Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats in Australia

best gps for dogs and cats Australia


In spite of how well trained your pet is, there is always a chance that he or she might lose the way home when out walking or trying to find his or her way around the neighborhood. If your pet is not at home where they are safest, not knowing where they are can be a very stressful experience.

The fact that technology has advanced so much means you can monitor the location of your pet with greater ease than you once could.

Today, you can make sure your dog or cat is safe while also making sure they do not wander far from you. Just take a few extra precautions to ensure their safety. 

This post will provide you with information about how to choose the best GPS tracker for your pet, and we have also listed the top GPS trackers you can purchase on Amazon Australia.


How to Choose a Pet Tracking GPS 

How do you decide which GPS tracker for pets to buy these days since there are so many different options?

It is really vital to make sure that before picking a tracking device that it will work in the country in which you reside, as not all of them offer international coverage. 

The following are a few things you should take into account before you make a decision.

Size and Weight 

It is quite heavy and bulky to use GPS trackers. Some of them, however, are quite small and lightweight. But where’s the catch? It is important to keep in mind that the smaller trackers also tend to have a smaller battery, so keep that in mind when choosing your tracker.

 Large dogs or cats may not notice a tracking device since they tend to be oblivious to such devices. 

The size and weight of your dog and cats become more important if they are small. There is no sense in making them uncomfortable if they are small breed dogs.

Accuracy and Range 

Ideally, a GPS tracker will allow you to locate your pet wherever they are. Not all tracking devices include GPS capabilities, however. Most of the products use Bluetooth or similar technology for locating pets within a small area. So ensure what type you need. 

GPS tracking devices, in general, will give you the exact location of your vehicle, although they do not all provide that information at the same frequency. 

The location of your pet should be updated easily every two or three seconds in a good GPS tracker, but some lower-quality models have a bit of a lag. 


It is essential that any GPS tracker can withstand the elements. A tracker won’t be of any use to you if your dog or cat breaks it or loses it.

 This is the reason why your tracking device must also have a hard outer shell and be waterproof.

Battery life 

GPS collars must have extended battery life. You’ll want a long-lasting battery in case your pet pulls a disappearing act. Ideally, you should choose a tracker whose battery will last at least two days.

User Interface 

Data about your dog’s location is collected by a GPS tracker, but you still need to be able to view that data on some level.

 The majority of pet trackers available today come with a related app that can be accessed on both your computer and your phone. 

Moreover, some trackers offer notification options such as email or SMS.

Monthly Costs 

Due to the fact that most pet trackers use mobile data to provide you with your dog’s location, they require a monthly or annual subscription. 

Make sure to factor this into the price when considering the device. Annual plans are usually cheaper.

Additional Features 

There are many GPS trackers that can track pets’ locations, but some do more than that. You can make a virtual fence (geofence) using most of these trackers which indicate a designated area for your pet to stay in. If they leave that area, the device will notify you.

Light signals and sound signals can be used to find your lost pet if it goes missing. Through the accompanying app, some GPS trackers act as fitness trackers as well. This isn’t a must, but it’s enjoyable to have.


Best GPS trackers for cats and dogs 

[1] Cube Waterproof 4G, LTE The Rangeacker for Cats and Dogs 


Cube waterproof G The rangeacker for cats and dogs 

It was our overall choice to recommend the Cube waterproof GPS dog and cat tracker. A tracker with this SIM card, charging cable, and Verizon’s cellular network working directly with your phone makes this a very versatile product.

You can check the location history of your tracker, the history of its trips, any stops made, and travel speed by downloading the Cube Tracker app. As a result, you will be able to determine whether your cat has been picked up and transported or if it is simply wandering around. 

With this tracker, you can attach it to your cat’s or dog’s collar and define geofencing preferences for the dog’s and cat’s range.

 There are options for getting notifications for low battery, speeding, low battery, etc.

This device is not our best overall because the Cube uses Bluetooth technology. Triangulation of cell towers, GPS, and Wifi is used to pinpoint the exact location of your pet.


  • The battery lasts a long time.
  • There is no range limit.
  • The location is very precise.
  • Connects with a smartphone.
  • Multiple users can access the tracking system.
  • Suitable for other belongings and pets. 
  • Waterproof. 


