Best Beach Cart Australia 2023 Reviews

best beach carts australia

What’s more peaceful than a day of surfing, a day of surf and sand? The warm sun, the sea breeze, and above all else… the incredible amount of family time and stuff that want to be carried along with snorkel gear, umbrellas, beach chairs, sand toys, boogie boards, coolers. Parents who don’t want to stop their backs by carrying and dragging everything through hefty sand must invest in a strong cart and beach wagon.

With sturdy frames and big wheels, beach carts are made to ease you with carrying everything most easily and handily. To buy the best beach cart, always search for a durable, lightweight, and high-capacity beach cart. A good and top beach wagon should be easy to pull and have the power to carry more and more gears.

To help you pick, our review section breaks down all the beach carts, features you need to look for, types of beach carts, benefits, and top beach carts you can get in Australia.

Benefits of Beach Carts

The advantages that come with a beach are more than you think. Here are just some of the gains that come with it.


To make your beach trip the best and relaxing, beach carts are created to fit in as much as possible. Most cater for toys and snacks with enough space for children to sit in as well, so you can keep them with you comfortably while looking for the ideal spot in addition to the beach.


This is the best feature that comes with some beach carts, the best place for your kid to take a restful nap.

Easy on Sand

Did we already point out how tough it is to pull a pram along the beach? The wheels of beach art are created to be pulled through the sand, which means their main purpose is to do that. Beach carts, some with a handy lever that you can pull up when needed and use to move the beach cart effortlessly and easily behind as you walk.

The idea behind the beach cart is less sand and less effort. It proposes a spot for you to place all of your essentials to make your trip more enjoyable.

Beach Cart Features

When it comes to picking your beach gear, it is good to think that they are not all formed equally. There are so many options and features to choose and pick from, and it is about determining what is going to do a good job for your family and you and exactly what you are looking for.


Here are just some of the Beach Types and Features You Should Consider Before Going to Buy a Beach Cart

Foldable Beach Trolleys

If you are short of boot space then a foldable beach cart is for you. Selecting the best foldable beach wagon will save you a lot of areas. You can easily fold it when you are not using the cart and put it in the garage more compactly and easily.

Though, if you wind up selecting one that doesn’t fold, don’t worry. You just have to get artful with the storage capacity and pack everything when packing the boot. In most regard, it can honestly make things better, because when you reach your destination, just offload the cart from your vehicle and it is already ready with stuff.

  • Wheels

Another vital feature you have to look for is to make all the thinking whether the beach cart is easy to pull or push onward the sand. You want heavy, thick, big-duty tires that are going to easily push their way over-sand.



A beach trolly with a canopy is incredibly handy, as it provides some protection and shelter to defend you from the sun. doesn’t matter if you want to secure your sons from getting burnt or want to load more and more things this extra feature is going to come more and more useful.

  • Lightweight

As other essentials are loaded up on your cart so it’s weighty. You want one that is lightweight as possible. Some of the weighty beach carts offer more balance but this comes at a price in means of weight.

  • Easy to Maneuver

Zipping around beaches is not simple as everyone knows getting a park near to the beach is nearly unimaginable. You want a beach cart this is easy to move, get around, and change direction off and on the sand. No one wants to finish up stuck and wanting to ask for help.

  • Storage

Relying on the beach cart, you will find that comes with a storage compartment. Some of these even contain cooler boxes to make sure your drinks and food stay cold and nice while you are spending more and more time.

Storage makes it simpler to pack all for a day when leaving plenty of room for the children to step in the cart as well.

  • Weight

You have to search for how much weight your beach cart can carry. Think how many children you have, how much weight of the beach car you want. Choose what you can perfectly handle.

  • Easy to Clean

Surely, the beach trolley is sure to get dirty, the sticky and wet sand remains of the spilled screen and kid’s snack fully conduce to a considerable amount of grime and grit. So hunt for a beach trolley that can be easily wiped clean and hosed down when you finish up your beach day.


Top Beach Carts At Amazon Australia

[1] Mac Sports a Heavy-Duty all-Terrain Beach Wagon

Mac Sports a Heavy-Duty all-Terrain Beach Wagon

This cart from Mac sport is amazingly user-friendly to use at the beach, events, and the parks. You don’t have to do assembly and the entire setup operation is completed in seconds.

Capacity and construction

Created from 600D fabric the mac sport beach wagon depicts ideal durability. The material is completely mildew and UV-resistant, and it can even be detachable for cleaning. It weighs around twenty-one pounds and the frame is made of steel, makes it easy to carry.

