Best Ice Cream Maker Australia Review 2023

Best ice cream maker australia


Whether you have a hot summer, or you are craving, or you have relatives in your house in situations like these, ice cream is a handy dandy dessert that works in every scenario and situation.

Through an ice cream maker, you can make tasty and appetizing ice cream. Homemade is much more delicious because you can choose the number of ingredients and thickness of chocolate or cream. You can easily make frozen yogurt, gelato, and sorbet with the press of a button. With an ice cream maker at your home, you can experience more and more new flavors daily.  You can also make ice cream from scratch like cookies, Oreo, gelatin, home cheese, and coffee. For this, you need to buy a good ice cream maker. You can whip up daring, exciting, and new flavor combinations with an ice cream maker not thought of by store-bought and expensive brands.

Like any other appliance, an ice cream maker also comes in many features, shapes, and sizes. Some ice cream uses smart technology that will inform you when your ice cream is ready and others use old traditional ways to make ice cream.  Difficulty in finding the best ice cream maker in Australia that matches your budget and needs. Don’t worry, in this review we are going to give you all the details about the best ice cream makers you can get in Australia.


How to Choose the Best Ice Cream Maker?

Ice cream is a kitchen appliance aimed to make homemade ice cream.  There are 2 kinds of ice cream makers: the first is self-freezing and the second is freeze first. Which type suits you perfectly relies on space, budget, and various factors.

Freeze First

These types of makers are plainly designed and have a bowl with fences that are jammed with a gel coolant. These bowls generally need 8 to 24 hours in the freezer before making ice cream and they can only offer one batch of ice cream a day. These models cost you less as compared to self freezing models that can make top quality and smooth ice cream. They don’t cover much space and yes the bowls can be horribly and bulky, we prefer to check the size of the bowl to ensure it will fit in your freezer.

Self Freezing

These types of makers contain a freezer and are therefore expensive.  They usually take 5 to 10 minutes to reach a sub-zero temperature needed for making ice cream. The main benefit of self freezing is that you can easily make more than one, two, three, and more than that in one day. Self freezing also takes much space and the machine demands to be kept upright and not moved much. As compared to freeze first models you have to wait a bit more but they can deliver you a creamier and smoother ice cream.

Control Panel

A digital display can be simpler to set your temperature and its time. Fewer buttons make it no trouble for users who want straightforward and simple ice cream making.


How We Tested Ice Cream Makers

All ice cream was tested meeting the following guidelines:

Strong Freezing

First and the most crucial one, the maker had to mix smoothly and quickly for a good texture. The bowl with churning paddles is found to be more effective and can also break up big crystals and scraped mixture from the corners.


Especially in freezing models, always be careful that your bowl must fit the freezer.

Easy to Clean

Hygiene is primary for dairy ice cream. Most parts need hand washing and drying before keeping away, while other parts are dishwasher safe. To prevent mold and condensation the machine demands to come to room temperature. Some makers also come with cleaning tools, like bottle brushes that are important for cleaning crevices and joins.


We searched for machines that are easy to fit with durable parts.

Noise Levels

We always choose machines that are environmentally friendly. So, you and you don’t get disturbed.

Overall Footprints and Capacity

For ease of storage and use, we looked at the bowl footprint and capacity.


Too much use of polystyrene and plastic in packaging has negative points.


Best Australian ice Cream Makers

[1] Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

This is actually a machine that has a compressor in it, so you don’t have to pre-freeze a large container in your freezer. It is pretty easy to use. It has an ice cream container, it has a little paddle to churn especially from the edges of a bowl. 

You just have to pour the ingredients in and turn it on. This is probably the easiest way to make ice cream. It also has a pre-cool situation, in which you can turn it on and the compressor will be chilling for upward of 20 minutes. So, when you put the product in it is already started. It is already nice and cold!

There is also a keep cool function which keeps the ice cream cold when it’s done. There are also several different levels of firmness. So if you turn the power on it starts with sorbet, goes to frozen yogurt, then it goes to gelato, and then it goes to ice cream. So this is the order from soft to hardness.

There is an audible noise, it will ring a bell when the ice cream is ready and also when the precooling has also finished. The other sound it will make, once you start churning, you put the lid on top and it looks right on.

A brush and scoop also came with the machine. This machine is also fun to control, cheers to its easy-to-use control panel. The button contains icons that are straightforward and simple.  The lighted screen also displays important information, like churning time, dessert sets, and temperature, to help you monitor your machine and mixture itself.

The Breville smart scoop ice cream maker is no doubt multitalented and exceptional. But this machine is also costly for most of the users but we think it is due to its high built quality.

There are also few drawbacks of the Breville, the smart scoop machine. For example, the machine weighs fourteen kg and requires strength to move and lift around.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the ice cream produced. This machine gives you an average icy result. 2 points explain why it’s a  little bit less creamy. First, the detachable bowl makes a gap between the freezing unit and the bowl and allows the warmth to make its way. The second cause is the paddle which cannot completely skin off the mixture remaining to the bowl side. Due to this reason, the bowl misses direct touch with the churning and freezing unit is going to take a while,  a freezy dessert.


