Top 10 Best Rated Drip Coffee Machines in Australia 2023

The demand for coffee in Australia and the world at large has triggered the drip coffee machines manufacturers to improve the technology so as to develop  Best Home Coffee Machines.  They are now faster, smaller in size, low power consuming, efficient and safer, and very user friendly.

Statistics from  Drip Coffee Machine Reviews indicate that three in four persons or 25% of in Australians make at least 1 cup of coffee daily, while about 28% of the populations take between 2 and 4 cups per day. This clearly shows that the demand for research, innovative creation of the Best Coffee Maker is dire. We Regularly Publish Honest and Best Reviews on

Best Rated Drip Coffee Machines in Australia

In our quest to acquire the Best Drip Coffee Machine, we have analyzed many brands so as to come up with the list below.  We have used the following rating criteria to arrive on the Best Home Drip Coffee Machine

  1. The design and size-portability
  2. The buying price and maintenance costs
  3. The number of cups that are made at once and other options available
  4. Amount of power consumed and the user’s safety
  5. Availability in the market-most of them are readily available in stores and online
  6. Functions, whether a brewer, a roaster, a grinder or a combo
  7. The speed of making quality coffee and different types of coffees made

The 10 Best Rated Coffee Machines in 2021 


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Our Best Coffee Machines!

1. Hamilton Beach 49976 – Top Quality Pod Coffee Machine 

Hamilton Beach 49976- Top Quality Pod Coffee Machine Reviews
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About the Product
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew drip coffee maker is a 2-way programmable gadget that can be used to make either 1 cup or a full pot. For the single cup serve you use one serve pod, and for the carafe full use ground coffee. This machine has an option of pleasing different coffee fans in brewing different coffees and quantities thus is suitable for homes with multiple coffee enthusiasts.

It’s a bit larger than other models hence is a rounder for your large family that has different coffee blend and brewing choices.


  • It’s a 2-In-1 Coffee maker; its best coffee pod machine Australia for single cup and pot full serving
  • The dimensions are13.9 H x 10.24 W x 10.63 D inches
  • Includes a pack holder and 1 cup serve ground coffee basket
  • Features a cup rest that fits tall travel cups and also serves as storage hence can be a coffee maker for camping

 Reasons for Choosing this Drip Coffee Machine: 

  • It works with or without the K-Cup packs
  • Very easy to clean; the pack piercing needle/paper clip removes the clogging
  • Has easily removable parts
  • It is the great drip coffee machine for home
  • Water levels are visible for both reservoirs both from front and top
  • It has a programmable timer with auto-pause, serve and a two hour total auto shut
  • It’s a very affordable coffee gadget under $100

 Important Points about this Filter Coffee Maker: 

  • Choosing the size of the brewer cups; single or carafe depends on the persons taking coffee
  • Always keep the coffee maker clean by dismantling and cleaning the parts accordingly.


2. KRUPS GX420851 – Best Selling Capsule Coffee Maker On Market 

KRUPS GX420851- Best Selling Capsule Coffee Maker On Market Reviews
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About the Product
This is a best seller machine for it can work with ground coffee or grind itself on demand at a touch of a button. It has a built in grinder and a scale, so if you love freshly ground beans coffee, then this is a must have kitchen gadget for your home.


  • Has an auto dose grinder that makes sure that the golden ratio is reached
  • Holds about 400g in the bean hopper which equivalent to one bag
  • Comes in color black

 Reasons why you should buy it: 

  • The bean hopper is removable to ease transfer and cleaning
  • Easy to interface; you just choose the number of cups you want to brew and the grinder delivers it
  • Good if you are looking for drip coffee machine
  • Grinder parts are removable hence easing storage when not in use
  • Considering it features, this coffee maker is fairly priced costing below $155 range


3.  Keurig K1500 – Best Selling Pod Coffee Machine 

keurig k1500 coffee maker - Best Selling Pod Coffee Machine Reviews
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About the Product
This product is a best buyer according to Automatic coffee machine reviews,  it’s very durable and eagerly pleases. The product is popular with single cup brewers and also the carafe or multi-cups users. The big reservoir tank saves you from frequenting refills hence greatly saves on energy. Whether desiring a piping hot or a chilling summer quencher, this coffee maker will certainly tickle your taste buds.


