Best Lawn Mowers Australia Reviews 2023

Best lawn mowers in Australia


Are you worried because you cannot cut your lawn grass with your old and hardworking lawnmower anymore? Or do you have to put all your efforts and spend hours of hours cutting your lawn grass? Need something that is bigger and better and gets the grass cutting job quickly? Well, if you are facing a problem and need a perfect fit then you are at the right place.

 Buying a lawnmower that is perfect for you and your garden can be a whole pitfall with many makes, varieties, and options out there. Whether you need an electric mower or a petrol mower? Ride-on or hand? Two-stroke or four-stroke?  Which one is the best suited for you according to your needs and the size of your lawn? Every option out there relies basically on only one option and that is the size of your lawn.

Today, in this article we are going to explain all types. We will give you a list of our top lawnmowers and their features, pros, and cons, and facts about which one best suits you that can easily do the job for you. Ease of use and reliability are also key elements but so is your pocket, quality of cutting, noise impact, and so forth.  We are sure this article can help you select a better option with our product ratings explained by experts and the experience of users as we gave expert reviews previously.


Types of Lawn Mowers

It depends on the size of your terrain and lawn. Let’s guide you about which type is best for you and your lawn. There are three main factors to consider when buying a mower. The size of your lawn, the terrain, and how flat or hilly your lawn is, and topography, how many obstacles you need to mow around such as trees, rocks, and garden beds.

A mower with a bigger deck will get a big job done quicker but if you have to maneuver around garden beds and tight spaces a smaller deck will be a better option.

  1. Basic Pushmowers

Basic pushmowers are good for you if you have an acre or under. They are easy on your pocket, safer than power mowers, and can easily get the job done for small areas.

  1. Self-propelled

If you have more than an acre then self-propelled models are a perfect fit for you. Basically, self-propelled models power the wheels especially sometimes the front or sometimes the back. Our experts advise using rear wheels as they give a better grip.  They are a little more expensive as compared to basic pushmowers but you get more features and options. If you have got a few hills and dips especially if you have a big yard, a self-propelled lawnmower will make molehills out of mountains and you will hardly raise a sweat.

  1. Lawn brake clutch

Yes, their sound is weird but they are more powerful, and the best feature about this type of lawnmower is if you want to pick a kid’s toy or anything from the ground you don’t have to shut down the machine, you just need to stop the blade by banging the clippers. They are electric-powered mowers you just have to turn the key to start them.

  1. Battery-powered

They are popular and modern mowers. If you have a small lawn let’s say about a third of an acre then this mower suits you best as it can do the job for you in thirty minutes. We recommend never using this type of mower in bigger lawns as run time is very important and no one likes a half-mowed lawn, mostly the battery runtime is thirty to sixty minutes. They contain an easy-to-push button and are environmentally friendly. Your neighbors are happy with you and you don’t need to wear any hearing protection. Battery-powered are also easy to maintain as don’t have to worry about spills out like petrol or oil. Always look for mowers with a 36V lawnmower as it can give you more time you.

  1. Lawn tractors

If you own a bigger lawn like an acre or more. Then you really enjoy lawn tractor mowers while riding on it. It is fast and easy. Some of the main features of lawn tractors are soft and comfortable. You also need to look for how it engages the blade. Two types of models come in this type, one is pulling and the other is a switch. Also, it is so much easier to lower and raise the cutting deck. Tractor mowers usually run on gasoline, you can also check through the gauge meter when the gasoline is running out.


Why Choose Petrol Lawnmowers

Petrol lawnmowers are the best and most efficient way to cover the largest areas of lawn. We prefer them for large gardens over 700 square meters that are four tennis courts. they also have a very long run time averaging four hours of use per tank if that’s not enough runtime for you one of the biggest benefits of petrol mowers is that you can simply top up with more fuel and you are ready to go again.

