milk, organic lactose, organic soy oil, organic palm olein, organic whey protein concentrate, organic coconut oil, and other important minerals and vitamins.

  • This formula is made of organic ingredients.
  • Pleasant on your baby’s stomach.
  • Perfect for babies who cannot breastfeed their babies.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients.
  • Comes with a mix of four or more prebiotics.


(10) Oil6 goat  Milk Infant Formula Stage 1 (0-6 months)

Oil6 goat  Milk Infant Formula Stage 1

with a high percentage of milk, solid oil6 offers the goodness of goat milk. This goat milk formula offers many important minerals and vitamins, including vitamin a and c, calcium, and magnesium. Gentle on immune and easy to digest. The texture of this formula is lightly creamy and dissolves easily with a taste that has been described as similar to mother’s milk. So, this formula is also a good option for mothers who cannot breastfeed their babies. Oil6 researchers are continuously working with industry experts and health care professionals to continuously boost their products so you can more sure the oil6 formula you are giving your babies is safe and contain excellent nutrition.

The package is recyclable including the scoop, tin, and lid for the environment-loving option. A little more costly than its cow milk formula.

  • Offer the goodness of milk.
  • Easy to digest and gentle on the immune.
  • Texture formula dissolves and tastes similar to breast milk.
  • Oil6 researchers are continuously working with health experts and industry professionals.


(11) Bubs Australian Goat Milk

Bubs Australian Goat Milk

This formula from bubs consists of goat’s milk protein which is mainly from a looser, softer, and smaller curd intuitive than the cow’s milk. As goat milk doesn’t include the type of alpha-S1, casein protein, that can be puzzling in cow milk. Bubs advance plus is the best suit for you if your baby is allergic to cow’s milk.

It is also naturally rich in nucleotides and probiotics delivering the building blocks to promote the development and healthy growth. Another benefit is that this formula is naturally rich in nucleotides, contains fish oil and probiotics. These added supplements will nutritionally benefit eye development, the brain, the baby’s immune system, and digestion.

  • Contains ingredients to support the healthy development of your infant.
  • Easy to mix and prepare.
  • Affordable price.


How to Choose the Best Formula for Your Newborn

Not sure which infant is good for your babies? Let’s go throw some types of baby formula.  At a basic level, there is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing a formula. As everything available is safe to use, this means that what you buy is really up to your budget and preferences but before that let’s dive into few other important things you need to pay attention to.

Consult your doctor:

very important and the first thing to look for is to consult your doctor, who will examine the mother’s condition and baby’s health to prescribe the best formula.

Check for allergens:

careful if your baby is allergic to some substances, check the label, and avoid baby formula that contains ingredients your baby is allergic to. If your baby is allergic, has a digestive problem, or is premature, do a check with your doctor for special formula.

Iron and nutrients:

choose a formula that contains the important iron and nutrients that help the growth of your baby during a hard day.


Types of Formula

1. Cow milk formula

the most used type of formula is cow milk formula.  If your baby can tolerate it means he has no allergies or other reasons then this is the most preferred type of formula as it naturally contains a good balance of nutrients and easily digested. 

2. Hydrolysed formula

The hydrolyzed formula is also the cow’s milk formula but for easy digestion, this formula contains seller broken components of protein. It is normally given to babies who are at risk of getting allergies, wind, and colic.

3. Goat milk

experts claim that goat milk is too much close to breastmilk as compared to cow milk. It can be easily digested and tends to be smoother than cow milk and is said to cause less inflammation. If your baby is allergic to cow milk don’t think of goat milk as a second option as both contain similar proteins.

4. Soy-based formula

soy-based formula is fortified with added nutrients and is made with soybean. Soy-based can be chosen over other types of formulas for reasons like allergies, religious and cultural reasons. This type of formula is not vegan but it is close to vegan. You have to look for the baby’s teeth as sweeteners are added to these types of formulas.

5. Organic formula

organic formulas are any of the above, it will be made without the herbicides, synthetic pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals. Certified organic baby’s formulas naturally have a higher price than non’-organic formulas.



Which formula is closest to breast milk?

Nestle nan comfort is closest to breast milk. It is the only formula with lactoferrin and MFGM. It also helps support your infant’s healthy immune system and brain development.

Can I make my own formula?

 Yes, but it is not recommended. Feeding infants milk or homemade formula was common a long time ago.

What formula do pediatricians recommend?

Blackmores, due to its rich ingredients pediatricians always recommend this formula.

What baby formula do hospitals use?

Aptamil is the no 1 brand of baby formula chosen by hospitals.

How do you know if Formula doesn’t agree with a baby?

Your doctor should guide you about choosing a formula for your baby. For example, if your baby is allergic to milk, doctors may suggest organic formulas.

What is the healthiest baby formula?

Aptamil is said to be the healthiest baby formula.

Which is the Best baby formula for breastfed babies?

For breastfed babies, Karicare is the best.