Portability and use

Folding into a clear 8-inch heavy package, this cart can easily fit into the back of your car. Though, when open it converts into a whole size wagon with much room. The large wheels move great on the ground with plenty of room. Thirty-one inches tall handle makes it easier to pull the cart.

Extra Features

Fitted with 2 mesh pockets in front, this beach wagon permits you to keep your food and drinks ready. Lastly, you can get this amazing and pretty designed cart in seven amazing colors.

Mac Sports a Heavy-Duty all-Terrain Beach Trolley



  • This heavy-duty cart is a versatile and durable cart that is both efficient and user-friendly.
  • Big wheel treads make this a great beach cart for pulling through mud and sand.
  • The fabric material is more resistant to tearing and ripping linked to other fabrics.
  • Detachable cooler bag for keeping drinks and snacks fresh and chilled.
  • Huge ten inches tractor wheels make it more balanced and sturdier for beach sand.
  • Folds and opens up in seconds.



  • Because of the big wheels, it is a little hard to maneuver and pack.




Brand                                       MacSports

Color available                        blue/white with logo

Material                                   plastic

Product dimensions                22.5 x 9.9 x 32.5 inches

Item weight                              23.1 pounds


Customer Questions and Answers About This Product

 Does it pull easily on sand?

 No, it is great in the sand, customers say that they load this cart down with a chair, flags, and 64GL Coleman cooler and it still rolls smooth. The big wheels make navigation easier.

Can it be pulled behind a bike?

Sure, nothing stops you from doing ti but is a little tough.

Does the handle have any other position than straight up?

No, it doesn’t have any. It only locks straight up.



[2] Rio Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

The best cart as compared to previous products from Rio Deluxe because of its oversized wheels. The big wheels ensure your cart wouldn’t ever get caught in the sand. It has a good weight capacity and comes with a storage compartment to arrange your gears. We also like that it can be both pulled and pushed. 

Capacity and Construction

If you love to keep gears cleanly packed then no doubt this is the best beach cart to complete this task. The good mesh compartment has a volume of fifteen feet, though the steel frame can carry up to hundred pounds.

Additionally, the x-shaped frame has tall handles on both parts for hanging stuff like beach chairs.

Portability and Use

Along with the big ten inches wheels, this cart has 4.5 inches enunciating wheels at the outset. This makes handling and maneuverability simpler and more enjoyable. The frame packs very little when it is time to go, so it is handy to store.

Extra Features

This wheeler cart comes loaded with the best features. You will also get a detachable tote bag this is greatly useful for all the little-sized items. Not only that there is also a sun umbrella holder on the side, so you can pack everything under the shade.


  • All-terrain back wheels avoid getting glued to sand.
  • You can transport four chairs, a forty-eight-quart cooler, and other items, simply.
  • It has a stroller handle for easy pulling and pushing.
  • Detachable totes made more holding space for small things like sunblock and water. 
  • A cargo and cooler area on this cart allows you to store your drink and personal item and food cold. 
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight.
  • Mesh fabric grant for water and sand to drain out simply.



  • Pneumatic wheels are tough to risk puncture and inflate.
  • Might be too tall for some kids to pull and reach the handle.
  • A little costly option.



            Brand                          Rio Brand

            Color available            Blue

            Material                       Aluminium

            Product dimension      81.51 x 51.11 x 13 cm

            Item weight                  8.3 kilograms

            Customer Reviews About This Product

Customer Reviews About This Product
Customer Ratings About This Product


Customer Questions and Answers About This Product

How easy is it to transport through the sand when loaded?

It is pretty easy to pull through the sand, wide wheels make ensure moving very easy and smooth.

Is it made of steel or aluminum?

It is made of very sturdy aluminum.

How do you get front-wheel replacements?

You will be able to get replacements from Rio. The information came with its customers.


[3] Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon Ride On

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon Ride On

This cart is for children to sit in and also the best cart to tote all their picnic stuff. Easy to transport, lightweight, and affordable, this cart is best for pulling everything. The Radio Flyer comes equipped with heavy-duty, solid rubber, wide treaded tires. Additionally, it is very affordable too as compared to other good quality carts available.

Capacity and Construction

Combining steel frame and good quality polyester, this Radio Flyer shows extraordinary durability. It keeps everything inside and holds up to 150 pounds. You can also use this cart as a bench when you lower the side because of its high weight capacity.

Portability and Use

            As wheels are not big enough but they still move smoothly on a sandy beach- hard or soft. For good mobility, the front wheels have rotatory joints. Moreover, the wagon comes with an adjustable handle to make pulling simpler.