The top levels of petrol engines are usually higher than other power sources. Torque is the measurement of the blades turning power. Higher torque means you can tackle harder, thicker, and long grass.  Petrol mowers require a little more maintenance than corded and battery-operated mowers but if you are prepared to do the work they do more work for you.


Why Choose AC-Powered Lawn Mowers

If you are looking for a model with great power and runtime then a corded mower may be the answer. These machines run as long as the length of your cord they are ideal for small to medium lawns with access to power and they can also save your pocket as you don’t have to buy fuel. It is important to note that when using these models piggybacking extension cord is not recommended as it affects performance and it is unsafe. So we don’t recommend cording for large spaces unless you have multiple power outlets around all your garden.

When choosing an extension lead it is important to choose a good quality lead that is no longer than twenty-five meters if you buy a longer lead then you may experience a drop in performance due to unstable current transferring. 

Corded mowers are virtually maintenance-free and are always ready to go. So they are a great option if you want to plug in and go.


Difference Between Corded and Cordless Lawnmowers

Corded Lawnmower

Usually, corded lawnmowers have infinite runtime because they are powered by electricity.  So this is the main benefit over corded lawnmower over cordless because cordless lawnmowers normally have a limited battery capacity of 30 to 60 minutes. Cordless is preferred for little lawns but if you have extra extensions installed in your lawn then can be good for you.

Corded mowers cost less, weigh less, dependably powered, and value less than cordless mowers.

Corded mowers are also lightweight, with no heavy batteries and no extra engine or gas to worry about.  Less weight means that the mowers are easy to operate, simple to push and transport.


Cordless Lawnmower

A cordless mower escapes many of the problems of corded mowers. Cordless battery lawnmower battery comes in two types, lithium-ion, and sealed acid. Sealed acid batteries are affordable and durable. Lithium-ion batteries are cheaper, lighter, longer life expectancy, and don’t reduce in power as the charges drop. Ensure you select a battery wisely.

The main advantages of a cordless lawnmower over a corded lawnmower are a familiar experience, added mobility, and increased range. Mowing with a cordless means you can roam anywhere on your lawn.

As the cord gets tangled around your legs, bushes, and trees, you are going to feel mobile and agile.  A cordless lawn mower is also much safer for you as there are chances of hitting the wire with cables short circuit.


Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers in Australia 2023

We have listed those mowers based on our personal experience after testing each mower and we tried

Best Manual Lawn Mowers

[1] The American Lawnmower 1815 (5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower)


The American Lawnmower

The American lawnmower has been manufacturing lawn products since 1895 and they claim that their products are made of high-quality durable materials you have ever experienced. No electricity, no spark plugs, no oils, and no gas, you don’t have to worry about anything with this American lawnmower 1815-18. It is best to use for small patches of grass where your lawn tractors wouldn’t fit. The product comes with a 2-year warranty so you can be sure you are not wasting your money.

This American lawnmower cuts very well and is a nice little mower. It seems to be very solidly constructed. Due to its lightweight design, the machine only weighs around 12 kg, the mower does feel like a toy.

This mower is best for smaller lawns. This American lawnmower 1815 with 5 robust blades does the trick for your smaller lawn. The mower is pretty cheap too.

Moreover, this hand-pushed mower is sharp, strong, and good for small lawns. For the price, this manual mower is a perfect choice. Also, it doesn’t require extra add up to gas, petrol, and electricity. This mover slashes the grass quickly but it does need very little care and maintenance. This mower is perfect for those who have comparatively healthier and flatter yards.

Performance and Design

  • Lightweight design and loop style handles for comfort.
  •  The product is made of durable plastic materials and has rot-resistant polyester fabric. It also comes with a real mower bag to collect grass and leaves and other waste items to prevent them from being strewn.
  • The blades aren’t difficult and are great.
  •  The machine is pretty quiet especially compared to gas mowers and is very easy to push.
  • Its five tempered metal steel blades and wheel assemblies for stability.
  • The catcher is strong and is simple to move.
  • The blade tempered compound steel edge can also be balanced for shifting grass statures from one-half to two-and-a-quarter inches.
  • The design is compact and lightweight as you can hang it on the wall, and also store it in tight spaces.
  • The best part is steel side plates are unbreakable.


