Best Narrow Car Seats in Australia 2023

Best Narrow Car Seats in Australia

Want a car seat that will help you in a tight space? Have multiple kids or have a smaller car? Freaking out how you are gonna fit all of your kids? We got a solution for you a narrow car seat. So in today’s article, we are going to review the best narrow car seats you can get in Australia.

For little kids, protection should always be the top priority. When it comes to driving a car with your toddler or infant aboard although the market is full of amazing narrow booster seats for compact-sized cars. We can confront some problems when searching to find the best-suited booster seat. Later, your child will come of age after some time and making it vital to purchase another big narrow seat. So in today’s article, we are going to cover all the features, how long you can use the seat, durability, brand history, color options so you can decide what to buy. We know installation, versatility, durability, material quality, and safety are all important features to look for and that’s where we focused the most. Ready, set GO!

When to Use a Narrow Car Seat?

 The online market is full of every category of car seats. From expensive to cheap from hyper to basic, you can find anyone. But which one best suits your car and also your kid? Which is more comfortable and keeps your child safe? A good booster seat needs to be affordable, comfortable, and practical. You must need to find a narrow car seat when the backseat of your car is not wide enough to fit all of your three children. A narrow car seat is very important to purchase for your baby. Your baby needs a narrow car seat as he weighs or heights. So, it would be a lot better to use a narrow car seat rather than spending thousands of dollars on a new car. You would require a narrow car seat if you have limited or small space in the backseat due to other car seats.

Purchasing a top-quality seat demands patience and research. Luckily, if you need a good quality narrow car seat booster then happily you are the perfect place. The products that we have listed below can be bought easily from Amazon and are affordable.

Narrow car seat boosters can be less convenient and heavy but keep your child safe in the car for years. As car seats are not designed for kids not adults. Kids get uneasy when they don’t use a narrow car booster.

Types of Narrow Car Seats

1. Backless

Comfortable, perfectly safe, and easy to install, a backless seat lets your child rest while keeping her or him safe with a seat belt. Backless car seats easily go down the child base, placing the seat belts and elevating them up off the car. It allows your kid to be fitted correctly and to be popped up with both the shoulder and lap belt. They are also lightweight and are relatively cheap, and deliver some extra convenience and safety features.

Benefits of Backless Boosters

  • Normally inexpensive, lightweight, and compact.
  • Ideal for travel and playdates.
  • They are fantastically adaptable.


2. Convertible

 These types of car seats offer a huge lifetime from any other type of car seat. These car seats can be used in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions relying on the weight of your kid. Rear-facing is good for kids up to forty pounds and forward-facing is suitable for kids up to sixty-five pounds and the booster is perfect for kids up to one-twenty pounds. The main downside of these types is that they are not portable.

Benefits of a Convertible:

  • Offer extra protection and safety for your kid.
  • In every position, it delivers a feeling of safety.
  • Converts easily from one seat to another.
  • A sporty look comes with an aluminum or steel frame that makes the seat very durable and strong.


3. High back

high boosters back seats have a back with wings on the top side for side-impact crash protection and belt-positioning. A high-back seat can also be converted to backless, which is a worthwhile way of getting a seat that will develop with your kid.


  • Lap belt and shoulder positioning.
  • For vehicle head support.
  • Keep your child in a defended position.
  • Super comfy as compared to the other types. 


4. Harnessed

These types of booster seats are usually bigger than forward-facing seats. Harnessed seats consist of 5 points harness system which allows safe care for your child. It is recommended for kids who don’t know how to wear a seat belt. The best weight recommendation for these types of seat belts is twenty-two to sixty-five pounds.


How to Choose a Perfect Narrow Car Seat

your kid is grown up and now it’s time for them to use a booster seat. But with so many types and options available in the market how do you know which one perfectly fits your child?

Length of use

Time length of the seat will assist you to best with what type of seat you are looking for.  If you are looking for durability then you should look for convertible seats. Convertible seats provide the best durability and can be easily used for more than one kid.


If you constantly use to fly, then you should look for a seat that is approved by FFA for air travel. If you are an adventurer, you should choose a super comfortable seat for long rides so your child wouldn’t get stressed. If your child is younger then choose a seat with cup holders installed.

Easy to Install

Installing a car is a very hard task to do. Always choose the seats that are easy to detach and install so you don’t have any trouble while moving it from one vehicle to another. No one wants a booster seat that is thwarting and time-consuming.

Easy to clean

Car seats get dirty easily due to a lot of reasons. In case of leaky diapers or spills, your car seat should be easy to clean. You should also want to avoid colors or materials that attract dust. Kids often do messes like spilling their drinks or vomit. So look for a car seat that is machine washable.


Booster Safety Tips

  • Ensure shoulder and lap fits properly. The lap belt needs to be down around the hips and the shoulder belt should be fit across the shoulder.
  • Try not to put the shoulder belt behind the back or under the arm.
  • Ensure your kid fits the height and weight demands for the booster you are going to purchase, and measure your kid during the year to make sure he or she still fits on the booster correctly.
  • When using a harness, the adjuster should be above or at your kid’s shoulder, the top of your kid’s ears should be under the vehicle headrest or back.
  • When using a backless booster, the headrest or seat of the vehicle must be pretty enough to assist your kid’s head.