  • Strong stainless steel body.
  • Fewer components for cleaning and quick setup.
  • For speedy cleaning and quickly set up the built-in compressor.
  • Allow manual and automated operations.
  • You don’t have to pre-freeze your ice cream and wait for long.
  • After churning, maintain the ice cream cold for up to three hours.
  • Lcd and easy-to-use buttons.
  • Controllable sound alerts and twelve hardness options.



  • Costly.
  • Bulky and heavy.
  • Makes medium homemade ice cream.
  • Paddle design structure needs betterment.
  • The compressor is a little noisy.


Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews

Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews


[2] Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream Maker



  • Cuisinart ICE100BCU Ice Cream and Gelato Professional, 1.5L Compressor Ice Cream Maker with Gelato and Ice Cream Paddles.
  • Makes 1.5L of delicious, homemade ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt or sorbet in as little as 40 minutes.
  • Professional compressor system means no need to pre freeze the bowl and no need to wait between batches.
  • 2 mixing paddles, one for ice cream and one for gelato to give your recipe the right amount of air for perfect texture.
  • Easy to use. Simply add ingredients and switch on. Add extra toppings through the lid during churning such as nuts, chocolate chips, fruit pieces and sauces for a ripple effect..Unbeatable taste and flavour, made with fresh ingredients..5 year guarantee.


  • Big two liters capacity with a space-saving design.
  • Steel finishing with the attractive brushed feel and weightless machine.
  • Comes with non-slip rubber feet and cord storage.
  • Contains a recipe book.
  • For easy cleaning and set-up, it has only three removable parts.
  • For creating desserts in the shortest time easy one switch system.
  • For adding extra ingredients, the transparent lid has a bigger spout.
  • In case of overheating strong motor with safety feature.
  • Spare parts like bowl, paddle, and lid are available.



  • Paddle design needs little bit betterment.


Cuisinart Gelato Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews

 Cuisinart Gelato Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews

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[3] Nostalgia 4 Quarts Electric Ice Cream Maker

Nostalgia 4 Quarts Electric Ice Cream Maker

Nostalgia is a famous brand for its infusing and retro-inspired. This nostalgia four quarts ice cream maker comes with a bucket, a handle, a canister, a lid, a cap for the lid, the dasher, and an electric motor; the instruction manual includes a great recipe for ice cream. This ice cream maker is perfect for family gatherings and parties due to its large one-gallon capacity.

The maker uses an old method of ice and salt to freeze the sherbet, Gelato and ice cream at a very good price. The canister gets icy very fastly so you can start making delicious ice cream. The canister also doesn’t demand to put it in the refrigerator ahead, but you can also do this if you want to speed up the whole ice cream process. Its plastic bucket is both easy to clean and durable. Although this model also comes with an option of a wooden bucket, many users find that the plastic one is more springy to warping and water damage. The bucket also contains a metal handle with a great hand grip feature.

For manual churning has no crank, this maker will go perfectly and is still easy to use. The increment of an electric motor is a superb trend for people who love the old method but not the big delay.  Once you fit the electric motor in place, then all you have to do is to fill the bucket with salt and ice when required and wait for thirty minutes till your ice cream is all set.

Two things we love about this maker are appetizing ice cream quality and big output. It is a powerful maker that produces a lot of making in less than sixty minutes.  The ice cream texture is excellent as well. It makes creamy ice cream that is not too cold at all, and when you take it in the freezer the flavor and texture are even more superior.

As compared to the ice cream bowl the aluminum bowl is not powerful. Regular touch with salt and ice can simply cause damage and scratch its surface. The metal handle also requires good attention as it is not resistant to corrosion. As parts for this ice maker are available, buyers find them costly. The locking of the motor may need some improvements too.


  • Best for making various ice cream flavors.
  • Big enough for parties and family gatherings.
  • Robust electric motor for effective churning.
  • Quicker and bigger than previous models.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Also makes sorbet and frozen yogurt.
  • Contains a recipe manual.
  • lightweight only weighs around six kg.
  • Works very well with nostalgia ice cream mixes.
  • See-through lids for freezer storage and easy viewing.


  • The machine is noisy.
  • Needs a larger amount of salt and ice to work.
  • The inner aluminum bowl is not strong.
  • Metal handles are inclined to rust.


Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews

Nostalgia Electric Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews


[4] Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker [Cheap Price]

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

This maker comes in a small box and it comes with the ice cream plate, the cold plate that has liquid in it and it also comes with two plastic spoons and spatulas. What actually neat about this maker is that you can store it easily by the kind of nesting it. It is easy to store in the drawer. It also comes with a recipe book that has some basic recipes that you can use. These flavors are just like vanilla chocolate, gelato, gelato, coffee ice cream, strawberry ice cream.