  • As compared to gas mowers it is smaller and lighter.
  • Environmental friendly, you don’t have to put any hearing protection to prevent noise as the machine is very quiet.
  • Very affordable.
  • Simple to move around.
  • Metal built provides good quality and ever-lasting performance.
  • Maintenance is also cheap as you can forget about the daily maintenance, oil, and gas.


  • If you have a bigger lawn don’t even think of buying this push mower.
  • This is only good for trimming grass we found out that this product is not working well with debris, leaves, and twigs.
  • You have to buy extra tools if you want to adjust the height.
  • We don’t advise using this mower in hilly areas.
  • We have found out that the mower is not is made in the U.S.A as it named “ the American lawnmower “ the sticker attached with the mower says made in china.
  • Experts say that it could be better if the mower is a little wider.
  • As compared to electric and fuel mowers not that robust.


The American Lawnmower Customer Mower

The American Lawnmower Customer Mower


[2] Fiskars Staysharp Max Mower

Fiskars Staysharp Max Mower

The Fiskars is one of the best reel mowers available on the market. Fiskars’ name is linked with simplicity, high quality, and precision engineering.  The mower is easy to push and can make any lawn look beautiful and professional. Every tool they make always feels like as it was designed for the activity you love, for your body, and the way you want to work.

This mower offers the best in-plus cutting performance for a superior mowing experience. Stay sharp cutting system cuts the grass without blades touching the ground.

The mover is easier to push. You can adjust the cutting height adjustment from 2.5 to 10 centimeters.

 You can also adjust the handle height adjustment. The con is Stay Sharp Grass Catcher doesn’t come with the package, you have to separately buy a  grass catcher for this machine.  This mower cuts healthier grass just like scissors cut action. Just like the American mower, this mower is also cheap and environmentally friendly. The mower is lightweight and has a compact design, you can store this even in tighter spaces. We have used this product and this evenly cuts grass through thin and thick. Customer is what makes me more satisfied with this product, I lost a bolt within the first week of purchase I talked about this, and within two days they sent me a new bolt free of cost.

Performance and Design

  •  This 18 wide reel mower features inertia drive technology with a large diameter cutting reel and thicker blades which allows to off or double the cutting power.
  • Blades adjustment option to cut properly.
  • As compared to other manual mowers available in the market the product is sixty percent easier to push.
  • The mower is eco-friendly, and can quietly cut clean and neat grass without any need to worry about battery, gas, and cord extension.
  • Due to its stay sharp system, you don’t have to sharpen your blades every week, the blades are hard and precise and can trim grass without even touching it.
  • Due to inset wheels, the extent of the blade to it foregrounds to wipe out uncut stills below the edge and wheel to border, fences, and foundations than other manual mowers.



  • Easy to adjust handle, a, and even blades height can be adjusted from 4 to 1. 
  • Comes with three years official warranty.
  • This manual mower grants quality. It is well made and feels solid.
  • If you have no much free space the mower is foldable.
  • You don’t need to wear any earplugs as the mower is very quiet.
  • Saves you a lot of time as this mower cuts 60 percent faster than other real mowers available in the market. 
  • Blades are sharpened strong and don’t touch the ground, we hope they will last for longer than any other blades.



  • Doesn’t work well on hilly or uneven lawns. The mower skips patches of grass. This mower is only recommended if you have a flattened lawn. 
  • Doesn’t cut if you pull it backward, this makes it tough to cut in a smaller lawn with many obstacles like little trees and kid toys.
  • As gas mowers are so much easier to push in hard and thick grass, this mower needs some effort.