Infant Car Seat vs Convertible Car Seat

1. Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats are sometimes called bucket seats. You can use them from birth until your baby reaches the weight and height limit which is usually about a year old. This type of car seat usually comes in two pieces: the base and the rear-facing seat. You can also install the car seat solo with the seat belt if it has a belt path or you can also install the base in your car with the seat belt and latch system.

Once you install the base it actually stays in your car which makes it much easier to pop the seat in and out. Infant seat weighs between seven and twelve pounds and they have a middle bar on them which makes it relatively easy to grab and go while the baby is still in the seat.

Infant car seats are great for running quick errands and going to restaurants. Also if you opt for a travel system or have the right car seat adapter. You can take the baby out of the car while snoozing in their seat and snap them onto a coordination stroller which makes traveling even easier.

You will need to swap for a convertible car seat if one’s baby gets too big though.

2. Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats have a height and weight limit that will last until your baby is 4 to 5 years old. These seats start out rear-facing and can be adjusted to forward-facing as the baby grows. Some even convert to booster mode.

Some convertible seats can accommodate your little rider even from birth so you can skip getting an infant seat altogether.

Keep in mind that convertible seats are much heavier than infant seats and they cannot be unclipped from the car as easily. You can install a convertible seat belt or latch system but once it is installed it is meant to say put.

Convertible seats usually weigh between 25 and 35 pounds. So technically you can go in and carry your baby in your convertible seat all the way up the stairs and love them around but parents do that.


Top 3 Best Narrow Car Seats For Your Child

[1] Maxi Cosi Citi Infant Car Seats

Maxi Cosi Citi Infant Car Seat

The brand Maxi Cosi requires no introduction. It is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing baby car seats for over thirty years.

This is a rear-facing infant car seat suitable for babies from four pounds to thirty pounds. This is the black car seat.  We also like that this car seat can be used with most car seats. It can be used without the base. You can do a seat belt installation which is great if you are taking taxis and other transports. Also, this car seat is compatible with a ton of strollers.

Features and Performance  

Now this car seat has a ton of good features. One of them is the little cozy dozy insert you are going to find that is great for small babies for head and neck support. It is also reversible. It also comes included with a little preemie wedge, now it is going to be for smaller babies so they can be properly positioned.

In order to properly clipped into the five-point harness, this car seat has a really great safety rating. It comes in right around 8.2 pounds so when you are starting to factor in and carrying a baby around we think having a lightweight car seat is fantastic. 

The advanced side impact protection is also latch-equipped. One of its great features is this huge extra-large canopy. The car seat pads can be completely removed without unthreading the harness.

It is machine washable and dryer safe. The material is also self-wicking which means it is going to draw moisture away from the baby. So, you have fewer sweaty babies sitting in a car seat which is a big complaint of a lot of people when using a car seat. 

We think this is a really chic good looking car seat.

Product Specifications

Brand                          Maxi Cosi

Color available            black raven

Item weight                  6.4 kg

Product dimensions    64 x 44 x 63; 6.4 kilograms



  • Five-point safety harness.
  • User-friendly handles.
  • Covers are machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Option for easy to install ISOFIX bases.
  • Easy to remove and carry.



  • You have to use both hands for handle adjustment.
  • No rain cover is included.
  • The sun canopy that comes with the seat doesn’t completely shade.



[2] Safety 1st Solo Convertible Booster, Toddler Mode (1-4 Years) and Booster Mode (4-8 Years)

Safety 1st Solo Convertible Booster

Safety is chief in developing new technologies and has been producing kid seats for over fort years. The recent technologies by Britax are ISOFIX that is advanced to help parents with easier and simple installation, and other technologies developed to make their seats long-lasting and comfortable are stain-resistant fabric, NanoTex water repellent, and thermo5 bamboo technology. The company is manufacturing car seats for a range of different life stages including booster seats, convertible seats, and baby capsules. In 2020 the company got five stars from amazon for flexibility, quality, and durability.

Their best one Britax safe n sound is easy to use, stylish and safe. This seat is a champion for comfort and safety. It is so easy to install and is fully figured and well padded. The Britax safe n sound is not only comfortable and durable but it is also unbelievably safe. The seat permits you to switch the wings as they get bigger.

According to Canster blue, it gets five stars for design and durability and support, and comfort.

Features and Performance

  • It features both layer side head safety, the outer layer consumes instant crash energy and the inner layer delivers 180-degree protection.
  • It has a great Thermo5 outstanding functioning with Bamboo charcoal.
  • From the active head restraint ( AHR) and side-impact cushion technology ( SICT) baby will adore a comfortable and safe ride.
  • If your vehicle supports ISOFIX anchorages, then the seat will easily and quickly fix into it for a safe ride.
  • Adjustable harness and headrest that the company claims you can adjust with just one hand.