  • A large 80oz removable reservoir
  • Have several different night lights to beautifully illuminate your kitchen
  • It has different K-Cup brew sizes; 6 to 12, and carafe has 22 to 30 sizes
  • Comes with a strength control function

 Reasons you should buy it: 

  • Contains Keurig K-cups that are compatible with any Keurig coffee machine
  • An interesting selection of light, medium and dark roasts which are good for coffee tasting enthusiasts
  • The 5 temperature control setting allows you to enjoy your coffee at the desired temperatures
  • The strength control function allows the brewing of boulder cups in K-Cups size.
  • Undoubtedly, with all the features it costs around the range of $180

 Important Notes to Know: 

Each purchase of the machine comes with free 40 K-cup pods that are divided into 4 Green Mountain Roasters blends (10 each); dark magic, breakfast, Columbia select and Nantucket blend.

You can use it as a water heater for the making of other types of drinks such as tea, soups, grains’ flour mixes, cocoa and coffee mixes


4.  Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker – All In One Coffee Maker: 

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker- All In One Coffee Maker Reviews
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About the Product
Mr. Coffee café Barista coffee machine makes you to be your own coffee barista with much ease making bold espressos, caramels, decadent lattes and rich cappuccinos- in just one simple touch and using only one gadget–it gives unlimited choice offers!


  • Comes with a 15-bar pump espresso maker which significantly reduces the time in brewing
  • Dimensions are; 12.6:” x 8.86″ x 11.22″, (HxWxD)
  • Weighs: 10.37 lbs/ 4.7kgs
  • It’s sold with long power Cord 26 Inches.
  • Power input is 1040 Watts
  • Its color is silver but can opt for black

 Why Choose  Mr. Coffee Café Barista for Café, for Latte and for Mocha Maker?

  • The 15-bar pump system brews a variety of coffee types
  • Easy to use automatic milk frother that eliminates guessing
  • In built 1-touch control menu for different coffee types’ selection
  • Easy to refill and removable-milk and water holders
  • It’s a drip coffee machine on a budget under $155
  • It delivery speed is very fast hence many cups can be made in little time
  • It has 2 cup size options; small and large

Some Important  Points to Note:

  • Clean the water and milk reservoirs every time you make coffee to avoid contamination
  • Use fresh ingredients-water, milk and coffee for best results
  • Always keep the filter coffee maker clean and switched off


5. Cuisinart SS-10 Premium – Portable Pod Coffee Maker 

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium – Portable Pod Coffee Maker Review
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About the Product
This is a stainless home coffee machine  that lets you customize body of the coffee from smooth to greasy, either right when making the coffee or in advance within 24 hours. This maker makes it into the list of best auto coffee makers


  • The dimensions of the coffee machine are 12Hx10Wx12D inches
  • Average coffee output temperature is 180 degrees
  • Maximum mug height is 7 inches
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • It’s fully programmable with a large spectrum of features that including auto on/off and adjustable temperature control
  • Uses pods K-Cup packs

Reasons Why you should Buy this Coffee Maker:

  • It has a removable water reservoir that is easy in cleaning and operation
  • The coffee maker has an adjustable height and drip tray
  • The auto-off function shuts it with the programmable timing
  • It has a rinse function that eases cleaning hence is the best home coffee machine under 500
  • The hot water allows making of other instant drinks such as cocoa, soups, tea and coffee
  • Rated as affordable drip coffee machine.
  • It can make up to 12 cups
  • The price is reasonable and you can buy it under $150

 Points to Note When Using the Coffee maker 

  • Just like any other electric gadget care and safety must be prioritized to avoid hot spills, shocks, leaks and damage to the machine.
  • Always prohibit usage by unsupervised minors


6. Cuisinart SS-15 – Drip Coffee Machine Plus Pod Coffee Machine: 

Cuisinart SS-15 – Drip Coffee Machine Plus Pod Coffee Machine Review
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About the Product
Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Drip Coffee Machine is a 12 cup serve machine-has extra volume compared to others in its range, BPA approved and it’s an automatic coffee maker that comes with a 3 year warranty.