Fiskars Staysharp Max Mower Customer Reviews

Fiskars Staysharp Max Mower Customer Reviews


Best Corded Lawn Mowers

[3] Borsch Arm 37 Corded Electric Mower (1400 Watt, 37cm Cutting Width)

Borsch Arm 37 Corded Electric Mower

A lawnmower with a perfect design, comfortable grips, and lightweight, even women can now easily mow their lawns with this mower. Bosch arm 37 comes with large front wheels which allows you to mow even in unflattered or hilly grounds.

This doesn’t matter what the condition of your lawn is, the powerful bosch can easily trim your lawn with perfection like a blow.  It is a lightweight mower with a 1400w strong motor which allows you to cut even in thick and tough grass with ease.

This motor consist of a safety switch and the working is user-friendly. This low-maintenance lawnmower also comes with a 40-liter grass catcher. The major downside about this electric mower is that it only comes with a 14 inch or 37 cm deck which is not good for large lawns and also it consumes extra time because the bigger the deck is the quicker you can mow.

2 years official warranty from Bosch. If you have any issue with the product you can ask for a claim within 7 days of purchasing and no question asked your money will be returned to you but we are sure this is not going to happen as the company is so much famous for its easy function and quality.

Performance and Quality

  • Weighing under 14 kg means you can easily carry and transport this mower in the back of your car.
  • In the opening, the mower seems easy to put together. It came with a handle, the battery box, the 40-liter grass box,  bags with screws and bolts, and the mower itself.
  • The bosch arm 37 cuts by rotating a single cutting blade very fast at the base of the mower. The blade can be easily spun by hand, and it is preferred to brush off grass cuttings at the end of the mow.
  • The mower is very easy to move you can easily rotate the mower and cut between obstacles like plants and trees.
  • There are eight different you can set. It has a robust cutting motor that can deliver better results.
  • It consists of grass combs on the side to protect edges.  It also has ergo flex handles which deliver decreased muscle pain and improved posture. 
  • For compact storage handles are foldable. 
  • This mower can be operated right or left, two or one-handed, vertically or horizontally delivering you eight different positions to give you comfort and easy cleaning.
  • With two pretty good batteries efficiently and smoothly in a higher setting, you can easily cut through thin and tough grasses.



  • As compared to cordless models available in the market corded models can save your pocket.
  • 1400 Watt powerful motor makes gardening a wind.
  • As compared to petrol mowers mess and noise level is so much less.
  • No more need to worry about petrol or battery expenses.
  • 5-day free repair service.
  • Also suitable for wet grass.



  • As compared to past corded mowers released by bosch this mower has a short cord.
  • The grass didn’t attach well and is far too flimsy this results in some grass not gathered.
  • It is very tricky to fold the handles.
  • Many users claim that the machine starts to get overheat if you don’t clean the grass from the machine.
  • The mower deck is plastic material that crashes easily, it would be better if the deck is made up of metal.


Borsch Arm 37 Corded Electric Mower Customer Reviews


[4] Flymo Easistore Electric Corded Lawnmower 340R

Flymo Easistore Electric Corded Lawnmower 340R

Flymo 340R is perfect for small to medium lawns. It has a strong motor of 1400 watts which delivers long-term power and energy for an enhanced trimming. With twenty to sixty meters cutting height and thirty-four centimeters cutting blades make sure that your lawn will finish up good.

35 liters grass box comes with a package but as compare to previous models this grass box is small which adds too little extra effort while cleaning leftovers and collecting debris. The mower comes in two colors,  orange, and grey.

Flymo Easistore has a 10-meter cable so if you own a big lawn then make sure to invest in extensions of your lawn so that the mower can give you flexibility and the most required freedom.

Its compact and modern design allows you to store the mower with ease in your garage and any other place.  The lawnmower comes with dual lever handles so that you can easily and comfortably operate the mower for better reach, flexibility, and mobility.