  • Subscriptions are required per year or per month. 
  • The cost is higher.
Cube waterproof G The rangeacker for cats and dogs customer rantings
Cube waterproof GT he rangeacker for cats and dogs customer reviews


[2] Tractive Dog and Cat GPS tracker  (Unlimited range)


Tractive Dog and cat GPS tracker 

The tractive dog and cat tracker offer the best value for money if you are searching for an affordable tracker for your cat and dog with the best features available.

 This waterproof GPS tracker can be used for pets up to 9 pounds and is made from plastic and silicone. 

For extra assistance in finding your feline, this tracking device comes with a history of the cat’s locations that can be shared with friends, family members, or anyone on the internet.

A Tractibve durable GPS tag can be applied to any harness or collar and can be easily attached to the straps or buckles. In addition to the tracking capabilities, Tractive also has features including activity tracking, virtual fences with alarms when the boundaries are crossed, and virtual fence options for virtual fencing.

The Tractive comes with a charging cable, GPS tracking device, as well as a clip for attaching to your dog’s or cat’s harness or collar.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • Location tracking around the world.
  • Virtual fence.
  • Activity tracker.
  • Waterproof. 


  • Requires monthly subscription. 
  • For small cats, it might be a bit heavy.
Tractive Dog and cat GPS tracker customer ratings
Tractive Dog and cat GPS tracker customer reviews

[3] Girafus Cat Tracker (Pet Safety Tracking Device)


Girafus cat tracker 

Although the Girafus Cat tracker does not use GPS, given its high level of tracking accuracy and low $138 price tag, we recommend it.

 Radio Frequency (RF) signals are actually used to provide location data through this tag. When the handset receives this information, then it can locate your pet. Using audio and visual signals, the handset shows if your cat is nearby or far away.

This set can be upgraded to include up to four color-coded tags, which are all able to be tracked simultaneously on the same handset if you have more than one cat. It will still work if your cat gets trapped inside a neighbor’s garage, so if you happen to misplace them, you can still find them. 

Tracker batteries are rechargeable and last up to 30 days. In addition, to signal tones and LED lights, it includes a direction indicator to assist in locating the device. Due to the water-resistant design and the radio frequency technology, you don’t need a cellular network to use the device, nor will it interfere with cellular devices.


  • The handheld finder is equipped with audio and visual displays.
  • There is no monthly fee.
  • Suitable for wearing on the collar.  
  • Can be used for up to four cats.
  • Works outdoors and indoors. 
  • Approximately 30 days of battery life.


  • The range is only 500 yards. 
  • Does not connect to any apps. 
Girafus cat tracker customer ratings
Girafus cat tracker customer reviews


[4] Tile mate Bluetooth tracker [1 Year Replaceable Battery] 


Tile mate Bluetooth tracker 

You can attach the Tile Mate to your cat’s collar and use it as a tracking device. An app is included with the Tile Mate for added convenience and ease of use. Using your phone, you can locate your pet. 

Tile Mate will work with Siri, Xfinity, Google assistant, and Amazon Alexa. With the app, you can find out where your beloved pet has been and find a network of others who may be able to locate him if you wander outside the range. 

Tile Mate can also be used to locate your phone, as well as your phone to locate Tile Mate. Simple and long-lasting, the Tile Mate allows you to handle your tracks for up to a year on one charge. About 200 feet is the range, which isn’t ideal for tracking long distances.


  • Lightweight and small. 
  • Attaches easily to collars.
  • Works with both IOS and Android. 
  • You can view the recent location even when you are far from the range.


  • The range is short.
  • The device lacks GPS capabilities.
Tile mate Bluetooth tracker customer ratings
Tile mate Bluetooth tracker customer reviews


5. Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag


Pawscout smarter pet tag

The Pawscout smarter pet tag allows you to track your pet using Bluetooth technology. 

Using Pawscout’s smartphone app, pets can be profiled, virtual leashes and pet-friendly establishments are located across the country and a virtual leash is set up for outdoor walks.

This tag offers you the convenience of being able to access an online network of other cat owners in case your cat goes missing. You can check if your cat is within range of others with the app.

Easily replaceable, the battery is designed to last six months on the Pawscout Smarter cat and dog tag. A range of approximately 300 feet is offered by Bluetooth technology. 

