What Are The Best Kids Headphones in Australia 2023?

Best Kids Headphones in Australia


Our experts selected the best wireless or wired kids headphones Australia perfect for on-the-go use or for use at home, whether you are searching for Bluetooth or wired.

If you are about to buy headphones for your toddler, the process is much more complicated than if you are searching for headphones for yourself because you have to consider function, sound quality and overall comfort, design and whether or not the headphones are volume controlled. The best pair of headphones for your little one is an investment that will pay off in the long run, whether they use them for online gaming, virtual learning, or just jamming out to their own music. 


How to choose the Right Headphones for Kids?

We will cover the key points you need to know when choosing headphones for your kids for this important purpose. There are many factors to consider when choosing a set of headphones for children. Sound can also be considered, as can design and build.

This list has been compiled to help you save money, give your kids a safe and enjoyable introduction to personal audio and help them save money.

  1. Styling- You don’t want your kid to buy headphones that are not stylish the first time they buy them

A brand name doesn’t matter to children; they want something that looks cool. Perhaps they would prefer something that is emblazoned with a cartoon character on it that they love. Possibly they will be attracted to what other kids use.

  1. Build quality – Children’s headphones should be durable

There is no doubt that children think long and hard about everything. The result is that headphones will be abused a lot by kids. In order to avoid something breaking from rough play, build quality must be of the highest standard.

Our selection of headphones includes some very tough options that are much more likely to stay in place than most regular ones.    

  1. Hearing protection – what volume is safe for kids?

You’ll need to protect your child’s hearing as much as possible since hearing development occurs at a young age. If your child listens to loud music for an extended period of time, they could experience many problems later in life.

Keeping an eye on their volume is one option. There are also apps that allow you to lock down the volume using decibel levels. 

You may also consider using earphones and headphones with built-in volume controls if you want a simple alternative. Thus, you will spend less time checking yourself, and the devices will not be able to bypass the parental lock.

  1. Price – what is a reasonable amount for the best kids’ headphones?

Spending as much or as little as you want on your kid’s headphones is completely up to you. It is up to you whether you choose to go cheap or expensive, but let’s be honest, your kid is probably not going to be too nice when he uses them and accidents are bound to happen.

  1. In ear phones vs over the ear headphones

Depending on your kid’s age, you will have to decide between over-the-ear and in-ear headphones. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

 The dimensions of in-ear headphones are smaller than those of over-ear headphones, so they’re very portable. They can fit in most storage compartments or bags in your car or home. They might not be the best choice for younger children, however. Since these headphones are small, younger kids are unlikely to trip over them or lose them. Children with sensitive ears may find the headphones uncomfortable since they fit in the ear.

The larger size of over-the-ear headphones makes them easily detectable by a child, reducing the chance of them getting lost. Their larger size also makes them less portable than in-ear headphones. Having a soft and comfortable filling inside the cup that covers the ear makes them a good choice for kids with sensitive inner ears.


Wired or Wireless Headphones Which One is Better?

Both over the ear and in air headphones can be wireless or wired. Wireless headphones usually connect through Bluetooth.

Wireless headphones typically connect via Bluetooth. You can use wireless headphones for your kid as long as their device has Bluetooth capabilities. There is also a disadvantage. You have to charge wireless headphones before using them. You will have to search for wireless headphones with long battery life and fast charging capabilities.

From the moment they were invented, wired headphones became the standard. You don’t have to charge wired headphones, which is a great feature. However, wire creates a lot of mess, and there are various plug-in options available on your kid’s device. Therefore, make sure the wired headphones you buy are compatible with your device.

Mic functionality

            If your kids participate in virtual schooling, you may need headphones and microphones for them. In this way, they can easily communicate with their classmates and teachers without having to use the built-in microphone of their laptop or tablet.


The 10 Best Headphones for Kids on Amazon Australia

[1] Zamkol kids ZH100 Wireless Headphones (for PC/Cell Phones/TV/iPad)

Zamkol kids Wireless Headphones for PC Cell Phones TV iPad

This Wireless headphones is colorful, comfortable, and lightweight. We recommend these Zamkol headphones since they offer variable 95 dB and 85 dB volume limits. It equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity and can be connected to your kids’ favorite gadgets within 33 feet.

The ZH100 headphones are a good choice for travelers, as they are foldable and have a robust build. Additionally, a carrying pouch is included, which matches the blue-orange aesthetic.