Performance and Quality

  • The mower has a close-to-edge deck that is designed especially for trimming close beside flower beds or borders.
  • The Flymo is one of the best-corded lawn mowers available on the market because of its flexibility to cut precisely shape borders and paths and big patches of grass.
  • The mower comes with an installation guide, quick start manual, product registration card, and the mower itself.
  • This lightweight mower weighs only 10 kg.  For easy transportation,  Flymo 340R is equipped with an extra motion tank to its front travel position.  No matter how far your lawn is you can reach it effortlessly. 
  • It consists of three easy step storage for saving floor space. Just hang the grass box, fold the Withhandles, and stand it up uprightly.



  • Love the small size of this mower. Simple to store and maneuver.
  • To cut near borders or flower beds close to edge deck.
  • For easy reach and flexibility, the mower comes with dual-level handles.
  • Two years’ official warranty.



  • Tough assembly, no manual instructions.
  • Difficult to adjust blade height.
  • Unclear instructions.
  • Bad customer service.


Flymo Easistore Electric Corded Lawnmower Customer Reviews

  Flymo Easistore Electric Corded Lawnmower Customer Reviews


Best Cordless Lawnmowers

[5]Greenworks Pro Self-Propelled Cordless Lawnmower (Battery Included)

Greenworks Pro Self-Propelled Cordless Lawnmower

Green works company are in the cordless tool market for a long time and that includes yard tools and household tools. Greenworkd pro 21 makes mowing the lawn enjoyable plus you don’t have o deal with the gas, the fumes, and more important extensions. As compared to a gas mower it is a little bit lighter. It seems to be very well built and it does a decent job of mowing the grass. 

The Green works 21-inch self-propelled mower includes an 80 volt 4 amp hour battery. The battery has a meter on it to show you how much power you have left and this battery will run the mower for up to 60 minutes. To remove the battery for charging you just have to take out a key.  The battery takes almost 1 hour to charge fully.

It has one of the best deck height adjustments that you will ever experience. It is too simple with one lever, you can also adjust to the lowest height setting or highest height high setting.

It adjusts all four wheels at the same time. It is smooth and you can adjust your deck for your grass height.

Another best thing about GreenWorks mower is that there are three ways to cut grass. You can do regular mulching, you can do side discharge, a discharge chute and you can do bagging.

Performance and Quality

  • To activate the mow feature you have to push the green button and then pull the bar in to activate the mower blade.
  • To make it self-propelled lift up the bar below.
  • It is one of the few mowers out there that includes a steel deck and that’s sort of an indication of the quality of the mower.
  • It includes a brushless motor that will adjust to the thickness of your grass, so if you have thick grass your mow time will going to be less as compared to other battery mowers.  
  • There is an adjustable handle on this mower which is nice, it also got a deck adjuster and there is a speed adjuster, so you can adjust the speed at which it propels itself and moves forward to your liking. Amazing!
  • For anyone who has one acre of lawn this mower will work fine. It will work just like a powerful petrol and gas mower except it doesn’t have all those annoying headings.



  • It is super quiet.
  • It doesn’t require regular maintenance like petrol or a gas mower.
  • It takes just 30 seconds to start the blades.
  • It is compact, handles are foldable, you can store it in tighter spaces also.
  • You can easily lower the mower with one hand.
  • Blades’ power will boost automatically as you come across large patches of grass.
  • Superb smart cut technology takes care of all types of the thickness of the ground floor.
  • The battery is compatible with twenty other products of the Greenworks brand.



  • If your garden grass is long and thick battery run time decreased from 60 to 40 or 45 minutes.
  • If your lawn is bigger a second battery is a must if you want to get the job done at a time.
  • As compared to other battery mowers available in the market this mower price a little bit higher but it’s obvious it is due to its quality.
  • Folding the handles is tricky.