  • The dimensions are 14.3Hx10.1Wx10.4D Inches
  • The weight is 9.5lbs/4.5kgs
  • Comes in two colors black and silver
  • A combo of drip coffee machine and pod coffee machine

 Reasons for Buying this Coffee Maker

  • Uses both ground coffee and K-Cups
  • It has a replaceable filter
  • The removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • It is an ideal drip coffee machine for home
  • The Gold tone filter allows only the best coffee flavor to flow
  • With the brew strength color you get to set the boldness of the flavor
  • This a premium drip coffee machine whose price is below $160

 Important Notes: 

  1. Genuine Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Coffee Maker is only from the manufacturer Cuisinart Co. and comes with a 3 year warranty. You must verify the brand authenticity to avoid making the buys that copy it due to its high standards.
  2. To thoroughly clean the machine, remove from power and separate all the parts-clean, descale with a needle or paperclip or vinegar or lemon juice and rinse.


7. BUNN BT Velocity – Drip Coffee Machine That Makes 10 Cups:

BUNN BT Velocity - Drip Coffee Machine That Makes 10 Cups Reviews
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About the Product
This is a double walled thermal insulated coffee BUNN BT Velocity model brewer has a capacity of 10 cups. The double wall insulation makes it unique from others in that it keeps the coffee warm for longer-saving much on electricity!. So go and grab this premium quality drip coffee machine


  • The weight is 9.0lbs/4.1kgs, with dimensions being 10Hx13.8Wx14.8D inches.
  • Maximum power input/consumption is 840watts.
  • It has a built-in thermostat to automatically control temperatures.

 Why you Should buy BUNN BT Velocity Coffee Maker:

  • The double walled insulated carafe keeps the coffee hot up to 2 hours
  • The spraying head gives the best flavor extraction from the coffee
  • This brewer reaches the optimal temperatures of 200 degrees in just three minutes
  • It is a drip coffee machine with a good capacity of brewing coffee.
  • The hot water available can be used to make other drinks such as tea, cocoa and soups
  • This drip coffee machine is fairly priced retailing at just above $100

 Points to Note in BUNN BT Velocity Machine: 

  • You can opt for a silver color
  • At purchase it does not include the warmer plate
  • It uses ground coffee for it does not have a grinder
  • Only go for the machine that has 3 years warranty


8. Ninja CF091 – Makes Hot Coffee and Cold Coffee with Frother:

Ninja CF091 – Makes Hot Coffee and Cold Coffee with Frother Review
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About the Product
The most enticing element of the Ninja CP091 coffee maker is that you get to enjoy single or carafe full portions or warm or cold coffee and other drinks all throughout the year. With the silver color, it limes well with most of the interior decorations and complementary utensils.


  • It’s made of plastic and stainless Steel
  • Dimensions are; 15H x 9.2W x 11.97D inches
  • It weighs 9.8 pounds
  • Water capacity/Volume is 50 ounces/1.5 liters
  • Electricity wattage Output: 1400 watts
  • Brews 10 cups using ground coffee
  • Comes with a permanent screen filter
  • The machine is easily hand washed, spotted or wiped clean

 Reasons You Should Buy this Coffee Maker:

  • The coffee maker with 6 cup sizes: cup, XL/extra large cup, travel mug, XL/extra large multi-serve, half-carafe and full carafe.
  • It brews 5 types of coffees; classic, rich, over Ice, specialty and cafe forte.
  • Can make pod-free single cup
  • Has a manual built-in frother
  • If you are after instant coffee then go for this drip coffee machine
  • It uses the TFET (Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology)
  • This awesome coffee gift is sold at a discounted price of the range of $125

 Important Notes on Purchase:

  • Genuine machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.
  • The coffee maker includes a removable water reservoir, user manual, glass carafe, coffee scoop, re-usable filter, recipe book and a manual frother so check on deliver.


9. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Top Rated For Travel & Caravan

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker – Top Rated For Travel and Caravan Reviews
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About the Product
This is a capsule coffee machine that comes in handy for those people who love quick piping hot coffee for it’s a 1 cup serve gadget. You will never have stale and burnt coffee. Once you make your cup, you will start the brewing a fresh disposing the used capsules and using a fresh one.


  • It has a quick-brew technology that provides users with quick a fresh cup-within 3 minutes.
  • It comes with an automatic shut-off function.
  • The reservoir can hold 12-ounce of water
  • The water tank is made of BPA-free material
  • Has passed UL and FDA certifications ensuring safety

 Reasons for Choosing this Coffee Machine:

  • The K-cup design accommodates majority of home cup sizes
  • It is lightweight and is portable; it’s compact in size and so it’s the perfect coffee maker for travel
  • It can be used for hostel rooms, the office, homes and apartments
  • Operation is through a smart 1-touch button with light to indicate brewing procedure
  • The removable drip tray to prevent spills
  • You can have a good quality drip coffee machine within your budget
  • It accommodates more coffee; from regular size cups to 5 ½” tall and big mugs.
  • This is one of the best budget coffee makers fortunately retailing at less than $39 cheaper than other colors such as blue, green, orange and red going for under $40

 Points to Note: 

  • Genuine purchases come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Being portable care must be taken to avoid accidents from hot spills and electrical errors.


10. Mueller Ultima – Single K Cup Pod Coffee Machine: 

Lavazza Single pod Coffee Machine
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About the Product
Despite this product being a budget coffee machine, it does not skip the qualities of best value pods coffee machines This coffee maker is among the best in our list only that it comes in a relatively cheaper price.


  • Weighs 6.87pounds
  • Comes a 45oz tank which is BPA free
  • Have UL, and ETL certifications
  • It is designed to adjust pod sizes in the range of 1.0 & 2.0 K-Cups

 Reasons You should Buy this Coffee Maker:

  • You can select any of the 5 brew sizes; 4, 6,8,10 and 12
  • It’s very practical with only 4 buttons
  • Automatically switches off when not brewing
  • Luckily, this coffee machine is reasonably sold at under $100

 Important Points to Note: 

  • In case of any difficulty on the way the product is support by a 24 hour customer care service.
  • Although the gadget is a single serve, it can be used to serve nice coffee to your friends and family.

Coffee Machine Buyers Guide and FAQ’s 

What is a Pod Coffee Machine? 

 A coffee machine or maker is a gadget that passes steam through ground coffee, to give out a cup or cups of coffee. The pod coffee makers come in different types such as instant single cup and carafe/many cups. The machines differ in features and functions that they hold such as auto stop/shut and timer, different reservoir volumes, portability, colors, and cleaning procedures. They also come in different brands ranging from cheap to premium.

Which one do I choose single cup, carafe or a combo machine?

The choice of which coffee maker to choose depends on the number of drinkers you want to serve per brewing. If you love a cup in the morning as you go to work; a single cup drip coffee machine is okay, but if you serve several people at once, go for the carafe that can brew up to 10 plus cups. Also, if you both serve single and multiple cups at different times then the combo; Mr. Coffee Café Barista for Café and Hamilton Beach (49976) FlexBrew Coffee Maker will be your choice. Any coffee maker with a milk frother is a plus.

 Can  a coffee maker make other beverages?

Yes, all coffee machines can make other drinks, or the hot water can be used for making various beverages.

How many Types of coffee makers are there?

Categorizing the Coffee Makers:

  • Brewed coffee output volume

The most common coffee makers include; single serve, multiple serve and combo coffee machines.

  • Type of coffee used, pods, capsules and ground

They are also categorized according to the type of ground coffee they use to brew. Some strictly use pods while others use coffee capsules. However, today there are new coffee makers that use both-pods and capsules. Mostly people like drip coffee machine as it makes instant coffee.