Product Specifications

Brand                          Britax

Color available            grey

Item weight                  7.8 kilograms

Product dimensions    37.5  x 44 x 68.5



  • Easily converts from a forward-facing car seat to a rear-facing car seat and rear from forward.
  • Best for cars with little inner width.
  • In case of a collision AHR ( active head restraints) delivers extra safety and comfort.
  • Cup holder and side pocket to keep stuff.
  • Completely machine washable.



  • A little costly.
  • As compared to maxi Cosi Citi the seat weighs more.



[3] Infasecure Roamer II Convertible Boooster Seat

Infasecure Roamer II Convertible Boooster Seat

Infasecure makes a great range of child, toddler, and infant car seats. It possesses a variety of infant carriers with rear and front-facing convertible seats, detachable seats, and also booster seats. There is also a big range of colors you can choose away from your favorite level of grey and black that makes their seats more fascinating to look at.

Many of their seats also come with a lift and twist system that makes it simpler to adjust the harness and headrest without secure air and footling too much impact protection for extra comfort and safety.

The roamer II convertible seat is the latest one by them in the market that is best for six months to four years old and uses the built-in harness. Once the child reaches the middle marker it converts into a sash and lap seatbelt. It features new creations in ergonomics, comfort, and safety.

The Infasecure Roamer II is the best choice for those with an affordable budget because with a low budget the company makes no compromises on safety.

Features and Performance

  • For ease and comfort, it’s got a crock buckle pad, shoulder pads, detachable and adjustable headrest pillow. At forty-three cm deep and forty-seven cm wide, it is completely slimline so the best pick for small-sized cars.
  • Canister blue rated it the third most famous baby car seat brand.  We also liked that Infasecure is the fourth generation and hundred percent Australian-operated and owned family business.
  • It will last from six months and all the way through to eight years.
  • It feels really comfortable thanks to the crotch buckle pads, shoulder strap pads, and headrest pillow.
  • Features air cocoon technology (A.C.T.) increases safety by dramatically decreasing the effective forces throughout the crash.



Brand                          Infasecure

Color available            black

Item weight                    6.3 kg

Product dimensions    77.5 x 49 x 45 cm


  • Convertable to car seat from booster seat.
  • Five shoulder slot heights.
  • The belt batch is simple to install.
  • Affordable.
  • One-year warranty.
  • The long period of age suitability from six months to eight years.
  • You can make it more adorable with Infasecure color inserts.



  • ISOFIT is not supported.
  • Light on features like side pockets and cup holders.
  • Low-quality padding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which booster seat is the narrowest?

Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 is the narrowest booster seat option. The cup holders are rotateable which saves you a lot of space. This seat is also recommended for small cars.

What is the narrowest backless booster seat?

Chicco GoFit backless booster seat is the narrowest seat option. This booster is comfortable and convenient and the fabric is also machine washable.

Can you put a booster in the middle seat?

Yes, it is best to put the booster in the middle of the backseat. But ensure there is a shoulder belt and the lap.

Does a booster seat need to be anchored?

Yes, the booster seats need to be anchored but the model of your car will detect if this can be possible or not. For the best safety of your kid anchoring is a must. If you are thinking about what is anchoring it is the connection between the car and the booster seat.

What height does a child need to be for a booster seat?

All kids whose weight and height surpass the booster seat use a belt-positioning booster. And the recommended height is four feet nine inches.

When should you change your baby’s car seat?

Here are some helpful tips if you think your baby’s car seat needs to be changed.

Changes your baby seat when:

  1. Babygrows out of it: the car seat will have height and weight restrictions. Ensure you  what these are. Most car seats have clear height and shoulder markers so you can check if the baby outgrows it.
  2. The expiry date passes: you shouldn’t use your car seat once the date gets expires.
  3. If been involved in an accident: the seat may look good but the wreck might be invisible.


Final Thought

Kids’ car seats are an important investment. All car seats mentioned earlier are available in Australia and meet the Australian safety standard. All the companies focused to offer complete protection in case of a collision. They all cared for their audience, the companies ensure all of their seats are comfortable, easy to clean, and durable.

Our top pick is the Britax safe n sound. It features a rear-facing technology that ensures that the baby is completely secured. The narrow seat fits into small cars easily, installs and detaches easily, and is comfortable.

If you are on a low budget, the Infasecure roamer II is for you. It lasts splendid plenty of time, it takes the baby from six months to eight years. By choosing insecure you can make sure that the company is totally based in Australia

If you are looking for the most featured and well-known of the most car seat then pick Maxi Cosi Citi. It is perfect for cars with multiple seats and also for small cars. We love that how this seat provides support for the baby’s neck and head.

Don’t read and search for more, your mind will be safe and comfortable in any of the boosters mentioned above. You can buy any of these boosters from Amazon. Always go out for a booster that is lightweight, multifunctional, different colors adorable.