Greenworks Pro Cordless Lawnmower Customer Reviews

 Greenworks Pro Cordless Lawnmower Customer Reviews


[6] Snappers XD 82V Max Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

Snappers XD Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

 Powered by Briggs and Stratton, the mower offers durable, reliable, and powerful performance. Brighton and Stratton have been in the industry for a hundred years now. Snappers XD 82V lawnmower features a wide cut. A steel deck comes with a variable speed, self-propelled to action, and two amp power batteries, and a quick charger. Compact, quiet and powerful. This mower can save you money, space, and time, everything while keeping your lawn safe from gasoline and fumes. The runtime for this model per battery is 1 hour. 

To start this mower just push the start button, adjust the speed, pull the bail, and start mowing. To shift it to self-propelled mode just pull the lever you will find near the handle.

If you are moving from a gas mower then you will surely enjoy this lawnmower much more.  The main benefit of this mower is that it comes with a twenty-one-inch wide deck. As we mentioned above the bigger the deck the less time you need to mow your lawn.

Features and Quality

  • The snapper is quiet, we used two sound meters to measure the sound output and it is quieter. We are sure your neighbors are really going to appreciate this mower.
  •  This mower has the latest lithium-ion batteries and they are so much smaller and lighter than the old lead.
  • It comes with two batteries which are pretty good, if you are out of one battery and still your lawn is not finished you can easily use the other battery. It also includes a quick charger.
  • This mower has a decent cut quality, we recommend using it primarily in the bag mode.  We found that it cuts well and all deepest grass, and it didn’t leave any grass clumps behind. 
  • The bag is easy to empty and reinstall.
  • You will also like the adjustable variable speed control of the self-propelled function. We found that placing it about in the middle of the range work best for you, gives you a nice pace, and easy to control. Pushing it up too fast sacrifice the cup quality.



  • Comes with a long five-year warranty and 2 years limited warranty also for batteries.
  • The mower is quieter.
  • Simple to operate and start.
  • Affordable price.
  • 21 inches large steel deck.
  • Batteries charge very quickly and also 2 batteries come with the package.
  • The mower is compact and easy to store.
  • Automatically provide needed power by sensing the grass thickness.



  • First of all the design is ergonomic for most parts.
  • The other big annoyance is the fan speed seems too low on the snapper.
  • As compared to the Green workx cordless mower this mower is heavier.
  • Not easy to trim in self-propelled function, green workx works great in self-propelled function.
  • No replacement blades are available online.


Snappers XD Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower Customer Reviews

Snappers XD Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower Customer Reviews


[7] Swift 40V Brushless Cordless Lawnmower (Digital Compact Electric Lawn Mower)

Swift 40V Brushless Cordless Electric Lawnmower

The swift 40v is perfect for a  medium-sized lawn and is one of the lightweight mowers you can find in Australia. Strong battery, large box, and robust battery work together to help you trim your lawn with ease and in no time.

The 2 amp-hour lithium battery delivers you thirty minutes of charge time and there is also an LED to show the level of charge percentage.

You can buy a mower with two batteries if you want to save your time there is also an option with 1 battery pack.  The brushless motor is powerful and it provides you a good amount of turning force. The mower comes with a big forty-liter grass box. The grass is made of polyurethane, with enclosed air vents to help with the better flow of grass. The grass is solid, will give you a better lifespan and strength. Also, we found out that the box is also tough to put together.

Performance and Quality

  • The blades of the swift have serrations at the corner and are thirty-seven meters in length to help you trim through thick grass and weeds.
  • There is a single-height lever that adjusts both rear and front axles at the same time to make sure that the deck stays balanced to the lawn. This mower comes with 5 height cutting blade, guarantee you have all the needed heights for periodic trimming. The adjustment is user-friendly and smooth.
  • The mower doesn’t have any rollers or strippers and this is because they want to keep these push mowers as weightless as they can. 
  • The mower has its design of mulching blades, which both dices, cuts, and lifts the grass clipping in an efficient and smooth way. This is a delightful option as other mowers are not offering mulching plugs. Good one from swift!
  • If the motor gets warm up there is an automatic heat detector, the heat detector will shut off the motor power until it gets cool again.