Extra Features

You can also use this Radio flyer cart for kids sitting. This is fully safe, as the wagon comes with complies and two seat belts with toy safety standards. As to mention other features it comes with webbing loops and a bottle holder for attaching items.


  • Doubles as a bench and beach cart.
  • To make pulling easier telescopic handles.
  • Id kids ride inside there are seat belts installed for their safety.
  • DuraClean fabric is easy to maintain and wipe off.
  • Air tires for comfortable and smooth riding.
  • Carry anywhere and be easy to use.
  • Four individual cup holders for adult and child use.



  • Air tires are not good enough, they need some little maintenance.
  • The beach cart is not collapsible.



Brand                          Radio Flyer

Color available            red

Product dimension      100 x 54 x 83.01cm

Item weight                  9.98 kilograms

Assembly required      yes


Radio Flyer Wagon Customer Reviews

Radio Flyer Wagon Customer Reviews
Radio Flyer Wagon Customer Ratings


Customer Questions and Answers About This Product

Is it easy when turning?

Yes, the front wheels rotate at 460 degrees while the back wheels stay forward to make moving easier.

Does this work for a 7 year and 3 years old?


How do you contact the seller?

Click the above Buy now button to contact amazon they will help you with any problem.


[4] YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping CartBeach 

YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping CartBeach 

The YSC is a great option if you are on a budget. One of the best things about this cart is its weight, it weighs only twelve pounds. The wagon is not only designed to suit your beach needs but shopping needs also. Due to its lightweight design, this YSC wagon is a perfect choice for those who have fewer injuries or muscles that prevent them from pulling larger amounts of weight. Less weight doesn’t mean to give up on strength, this cart can easily hold up to 150 pounds. It is also very handy and user-friendly. You can assemble this cart in only three seconds.

Capacity and Construction

Due to its sturdy steel frame, the YSC beach wagon presents exceptional strength when revealed to saltwater and sand. The combination of reduced weight and frame quality ranks it among the best beach wagons in this class. As for material, it is made of 600D polyester to accompany the entire quality.

Portability and Use

All 4 wheels on the YSC collapsible folding wagon are similar in size for a more rational ride. The tires have strong thread, it easily moves on sand without getting caught. As said it is a very weightless wagon, meaning it is going to be highly portable both unfolded and folded.

Extra Feature

Despite it not being packed with loads of features, this beach cart is fabulously functional. For easier pulling, it comes with long T-shaped adjustable handles along with 2 mesh cup holders on the front for holding drinks within hand range.

YSC Wagon Folding Utility Shopping CartBeach 


  • Closes and opens in three seconds.
  • To ensure durability, a heavy-duty steel frame.
  • For people with back pain telescoping handles.
  • Packs up very compact and flat for effortless storage.
  • On the front, there are two mesh water bottle pockets.
  • Comes in 4 colors.
  • The polyester fabric is easy to clean.
  • To unfold this wagon you don’t need to assemble it.



  • After continuous use, the seams tend to split apart.
  • As compared to other beach wagons on our list this wagon seems a little small.



Brand                          YSC

Product dimension      12.7 x 45.72 x 66.04 cm

Assembly required      No

Item weight                  5.44 kilograms

Color available            Black, Blue

YSC Folding Beach Wagon Customer reviews

YSC Folding Beach Wagon Customer Ratings

Customer Questions and Answers About This Product

Is there any carry bag included?

No there is not any carry bag included with the product but it does fold up real easy. There are velcro handles that are easy to carry when you fold up the cart.

Is the handle height adjustable?

Yes, the handle height is adjustable from the extension point to the storage point.

Is this stuck in the sand or is it really good?

No, it turns amazingly and nice on the sand if it is not overweight.


[5] RedCamp Collapsible Beach Wagon Cart

RedCamp Collapsible Beach Wagon Cart

When it comes to durability Redcamp beach cart is one of the best beach wagons. Created from powerful 1200D oxford polyester, this cart will last for many years and is tough to tear. This wagon comes with both options to be pulled or pushed. With this cart, you will get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Capacity and Construction

Apart from the polyester we mentioned, the heavy-duty steel frame delivers the wagon awesome strength and stability. It can support up to 120 pounds without any harm, so you can bring just about anything your family and you want for a day on the beach.

Portability and Use

The best thing about this beach cart is that it can be both pulled and pushed. There is no position lock in the handles so you can effortlessly adjust it at any angle you want. And when you are done with your use the wagon folds down to only four inches so it won’t cover extra space in your car.