The ZH100 comes with a standard 500mAh battery that can run for forty hours. It takes just two hours to fully charge up the battery through the USB-C interface.

Comfort is ensured for children with over-ear orange ear cups made from breathable material. It is not possible to connect this model to a wired connection. Using the headphones and charging cable simultaneously is possible, but the audio will stream via Bluetooth.  


Brand                                      Zamkol

Color                                       Blue

Connector type                        Wireless

Item weight                              280 grams

Control type                             volume control

Model number                         ZH100

Battery average life                 40 hours

Material type                           plastic

What’s Inside the Box

The Zamkol ZH100 kid wireless headphones

Micro USB charging cable

Zamkol carrying pouch

User manual

Zamkol kids Wireless Headphones Customer Reviews & Ratings

 Zamkol kids Wireless Headphones Customer Reviews
 Zamkol kids Wireless Headphones Customer Ratings


[2] Snug Play+ kids Headphones

Snug Play+ kids Headphones

The snug play+ comes in 22 colorful designs, but don’t be fooled by the aesthetics. The Snug Play+ is one of the best products on this list in terms of quality and durability, especially when compared to its price.

Because the Snug Play+ is designed for children, there is a factory-set volume limit of 85dB, which cannot be changed. Keeping your kids’ listening levels within recommended safe levels ensures their safety.

Due to its absence of a battery, the Snug Play+ is a bit lighter thanks to 3.5 mm wired connectivity. Several pairs of headphones can be daisy-chained together for a group listening session.

The wired connection may not be as convenient as Bluetooth, but it has a plus point. With its wide frequency range, the 40mm Snug Play+ headphones deliver better sound quality than many comparable wireless headphones.

It is good to add durability to kids’ headbands, but thick headbands can put too much pressure on sensitive ears and heads in older kids.


Brand                                      Snug

Colors available                      22

Connectivity technology          Wired

Form factor                              Over ear

Headphone jack                      3.5 mm

Item weight                              200 grams

Age recommendations            3 to 8 years

What’s Inside the Box

Snug Play+ children’s over ear headphones

52” 3.5mm audio cable

Snug Play+ kids Headphones Customer Reviews & Ratings

Snug Play+ kids Headphones Customer Reviews
Snug Play+ kids Headphones Customer Ratings


[3] LilGadgets Connect+Pro Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones

LilGadgets Connect+Pro Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones

Using top-of-the-line polycarbonated stainless steel extenders, LilGadget connect+ Pros are also the most durable headphones for kids.

Connect+ PRO headphones have a volume limit of 93dB, like other kids’ headphones. The 40mm drivers preserve the audio quality despite the volume limiter. However, at 0.65 pounds, the Connect+ PRO is quite light in weight.

Last but not least, the hinges on the ear cups can be folded, making these headphones a good choice for kids aged six and up who can’t live without their video or music. On top of that, the headphones look pretty fantastic.

The app also features a built-in share port so your little ones and their friends can listen to whatever is on their device. Unfortunately, the function buttons and the microphone are located on the cable itself. Therefore, if the cable breaks, neither feature is accessible. These headphones feature a detachable cable, which is a plus for kids. You can easily upgrade or replace the cable.


Brand                                      LilGadgets

Item model number                 LGCR

Colors available                      6

Connectivity technology          Wired

Form factor                              over Ear 

Headphone jack                      3.5mm jack

Item weight                              295 Grams


What’s in the Box

LilGadgets Connect+ volume limited wired headphones 

Premium nylon 3.5mm audio cable with in-line mic

Microfiber headphones with travel pouch

Quick start guide instruction manual

LilGadgets Wired Headphones Customer Reviews & Ratings

LilGadgets Wired Headphones Customer Reviews
LilGadgets Wired Headphones Customer Ratings


[4] Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets On-Ear Bluetooth Lightweight Headphones

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets On-Ear Bluetooth Lightweight Headphones

ANC (active noise cancellation) headphones like the PuroQuiets are a good choice for parents whose kids need the maximum level of comfort and safety. Kids and toddlers benefit from ANC headphones because they eliminate their desire to listen to high-volume audio, which increases the likelihood of hearing damage.

Nearly 78 percent of daily background noise is eliminated with these headphones. Many of the background noises won’t matter much to your kids.

These Bluetooth wireless headphones offer up to thirty-five hours without active noise cancellation and twenty-three hours with the active noise cancellation feature on. Furthermore, the PuroQuiet features a long-lasting standby time of 200 hours, giving it a great fit for long road trips.