  • Compact design and lightweight.  The handles are foldable for the comfort of
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Clever and innovative features.
  • Seven different height adjustments.
  • Batteries are robust and also lightweight.
  • Grass combs near blades cut down a good amount in the first cover.
  • The mulch plug and grass box both are easy to insert and remove.
  • Two-year official warranty for mower and 1-year warranty for battery.



  • Longer charge time, no mower mentioned in our list takes 4 hours to charge.
  • Grass boxes take space for storage and also consume much time to assemble.
  • After some time of use the runtime decrease from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • No rear or mulching roller feature.  


Swift 40V Brushless Cordless Lawnmower Customer Reviews


Best Petrol Lawnmowers

[8] Powerblade 18inch Self-propelled Mower 4-Stroke

Powerblade 18inch Self-propelled Mower

Powerblade is the top Australian company producing excellent quality lawn mowers, DIY and constructions, and garden power tools. Powerblade is a sign of trust for gardeners and tradesmen dedicated to getting you the best price and quality.

The Powerblade 18inch self-propelled lawnmower looks great, the price is affordable, and you can trim a bigger lawn with this petrol mower.

The mower features four-stroke OHV powerful and 175cc engine with air-cooled technology.  The mower starts with an easy push-button and cuts the grass beautifully. The mower can easily cut the tough and thick grass.

Performance and Quality

  • The mower comes with seven different height change modes and it also has a strong steel deck.
  • A high steel deck is bigger to keep your lawn resulting in its best and healthy. The 18-inch deck helps you trim the lawn in little time.
  • Other best features are speedy release foldable handles, a steel bumper bar, and a cup holder.
  • Four in one function capability propose the option of mulching, catching, direct rear discharge, and side discharge. The mower weighs thirty-five kg, which isn’t too weighty for a self-propelled and petrol lawnmower.



  • Durable and large grass catcher.
  • For utmost durability large grade steel deck.
  • 4 swings blades for perfect trimming.
  • You can also access the user manual online. 


Powerblade 18inch Self-Propelled Mower Customer Reviews

Powerblade 18inch Self-propelled Mower Customer Reviews


[9] Baumer AG 720SX 4 Stroke Petrol Lawnmower

Baumer AG 720SX 4 Stroke Petrol Lawnmower

This mower comes at an affordable price of around $250. This mower is powered by a four-stroke 139cc engine and hard steel cutting deck that can mow through even the wet and thick grass.

The mower has oversized wheels which allow you to cut through unflattered lawns, and the trimming height can be adapted to seven settings ranging from twenty-five to seventy-five mm.  Seven different height adjustments are available to keep your lawn look perfect and healthy.  The mower is perfect for the medium lawn.

Overall this mower is a robust lawnmower that will suit most owners’ requirements.

Performance and Quality

  •  Its cell propulsion system is easily engaged and its speed is nicely matched to a fairly brisk walking pace.
  •  It has a height adjuster from 25 to 75 millimeters in seven increments.
  •  Big rear wheels for rougher terrain and easier tons and the storage compartments for two.
  •  The strong steel deck resists corrosion and rust.
  • There are very few plastic details in construction, most of the parts are made of steel, so the mower. Handles are easy to remove and you can save some space in this way. The handle’s height can be adjusted and unfolded.
  • The blade is made of good quality steel which can be sharpened and disassembled if needed.  The engine is very reliable and simple and gives you powerful mowing. It is a four-stroke engine so you don’t need to mix oil with fuel and besides it works very quietly and smoothly.
  • The mower comes with a large container of grass which can be easily empty and removed. The engine has an easy start system, to start just press the button and slightly pull the starter.



  • Push button for a reliable and quick start.
  • Wide steel blades for cutting the grass in one pass.
  • Seventy-litres big grass container for collecting the cuts down.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Trustworthy 139cc effective engine.
  • Supporting youtube video for easy setup.



  • As compared to Powerbalde it is a little difficult to push the mower on the unflattered ground.
  • Noisy as compared to the cordless and corded mower.


