Best Hair Straightener Australia 2023 

Best Hair Straightner in Australia


Using the best hair straightener in Australia 2023, you can achieve sleek, smooth, straight hair.

The top 5 hair straighteners under $100 budget recommended by our experts with detailed guides and reviews can help you pick the hair straightener that will meet your needs. 

You may want to compare the options below and read the top rated hair straightener reviews available in Australia to find the best hair straightener for your unique hair type and needs. 

This article’s list of hair straightener brands includes models specifically designed for thick hair, as well as models designed to handle frizzy, curly, and other hair types. 

Please continue reading to find out what the best straightener Australia has for you that will offer you the best straightening for your hair type.


Types of Hair Straighteners 

Ceramic flat irons

The best ceramic all-rounder, ceramic straighteners are suitable for almost every hair texture and are effective as well as affordable. Straightening irons sometimes combine tourmaline with ceramic or ionic with ceramic. 

What it’s good for

moderate curly hair or wavy hair. When your hair is frizzy or tightly curled, a ceramic iron will straighten it, but the end result will not be as sleek and smooth as you desire.  

Titanium flat irons 

Become very hot in a short time, and are effective for curly, coarse hair. Their price is usually higher than the rest, but they don’t heat up much. 

What it’s good for:

 any hair type, especially color-treated, damaged or brittle hair.

Tourmaline flat irons

A tourmaline dust deposit is infused into the plate of these irons as their name implies. Tourmaline flat irons produce negative ions when heated and need less heat to straighten hair. 

What it’s good for:

color, damaged or fine treated hair. It is also a good pick if you have brittle or chemically treated hair. 

Ionic flat irons 

It’s made of Ionic technology that keeps your hair shiny and silky by trapping moisture in it. It works well for hair of all textures.

What it’s best for:

 several hair types including wavy, coarse, curly, dry and frizzy hair. Make sure you don’t turn the heat up too high if your hair is fine, or you’ll end up looking limp. 


Features to Look out For

Adjustable heat settings 

The ability to set the heat level at a specific temperature is beneficial since not all temperatures are suitable for all hair types, every hair care routine, and for all effects. 

You can straighten your hair more effectively and more quickly with high temperatures, but you may cause damage to your hair over time if you use it often. In a similar vein, lower temperatures can still straighten your hair even if it is damaged, delicate, or thin.

Floating plates 

Your hair’s pressure is adjusted by floating plates. The hair shaft will therefore be protected against any damage and the chances of the hair splitting ends will be reduced, as a result.

Infused plates 

These types of hair straighteners are infused with argan oil or keratin to boost the shine. Keratin and argan oil promote better hair health.

Sensor technology 

Using this technology, the stretching plates automatically adjust the heat of your hair based on constant insight into your hair.

Automatic shut-off 

It automatically cuts off straightening after a certain period of time so it won’t become overheated. 

Worldwide voltage 

Best if you are planning to take your straightener with you traveling overseas.


How do I use a hair straightener? 

It’s better to straighten dry hair rather than damp hair with a hair straightener. It is highly recommended to apply a heat protectant spray to your hair regardless of the temperature of your hair straightener. Besides protecting your hair from heat damage, this will also allow you to straighten it more effectively. 

Make layers, then sections, of your hair. Whenever you straighten hair, make sure that it gets heated on both sides from the two plates and that the amount of hair you straighten in one pass is appropriate. Take care not to clog the plates with too much hair.  

Ideally, you place the appropriate amount of hair in the straightener and use the appropriate temperature for your hair type.

 You can run your hair straightener over the same section/layers until you achieve the desired straightness. Each section only needs to be straightened once.

Straighten your hair as closely as you can to your roots. Between the plates of the hair straightener, place the hair you wish to straighten, clamp the plates together, and move the straightener away from your hair steadily and slowly as you go down the length of it. 

To avoid burning your hair, be sure to keep the hair straightener moving steadily through your hair at all times. Don’t move the hair straightener at an angle that could kink your hair. Move it straight down your hair.


Top 5 hair straighteners under $100

[1] GHD platinum+ hair styler


GHD platinum+ hair styler

There is no doubt that this hair straightener will completely change the way you look and feel. The company wants you to have a good hair day so they refer to it as GHD. 

Stylers such as this one are special since their heat and power are adjusted according to the thickness of the hairs they are being used on. You will worry less about hair damage with this technology, since all sections of your hair will receive even heat, keeping them straight. 

Travelers will appreciate the GHD platinum +’s universal voltage, which means it can be used anywhere in the world. As well as a heat resistant plate guard that protects the handle from being burned, if you’re on the go it can give you even more peace of mind. 

Furthermore, it features a wishbone hinge, which makes it easier to control and use. It is available in two different colors- white or black.


  • Say goodbye to frizz with 1 inch universal plates.
  • A ceramic floating plate ensures effortless sliding of your hair. 
  • 365 degrees Fahrenheit advanced heat control.
  • There is a sleep mode on the hair Styler that kicks in after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
  • Compatible to all hair types. 
  • Universal voltage. 


  • The hair straightener is more than $100, but it’s pricey for a professional styler. 
GHD platinum+ hair styler
GHD platinum+ hair styler


[2] Dyson corrale Hair Straightener


Dyson corrale hair straightener

In Dyson’s opinion, this is the only hair straightener with flexible plates. In a matter of minutes, every hair on my head became poker straight, shiny, and sleek. There’s even a golden ribbon on the heat-resistant travel bag where the Dyson Coralle comes as if the firm wants you to feel pampered even before you use it. 