If you want to avoid using Bluetooth, you can use the PuroQuiets 3.5mm audio cable. The ANC still requires some battery power to work with this model even in wired mode.

There is also an audio output on the PuroQuiets, which allows audio to be shared with headphones or other speakers. This means they are great for online classes since they have a built-in microphone.


Brand                                      Puro Sound Labs

Model number                         PQ

Colors available                      5

Connector type                        Wireless, Wired

Form factor                              On-Ear

Item weight                              167 grams

Microphone form factor           On Ear


What’s in the Box

Puro volume limited headphones

Hard carrying case

3.5mm audio cable

Daisy chain cable

Charging cable

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[5] Kidrox Tiger-Ear kids Headphones (for Kids, Toddlers)

Kidrox Tiger-Ear kids Headphones for Kids, Toddlers

Kidrox Tiger-Ear headphones feature 3 different characters on the earcups that are visually pleasing to children. By using a 3.5mm audio jack, they were able to make the headphones exceptionally light at only 0.4 pounds.

Your kids’ hearing is protected with this headset’s 85dB volume limit. Kids will love the Kidrox Tiger-Ears because they are lightweight and small. Children as young as one to three years of age can wear Kidrox Tiger-Ear headphones.

The body of these headphones is made of non-toxic, BPA-free material, the ear cups are fitted with soft, on-ear cushions.

Despite being quite portable, these headphones do not have foldable hinges that might be problematic when traveling for long periods. However, poor noise isolation can result in ambient noise drowning out the sound, which is certainly best for kids’ safety.


Brand                                      Kidrox

Color available                        1 (orange and yellow)

Part number                            Tiger

Headphones form factor         On Ear

Cable features                         Tangle free

Connector type                        Wired

Item weight                              181.44 grams

What’s in the Box

Kidrox Tiger-Ear kids headphones

User manual guide

Kidrox Tiger-Ear kids Headphones Customer Reviews & Ratings

Kidrox Tiger-Ear kids Headphones Customer Reviews
Kidrox Tiger-Ear kids Headphones Customer Ratings


[6] BlueFire Kids Headphones (Gaming Headset For PS4 / New Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Nintendo Switch/PC/Phones)

BlueFire Kids Headphones Gaming Headset

BlueFire kids headphones belong to one of the best picks available on the market if you are looking for a pair of headphones for young tweens. Play games, listen to music and take online classes with these headphones. At only 0.55 pounds, they are kid-friendly.

Gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii, Xbox One, Playstation 5 and 4 will work perfectly with the BlueFire kids headphones. 

There are 40mm drivers in these headphones, which usually sound better than smaller headphones. The microphones are equipped with in-line control and a built-in boom microphone.

They have a sensitivity of -38 dB +-3 dB, which is pretty good considering their low price. Normal talking volume can be picked up, which is ideal for online classes. 

During online classes, your child can also turn the microphone on or off with the in-line control. You can also fold these headphones for better storage and comfort.

There is no volume limit with BlueFire. It may be necessary to choose an alternative that has a volume limit if you’re looking for a pair of headphones for young kids.


Brand                           BlueFire

Colors available          3

Connector type            Wired

Form factor                  over ear

Headphones jack        3.5mm jack

Item weight                  280 grams

What’s in the Box

1 x 3.5mm gaming headset

1 x user manual

BlueFire Kids Headphones Customer Reviews & Ratings

BlueFire Kids Headphones Customer Reviews
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[7] Riwbox CT – 7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Riwbox Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones

If you are looking to get cute headphones for kids and toddlers then those headphones are maybe the coolest option. You’ll find your little one’s attention caught by the pretty and adorable colors of the CT-7S cat ear headphones. This is one of the best and safest picks for kids, as their limit is 85dB.

Wireless pairing with Bluetooth 5.0 is possible with these over-ear headphones so they can be paired with portable devices like laptops, tablets, phones, and even TVs. The headphones can also be connected via 3.5mm audio jack for better sound quality.

Despite their appeal to kids, the flashing lights can drain the headphones’ battery quickly. Moreover, a Micro-USB cable is still used instead of the more common USB-C.