Baumer 4 Stroke Petrol Lawnmower Customer Reviews

Baumer 4 Stroke Petrol Lawnmower Customer Reviews


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Things To Consider When Buying a Lawnmower

 1. size matters

Now, the first thing to look for is of course is the size of your lawn. Measuring your lawn is the first key to unlock everything else. When it comes to purchasing a mower it is important to know how much time you are gonna need to put in. If you have a bigger lawn then go for petrol mowers, if you have a medium lawn then go for corded lawnmowers and if you have a smaller lawn then battery lawn mowers are the best suit for you.

2. Engine size

Engines typically range from 140cc to 190cc. The larger the motor is the better the power of the blade. The more the power of the blade is the better you can cut through wet, hard, and tall grass. But it also going to add extra cost to your pocket.

3.  What type of propulsion mower do you want

You can have manual push mowers or you can have self-propelled mowers.  manual push is good for smaller yards and self-propelled models are good for medium-sized lawns.

4. Drive type

it is important to consider what type of drive you want. You can have a rear-wheel, all-wheel, or front-wheel drive. if you have a very hilly yard you should choose a rear drive. If you are looking for easier pivoting then you should go for front-wheel drive. You also have the option of all-wheel drive.

5. Wheel size

Wheel size is another important factor in your decision. Larger wheel mowers are good if you have a lot of bumps in your yard, it’s gonna get the job done for you a lot smoother. Most mowers come with standard same size wheels front and back. this suits the most general purposes.

6.  Deck of the mower

As we looked at the deck of the mower we are gonna have three options, steel, plastic or composite.

Steel deck

 Now steel is the standard option but over time it is going to rust out on you causing you to either buy a new mower or replace the for an expensive cost.

Plastic deck

Plastic is nice as well as it makes a light mower and in the case of an electric motor makes it light enough that you can hang it on the wall.

Composite deck

As moved to the composite deck this is going to increase your cost but you are not going to see the deck rust out over time. It is going to be a much sturdier and lighter deck than steel.

7. Storage options

you should consider your storage options as well. Are you gonna store the mower outside or in your garage, if so how much room do you have.

8. Washout deck

 The washout feature on your deck is covenient for you because it allows you to hook up a standard garden hose to your deck. Turn on the water, spin the blades and clean the deck out yourself. This is going to prevent rusting and the buildup of excess grass.


Other Features to Look For

You should look for the features a mower can provide. Most mowers have foldable handles that allow you to put them in a convenient spot. The functions that your mark can perform are important as well. 

Most mowers are going to have mulching bagging and discharging features. Each feature has its different perks. For example, you had wanted to bag your lawn in or keep the grass compelling and easy to clean up that you also have no dead grass.


Frequently Asked Questions

What time of the year is good for a lawnmower?

Normally lawn mower prices get low after the trimming season. Though keep in mind that if you get a lawnmower in the fall, you cannot use your mower and test how does it function for your lawn for a couple of months.

Can you push a self-propelled lawnmower?

The self-propelled mower comes with a self-drive function, if the feature doesn’t work you can push the self-propelled model but it requires force as they are weighty than a pushmower. 

Are push mowers difficult to push?

It relies on the size of your terrain and lawn. If you are trimming a flat lawn with no restraints, it is quite nice as they are weightless. It may become difficult if you are working on an unflattered lawn.

What is the cheap and best quality mower for the smaller lawn?

The American manual lawn mower is best for small yards and is the best manual lawnmower available in Australia at an affordable price. The mower does the trick for smaller lawns with 5 robust blades.

What is the best battery mower available in Australia?

Grenworkx Pro 21 is the best battery mower available in Australia. This mower gives you a runtime of 60 minutes. The mower is easy to mow on unflattered areas. It has one of the best deck height adjustments that you will ever experience.

What is the best-corded mower available in Australia?

Bosch arm37 comes with big wheels and a powerful engine available in australia.