It is extremely helpful to have a stand to charge the straightener because this prevents accidental placement of a hot straightener. A magnetic charging cord with 360-degree rotation and a charging station are also included.

A safety lock keeps the plates closed on this straightener, so it appears to be well-made. As the straightener approaches the temperature you have set, the power button will flash until the straightener is ready to use, then it will begin to emit a sound to alert you that it is ready to go. 

You can choose from 3 heat settings on the Dyson Corral straightener in order to match the right temperature for the type and style of hair you have.

Your family and friends can adjust the heat level to suit their preferences. You can use the Corrale almost anywhere for thirty minutes after it is charged. 

Silky, straight hair was produced by the Dyson Corrale without any hiccups. 


  • As a hair curler, it is versatile. 
  • The hair is quickly straightened. 
  • Damage caused by heat styling can be reduced.
  • No cords required.
  • Suitable for all hair types. 
  • There is a 50% reduction in breakage when less heat is used.
  • Costly. 
Dyson corrale hair straightener Reviews
 Dyson corrale hair straightener Ratings


[3] Philips Prestige Pro Hair Straightener 


 Philips prestige pro hair straightener

It’s no secret that gadgets have become increasingly smart! Philips, renowned for its innovation, has come out with a new straightener called the prestige straightener. 

A sense IQ technology is incorporated into this prestige straightener to lock in natural moisture.

As a result, you will have shiny, healthy hair every time you use it. By using the smart SenseIQ technology, you can avoid overheating by adjusting and measuring the temperature. But that’s not all this straightener can offer! A tetra ionic system gives hair a beautiful shine. Thus, hair looks lustrous and sleek outside, and healthy inside.  

It features a 2.5-meter cord, 100 mm plates, and three temperature settings for quick and easy straightening and heating, along with a 2.5 meter cord. Moreover, it provides ionic care for smooth, frizz-free, and shiny hair. A ThermoGuard prevents unintentional heat exposure above 200 degrees Celsius, and the straightener heats up instantly in just 10 seconds.

Many customers appreciate its slim design, lightweight construction, damage control, and rapid heat-up time in addition to its slim design. This straightener makes volumized curls and waves easy to achieve even on thin hair. 


  • Protects strands while controlling frizz. 
  • Heats up within ten seconds. 
  • Locks up to 70% of moisture. 
  • Prevent overheating of hair. 
  • Tetra Ionic system removes static and adds shine to hair. 
  • 14 manual temperature settings. 
  • 3 styling modes. 


  • There is a finicky temperature control wheel.
  • Not best for thick hair. 
 Philips prestige pro hair straightener
 Philips prestige pro hair straightener


[4] Remington Smooth Finish Ceramic Hair Straightener


Remington smooth finish ceramic hair straightener

There are many products manufactured by Remington, but one of the best known is Personal Care electrical products. There are a variety of Remington hair straighteners available, from the simplest and least expensive models to the most advanced models that nourish the hair. 

This may be a good brand for you if you need a mid-range hair straightener with a good reputation. A wide variety of Remington’s designs, features, and price points can be found.

Smooth, sleek styles are created with this straightener. It has ceramic plates that prevent moisture from escaping.

Smooth, shiny hair is guaranteed with this straightener. With the smooth finish ceramic, you can set the temperature from 150C – 230C to match any type of hair.

 All types of hair can be treated with the option to change the heat. It is also equipped with a worldwide voltage, a safety feature that automatically shuts off, and the ability to heat up instantly


  • Within 30 seconds, it begins to heat up. 
  • Raise the temperature to 230 degrees C. 
  • LED on indicator light. 
  • Ensures moisture doesn’t escape.
  • A swivel cord for easy use in the salon.
  • Even pressure styling with the floating plate.


  • Thin hair cannot handle the lowest heat.
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[5] Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Titanium Hair Straightener 


Silver bullet keratin 230 titanium hair straightener 

A silver bullet hair straightener is well known for using advanced ceramic, ionic, and titanium technology. The Silver Bullet line has been upgraded with dual heat voltage and surrounds heat technology for curls, waves, flicks, and straightening that are longer lasting. 

In terms of convenience and amazing styling, the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 ceramic straightener is the best on the market. Silver Bullet’s styling tools are high-tech, featuring an accelerator microchip that speeds up the healing process to the needed temperature.

 A ceramic tourmaline plate leaves hair silky, and soft, and distributes heat evenly every time for a unified style, reducing worry.

It is designed to be functional. With the wide plate version, 50 percent more hair can be straightened in one stroke due to the controls being on the inside of the handle. 

Besides crocodile clips and a heat mat, this set includes a paddle brush, comb, and a styling brush as well is an excellent value. 


  • The surfaces of the ceramic and tourmaline plates are designed to ensure evenly distributed heat. 
  • Smooth and silky hair with floating plates.
  • Sleep mode function. 
  • Digital function. 
  • Universal voltage. 
  • Can double up as a curling iron. 


  • Auto-shutoff mode is not available.
  • It does not have a swivel cord, which would make maneuvering easier.
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Frequently asked questions 

Is it okay to use a hair straightener everyday?

When you straighten your hair, you should always use a heat protectant to prevent further damage. The problem with straightening hair everyday is that it will become brittle and dry.

Can we use a straightener on wet hair? 

Before using a straightener, make sure your hair is completely dry. Hair straighteners should not be used on moist hair.

Does straightening hair make it thinner? 

When you straighten your hair with a flatiron, it instantly appears thinner. Blowing dry your hair with a round brush and tucking the ends in will give you a full and sleek look.