Extra Features

As compared to most other models, this beach cart comes with brakes so you can park it on a vertical stop without worrying about rolling away. As an extra, Red Camp also gives you a fifteen-liter cooler bag with the buy. All of the mentioned things make this cart the best collapsible wagon in terms of usefulness.


  • Highest quality 1200D oxford polyester.
  • For easier washing fabric can be removed.
  • Brakes on two wheels to keep it in place.
  • A Fifteen-liter cooler bag also comes with the package.
  • One-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Bigger capacity.
  • Adjustable handles.



  • Some complaints related to handling remain in one position.
  • For some users mounting the wheels can be challenging.



Brand                          RedCamp

Color                           Wine red (600D)
Product dimension      83.82 x 50.8 x 12.7 cm

Item weight                  8.16 kilograms


RedCamp Cart Customer reviews

RedCamp Cart Customer reviews
RedCamp Cart Customer Ratings


Questions and Answers About This Product

Does the handle lock into position?

Yes, it does and you will love it.

Can an adult sit in this wagon because of its bigger size?

A small adult easily fits into it but it is recommended for kids, not for adults.

How heavy is this? Can a small woman lift it easily?

It is light for lifting and folds up very easily. The design is what makes this wagon practical and sturdy.


[6] Timber Ridge Folding Camping Cart

Timber Ridge Folding Camping Cart

This multipurpose cart from Timber Ridge is a good pick if you need a cart that can be used for your beach or garden and shopping. Due to its big wheels, this cart is amazingly durable and stable. In a matter of seconds, the Timber Ridge can be folded and opened up, quickly and easily. Without any doubt, your family and friends will love how good this cart is.

With its great construction and smart design, this cart is best no matter where you want to take it. It is easy to unfold and fold. It provides great traction irrespective of the surface.

Capacity and Construction

The weight is a little heavy but it can hold up to 150 pounds and one hundred and ten pounds on the sand. The fabric is 600D durable polyester and the frame is made of rust-resistant steel that is ideal for adventures.

Portability and Use

The wheels are quite big enough to mention this cart is one the best beach cart in Australia, when making a turn both front wheels easily swivel completely 360 degrees. Each plastic wheel contains rubber tape in the center to deliver a good grip. The telescoping can be easily folded.

Extra Feature

It can hold up to one hundred and fifty pounds and has 2 cup holders, a pod on the base, and a side storage bag. Users say that it smoothly rolls through wet sand and dry sand, and it is also effortless to clean due to removable panels and mesh bottoms.

Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon Cart


  • Can carry up to 360 kg.
  • For effortlessly unloading and loading folds its sides down.
  • Fitted grips, ergonomics.
  • 360-degree rotating wheels.
  • Side drink and pockets holders.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.



  • Not good for heavy tasks and tough terrain.


Product specifications

            Brand                          Timber Ridge

            Color available            Blue

            Material                       Steel, Polyester

            Product dimension      90.17 x 46.74 x 63.5 cm

            Item weight                  11.34 kilograms



Timber Ridge Camping Cart Customer reviews

Timber Ridge Camping Cart Customer Reviews
Timber Ridge Camping Cart Customer Ratings


Question and Answers About This Product

Is the carry bag easy to carry with a wagon inside?

 Yes, a good cart.

 Can a kid sit in it comfortably?

 Yes, your kids can sit in it very comfortably. Also, there are seat belts for extra safety.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which beach carts can be used for kids to sleep in and how much UV protection do they offer?

Mac Sports heavy-duty all-terrain and radio flyer three in one wagon ride on have seat belts installed so your kid can securely sit in it. They also have canopies that defend from UV rays.

Whats is the Best Beach Wagon For Soft Sand?

  • OUR TOP PICK. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility. PRICE.
  • EDITORS CHOICE. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart. PRICE.
  • BEST. VALUE. Radio Flyer 3-In-1 Ez Folding Wagon with Canopy For Kids & Cargo. PRICE.


What is the safest beach cart to pull kids in?

We recommend RIO deluxe wonder wheeler and the YSC folding utility beach wagon.

What size beach trolley do I need?

You will likely need an 80cm x 52cm x 56cm if you are a couple or single. For a big family that wants kids and items a 109 x 52 x 106 cm would be best.

How to fold a beach cart?

This depends on the model you get.

How to clean a beach wagon or cart?

Generally, wiping fabric and frame, shaking off the sand with a moist cloth will normally do the job.