To make the work to get started put the sweet ice cream pan into your freezer on a flat surface and let it freeze overnight. When you are ready to use it just take it out and it is ready to go. Start with your favorite ice cream recipe and pour about half a cup of the mixture into the pan then wait for about 10 seconds for the bottom layer to begin to freeze then start to scrape. Keep scraping and folding over and you will start to see the ice cream form.

If you decide that you want any toppings in your ice cream you can add them directly into the pan and then fold and mix them together. After a few minutes, your recipe is ready. Go ahead and scoop serve in a bowl and enjoy.

One of the things we like about this ice cream maker is that it features an easy cleanup. Just go ahead and run it under warm water and once it all cleans quickly dry it with a towel and make sure it is completely dry and then go ahead. Washing up also takes no time as you don’t have to disassemble anything and there are no small parts.

Though you will need a significant flat space on your freezer to fit the pan in and also you will have to save the freezer pan inside for about a day before taking it out. So ensure you can empty a spot for this pan in your freezer to keep it ready any time someone cries for ice cream!


  • Not easy to clean and use.
  • Functions nonskid button to hold ice cream in place.
  • All in one function ice cream maker helps you whip gelatos, sorbets, and yogurt.
  • Does not need salt and ice to function.
  • No power requirement and there is no button to press.
  • Lightweight weighs around 2 kg.
  • Easy and simple functionality makes it easy to use time after time.



  • Require some manual work.
  • Require twenty-four hours of pre-freezing time.
  • Pan covers a large flat space in the freezer.


Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews


[5] Norpro 6840 Ice Cream Maker

Norpro 6840 Ice Cream Maker

Norpro is not the most famous ice cream maker available on amazon Australia but it does a good job. Even when not in use this maker looks wonderful. Children’s will without doubt find its cone-like and prink crank base attractive. This ice cream maker gives you the feel of a toy instead of a plastic maker. It is a completely manual ice cream maker that doesn’t demand you salt, ice, and electricity to function. All you have to do to get ready in advance is your chilled ice cream and freezer bowl mixture.

The unit can rapidly churn your ice cream in thirty minutes and sorbet in fifteen minutes, you can handle the speed. The small freezer bowl is just for one person and takes less space in your refrigerator.

It has a small plastic tub that is good quality and it will make ice cream for you for a very long time. The hand crank is made of durable plastic. The lid is made of plastic and is transparent which helps you to see into the bowl so you can effortlessly look when ice cream touched the ideal texture and consistency before you halt churning. The bucket also comes with a metal handle with a handgrip so you can hold it with ease.

To help you begin this unit comes with an amazing recipe book and instruction manual.

It lacks the whistles and bells of top of the line machine though, and after turning the crank for thirty minutes good, it can only deliver about 500ml of frozen treat. Another considerable issue is the funnel that has a very scrawny neck and through it, you cannot have big chunks of berries, fruits, and cookies moving through it, But in spite of those things, it is affordable and excellent maker for one person.


  • Attractive and vibrant design.
  • Lightweight weighs only one and a half kg.
  • Best for one person.
  • Tasty recipes are included.
  • Doesn’t need electricity, ice, and salt to work.
  • Gives you a complete handle on the ice and churning speed regularity.
  • Reasonably priced and perfect for starters.



  • Requires long freezing time and manual work.
  • Misses the handy functions of hid end ice cream makers.
  • You will get a little amount of ice cream after 30 minutes of long manual churning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to make ice cream at home?

If you count the ingredients and time used to make the homemade ice cream then you will surely agree that shop ice cream is cheaper. Purchasing high-quality ice cream maker cheaper is more suitable than costing efforts, ingredients, and time to make ice cream from scratch.

But one big benefit you get from ice cream is a top-quality flavor. Shop ice creams normally have this sticky texture from stabilizers that we don’t get from homemade ice cream. Another benefit is that homemade ice cream is set free from extras. Also, it is 300% more rewarding and enjoyable to make. This ice cream-making activity brings fun and taste to the family.

What is the best ice cream maker in Australia?

Breville smart scoop, cuisine art ice and frozen yogurt maker, and nostalgia 4 quarts are some of the best ice cream makers you can get at amazon Australia.

What else can you make in an ice cream maker?

You can do a lot of magic with an ice cream maker, relying on its model. Many of the models preset choices to make gelato and yogurt. You can also make drinks with your ice cream maker. You can use it to make slushies, lemonade, frozen drinks, frozen chocolate drinks, and frozen cocktails.


With many options available today, choosing the top ice cream maker might be challenging. But we hope this ice cream maker review makes it effortless for you to choose from the best.  And between the ice cream maker, we have reviewed and tested, we hope Cuisine art ice cream and frozen yogurt maker and Breville smart scoop ice cream maker cover most of the functions and quality standards, either you are a seasonal or beginner dessert maker. Yes, both of them are expensive, bulky and heavy but it is durable, best all of all, user friendly, and convenient. But review all the products, keep in mind your budget and features you want. Enjoy the hunt and then have fun with making delicious desserts!