The Pawscout Bluetooth tag has relatively high reviews and comes at a very reasonable price.


  • There is no monthly fee.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • You and your pet can connect with other users through this app.
  • The tag is lightweight, waterproof, and small.
  • Good battery life.


  • Lacks GPS. 
  • The range is limited.
Pawscout smarter pet tag customer ratings
Pawscout smarter pet tag customer reviews


[6] GeoZilla GPS location tracker


GeoZilla GPS location tracker

GeoZilla tracker’s stylish design attracts your attention immediately. Small, light, and only 30 grams in weight, the collar can be worn around the neck even by the tiniest of pooches without feeling bulky. 

Using the GeoZilla app, you can connect your device to the tracker and allow other family members to access the tracking. For specific locations, you can customize the departure/arrival notifications with GeoZilla. Alternatively, you can set up a geofenced area so you are alerted when your pet leaves. 

520 mAh lithium battery powers the tracker. Before the tracker needs to be recharged, it can be left on for up to 5 days and will send you location updates every minute. GeoZilla uses a battery-safe mode to extend battery life when it is not in use or tracking.


  • Customize to and from notifications.
  • Geo fence areas. 
  • The battery can last up to 5 days. 
  • Up to 3 weeks of location history. 


  • Low-cost but requires a monthly fee.
GeoZilla GPS location tracker customer ratings
GeoZilla GPS location tracker customer reviews


[7] Platinum Pet Pawsitively Safe Pet Finder 


Platinum pet pawsitively safe pet finder 

Platinum pets passive pet finders do not have sophisticated technology, but they are a very affordable and effective option. An ID tag attaches to the collar of your dog or cat and contains everything you need to find them in case they go missing. 

Those who find your dog will receive your contact information by entering the code from the tag onto the company’s website. Getting started is a snap, and if your dog goes missing you can create a lost pet poster with ease. 

Once they are Their rescuers can call, text, or email you if they locate them on the website and create a map of their location.

However, it is at risk of breaking or falling off, just as your dog’s collar is, and if you do not attach it, then it is useless.


  • Good value for the price. 
  • It is easy to locate your contact information in case your dog goes missing.
  • Generate lost pet posters. 


  • Breaks or falls off.
  • There isn’t an obvious way to use it right away. 
Platinum pet pawsitively safe pet finder customer ratings
Platinum pet pawsitively safe pet finder customer reviews


[8] Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor 


Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker and activity monitor 

Whistle 3 not only tracks your location reliably and safely, but also has a sensor that aggregates fitness data and health data. 

The Whistle app lets you see your pet’s behavior, such as drinking, scratching, and licking, and if such behavior raises health concerns, it will alert you. Any questions or concerns can then be addressed directly with a veterinarian through the app.

Tracker analyzes the activity of your cat or dog and compares it to the standard behavior for dogs and cats of similar breeds and sizes. By doing this, you can ensure your kids get enough exercise, as well as portion out the appropriate amounts of food.

These features are powered by Google maps, AT&T’s GPS network provides reliable geolocation tracking, and the battery life is excellent.


  • Provides detailed fitness information.
  • Plan your activities based on your preferences.
  • Nation-wide location tracking. 
  • Battery life is up to seven days.


  • The charging time is 2 hours.
  • Requires a monthly subscription plan. 
Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker and activity monitor  customer ratings
Whistle 3 GPS pet tracker and activity monitor customer reviews


Frequently Asked Questions 

How do GPS trackers for dogs and cats work? 

Trackers for dogs have a small size that attaches to their collars or replaces the collar altogether. Your pet’s location is constantly tracked by a GPS transmitter inside the collar. 

Your pet can easily be found with the transmitter if they get lost.

Devices of this type are usually not obstructed by objects, are small, and are unlikely to be noticed by your pet.

Is there a tracking device for pets? 

Pets have a variety of tracking devices available to them, usually collars for dogs and cats that they wear in order to keep them safe. Ranging from Bluetooth tracking , GPS tracking and Radio frequency tracking. You can easily track your pet’s whereabouts when you use a tracking collar.

Do pet microchips have GPS? 

GPS technology is not used by microchips. Rather, they provide information about the pet’s owner, location, and name. GPS collars and Bluetooth collars are used to track pets.