Brand                          Riwbox

Colors available          2 ( Blue&Green , Purple&Green )

Connectivity                Wireless

Form factor                  Over Ear

Headphones jack        3.5mm Jack

Item weight                  370 grams

What’s in the Box

Riwbox headphones

One USB line

3.5mm audio cable with mic

User manual

Warranty card

Riwbox Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones Customer Reviews & Ratings

 Riwbox Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones Customer Reviews
 Riwbox Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones Customer Ratings


[8] Puro JuniorJams Bluetooth Headphones [Wireless Headphones for Tablets, Smartphones, PCs]

Puro JuniorJams Bluetooth Headphones

With its weightless on-ear design and comfortable vegan leather ear cups, the wireless JuniorJams from Puro are the perfect headphones for kids ages three and up.

This volume limited pair of headphones offers 22 hours of battery life. The 3.5mm cable provided can be used if your porcine binge lasts longer than expected. Puro’s JuniorJams line comes in blue, green, teal, and pink, and complies with 85db noise limits.  


Brand                          Puro Sound Labs

Colors available          4

Connector type            Wireless, Wired

Material                       Leather

Model number             JJGRN

Battery life                   22 hours

Item weight                  209 grams


What’s in the Box

Junior jams on ear headphones

3.5mm Auxiliary cable

USB charging cable

Daisy chain sharing cable

Drawstring travel bag

User guide

Puro JuniorJams Bluetooth Headphones Customer Reviews & Ratings

Puro JuniorJams Bluetooth Headphones Customer Reviews
Puro JuniorJams Bluetooth Headphones Customer Reviews


[9] Jlab Jbuddies Studio Bluetooth Folding Headphones

Jlab Jbuddies Studio Bluetooth Folding Headphones

These headphones with a shareplay feature are perfect for bickering kids in the backseat. The two sets can be Daisy chained together, so you can relax in silence while your kids watch movies together.

Wireless technology is the best because it avoids tangles and you do not have to worry about cords. A tactile button on the cup controls the power and volume. A younger kid might want help getting the hand of this.

For those who like to play games or chat with friends, there is a built-in microphone. The blue and grey design, which does not look too childish, was appealing to our boy testers.

Approximately one centimeter wide padding is present in the cups to accommodate little ears. Also included is an additional padded headband.

To protect sensitive ears, these come with a volume cap of 85dB so that young people’s ears are protected.  


Brand                          JLab

Model number             Over-ear folding kids

Color available            Blue

Battery average life     13 hours

Connector type            Wireless, wired

Form factor                  Over ear

What’s in the Box

JLab Jbuddies pro wireless headphones

User manual guide

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Jlab Jbuddies Studio Bluetooth Folding Headphones Customer Reviews
Jlab Jbuddies Studio Bluetooth Folding Headphones Customer Ratings


[10] BestGot Kids Foldable Headphones for Kids Boys

BestGot Kids Foldable Headphones for Kids Boys

A wide variety of colors are available in the BestGot over-ear headphones, including purple, pink, green, blue, and more.

They feel comfortable and don’t look childish. The folding design makes it easy for travelers to carry them as they come with a cloth bag that can be folded up. Because of some reason, the cables are detachable, but they aren’t wireless.

I find the sound a little bassier than I prefer, but many people have similar complaints about beat headphones. Even though these headphones are marketed as for kids, they may reach an ear-damaging volume of 103dB.


Brand                                      BestGot

Color available                        Black / Red

Connectivity technology          Wired

Model number                         BG6002

Form factor                              On-Ear

Item weight                              136 grams

What’s in the Box

BestGot kids headphones

Cable with in-line control and microphone

BestGot Kids Foldable Headphones Customer Reviews & Ratings

BestGot Kids Foldable Headphones Customer Reviews
BestGot Kids Foldable Headphones Customer Ratings


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can kids use earbuds?

Earbuds can be used by a child at any age, though teens and tweens are probably the best candidates for them since they tend to lose them and know their limits when it comes to volume control. The design of many earbuds is made for adults, so they do not usually come with parental volume controls, and are not sized for a child’s smaller ears.

  • Is Bluetooth bad for your brain?

Bluetooth devices have a low power output, so even if they emit radiation that reaches the brain, they are not harmful. Thus, even after hours of use, they won’t cause any lasting damage to your brain.

  • Are wired headphones better than wireless?

Wireless headphones do not deliver the same quality of sound as wired headphones. Even the slightest difference in audio quality can be detected by their well-trained ears. 

  • Why buy kids volume limiting headphones?

By buying volume limiting headphones, you’re making sure that your kid won’t be harming their hearing over time.