  • Roasters, Grinder or Non-grinding

Some coffee makers may have the roasting and grinding ability while others do not have.  

  • Size and power requirements

These determine whether the coffee machine is portable or only for home and office use.

What color of coffee machine is the best for Home?

Most coffee machines come in many optional colors. Your choice will depend on personal preference and the contents of the room it will be used. These include your room’s colors, furniture, flooring, décor and many others.

A coffee brewer, a grinder or a combo machine which one to buy?

It would be of no use to buy a coffee maker with a grinder and a rooster if you cannot access the raw coffee beans to roast and grind. For home use the non grinding coffee maker can be okay but for commercial purposes go for the one that roasts and grinds; they are convenient in quantity and cost. A combination of drip coffee machine and a pod coffee machine is a win win buy for most customers.

A pod or capsules coffee machine, which is the best?

Either of the two is good, but the choice depends on the availability of either the pods/pads or the capsules. Most available pods machines are only for single serve hence if you need multiple serves the pods are not the way to go.

What’s the difference between pods and capsules?

Pods are similar to disposable tea bag hence are a bit delicate, while the capsules are for larger serving and can endure harsher pressures without breaking. The capsules are made using plastic and aluminum foils hence do not need specialized coffee machines. However they both contain ground coffee inside and are surrounded by filters.

What is drip coffee machine?

The drip coffee machine uses the process of passing hot water through the ground coffee, then the brewed coffee drips through the filters into the cups or pots.

What is capsule coffee machine?

This coffee maker uses non bio-degradable metal or plastic capsules such as in Keurig and Nespresso coffee machines. This is a contrast to the pods whose materials are bio-degradable.

Can instant coffee be used in a coffee machine?

Yes you can use instant coffee in a drip coffee machine, you just put it the same way you put the ground coffee. The only problem is that the machine is not able to extract the entire flavor like in ground coffee-it just uses the hot water in the machine.

How do I unclog a coffee machine?

While cleaning the coffee making machine you can unclog the fluid jets by using a needle or a paper clip to enjoy fresh brews and enable it to dispense faster. Alternatively, you can descale it using a solution equal ratio made of vinegar/ lemon juice and water. Put the mix in the coffee maker’s reservoir and let it run as if it’s making coffee, then run another round of water only to rinse. You can use all these steps for cleaning a pod coffee machine and a drip coffee machine.

How long does drip coffee machine lasts?

The life of a drip coffee machine is hard to predict for it depend on several factors such as the brand reputation, frequency of use, power stability, ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts, and general handling. The more years are given in the warranty, the longer it should last.

  Ideal Features of the Best Home Coffee Maker

The ideal coffee maker should come with an appealing design to augment the beauty of your home or office, lime with the your outdoors

  • It should have automatic shut-offs, programmable timers, choice of night light, customizable colors and lets you select the type of coffee body-smooth to greasy, light or heavy. It would be the contrast to manual drip coffee machine 
  • Size should comfortably fit in the designated spaces at home, office and travel means
  • The optimal temperatures must be higher than 200 degree and be able to maintain the coffee hot temperatures for at least 2 hours such as BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer. It is a good drip coffee machine for home and office.
  • The gadget should brew the desired coffee in less than 3 minutes-high speed of brewing with least power consumption
  • It must be able to serve single and multi-cups, so it should be a combo
  • The carafe tank volume must hold over 10 cups at a go
  • The drip coffee machine reviews suggest that it should be able to use pods, capsules and ground coffee
  • To avoid multiple machines at home, the coffee maker should be a combo of a roaster and a grinder.
  • It should also be easy to clean with most parts being removable
  • The coffee machine should have at least a 3 years warranty and an active customer support

Summing It Up

It is very difficult to attain the features of an ideal best drip coffee machine for it would entail combining all the coffee machines’ features on our list into one. However, some of the products on the list have more than two of the ideal features and work excellently. The ideal device would be too expensive hence I recommend that you work with the available best coffee makers in Australia in the year 2021

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