Top 9 Best Heater For Baby Room in Australia

Best Heater for Baby Room in Australia


Best Heaters For Baby Room Australia

It can be very comforting to have a warm and cozy room during the winter. Especially if you have a baby at home, make sure they have a heater in their room during the cold weather to keep them warm.

You don’t have to worry about baby safety or comfort with the right type of heater, so you can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. In addition, you must choose a safe heater for the baby’s room, so what type of heater should you choose?

Here are some tips on choosing the right heater for your baby’s room that we provide in this post.


How to Choose the Right Heater for a Baby Room?

While choosing a heater for the baby’s room, consider the following points.


There are two types of ceramic heaters: convention heaters and ceramic heaters, both of which are used to heat a single space and are able to heat the given space on their own. Infrared space heaters use infrared quartz bulbs to heat up. Radiant heaters are ideal for spot heating. The Micethermic heater is an electric heater that blends radiant heat with convection heat.


There are 2 types of heaters, personal heaters and floor heaters. Floor heaters are portable, vertical, compact and space-saving, while personal heaters are used to warm small spaces and are tailored to the needs of individuals. Ensure the design will not tip over.


Room heaters are controlled by a thermostat. Most heaters have settings ranging from low to high, so it’s easy to set the temperature.


It is dependent on the room size how big the heater should be. Small heaters are able to heat only a small area, while large wall-mounted heaters can quickly heat a whole room, but they consume a lot more energy.


This feature allows you to schedule the heater to run at a particular time. When the time is up, the heater shuts down itself to save energy and avoid overheating.


This heater gives easy control and access from a distance to turn on/off and change the settings.


It is noisy to use heaters with fans as opposed to heaters without fans. To ensure a baby’s sleep, it is best to use a quiet heater in the baby’s room instead of a noisy one.


Installing a heater for a baby’s room that has been independently tested is one of the most important factors to consider. Look for a heater that meets ETL, UL or CSA to validate that the heater meets voluntary safety standards.


Safety Tips While Using Heaters in a Baby Room

The following tips should be followed when using a room heater.

  • Your heater’s manual contains information and instructions specific to your model.
  • Room heaters should not be used while sleeping because they could cause fires. Before sleeping, heat the room and turn it off afterwards.
  • The heater in the baby’s room should never be left unattended. They can be used as long as they are supervised.
  • It is important to ensure that your heater carries an independent testing organization’s certification. Underwriters laboratories UL mark, CSA international certification, and Intertek ETL label are acceptable.
  • An alarm that needs to be tested frequently should be installed in the baby’s room.
  • Other appliances should not be plugged into the heaters.
  • To prevent harmful health effects, avoid using room heaters that use Karosene, gas, or paraffin.


Best Baby Room Heaters List

  1. Honeywell HCE840B Ceramic Heater
  2. LASKO 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater
  3. De’Longhi HCM2030 Portable Convection Heater
  4. DeLonghi DL2401TF Oil Filled Radiator
  5. Comfee Portable Fan Heater
  6. Russel Hobbs Retro PTC Heater
  7. Aikoper Space Heater
  8. Black+decker Ceramic Tower Heater
  9. Honeywell comfort temp 4


[1] Honeywell HCE840B Ceramic Heater [Quiet Mode & Auto-Off Heat Phase Timer for Home, School or Office]

Six customizable settings allow you to customize this heater for the baby room according to your needs. This budgeted heater under 200$ has a powerful and bright ceramic heater that heats up quickly, evenly, and quietly with the touch of a button.

Ceramic heaters provide convenience in setting the temperature, protecting against overheating and tipping, and delivering superior security with incredible features such as 6 customizable heat settings, a 2-hour auto-off heating stage timer, a quiet mode setting, overheating and tip-over protection, a cool touch housing, and much more.

When the unit is turned off, the Heatphase timer automatically reduces the heat to 4 different levels. It is also possible to toggle the timer so that it starts at any desired heat level.

Quiet Mode is a new feature that gives the user a whitening and warming sensation with no fan speed and no heat settings while minimizing distractions. 


  • It can be used to heat a room or for personal use.
  • This heater offers a number of safety features.
  • This product is cool to the touch, making it easy to move and preventing accidental burns.


  • Only thirty minutes can be set on the timer.


Honeywell  Ceramic Heater Safety Tips


Brand                          Honeywell

Model number             HCE840B

 Product dimensions    25.91 x 14.99 x 43.56 cm

 Power / wattage          1500 watts

 Voltage                        100120

 Item weight                  2.63 kg

Honeywell Ceramic Heater Customer Reviews & Ratings

Honeywell Ceramic Heater Customer Reviews
Honeywell Ceramic Heater Customer Ratings


[2] LASKO 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

LASKO Ceramic Tower Space Heater

This heater is the best choice if you are looking for a heater that will save you floor space and be very powerful. It is portable and energy-efficient. It does not require assembly or setup and can be used right away.

At the top was a button that controlled the heater. You could just press it to turn it on. You could see the current temperature immediately on the digital display. With low speed or higher settings, you can select the temperature according to how warm or cold you want your room to be.

A thermal oscillator disperses heat evenly throughout the entire room with an oscillating function. By this, you are able to send heat in all directions. You can adjust the oscillating feature as desired. You can enjoy a more powerful heat stream with this heater since it is tall. Your room feels warmer when this happens.

The design of this heater incorporates overheating protection. In case the heater becomes too hot or the surrounding air is hot, this overheat protection lets it cool down.   


  • The remote control is included with the product.
  • There are three heating modes on this device.
  • Included in the control settings is the thermostat.
  • When tripped over, automatically switches off.


  • No fan only option.
  • No tip over safety shut off.


Brand                          Lasko

Color                           Gray

Heating method           Convection

Item weight                  1.06 kg

LASKO Ceramic Tower Space Heater Customer Reviews & Ratings

LASKO Ceramic Tower Space Heater  Customer Reviews
LASKO Ceramic Tower Space Heater  Customer Ratings


[3] De’Longhi HCM2030 Portable Convection Heater

De’Longhi Portable Convection Heater

Looking for a heater that won’t leave you broke? DeLonghi offers an affordable 2000W convection heater. It is priced under $80.

Small to medium-sized rooms can be heated with an electric heater using the convection effect. Made to provide consistent and gentle warmth, DeLonghi’s electric heaters include a thermostat that enables you to easily adjust the temperature to the desired level for your comfort level.

For the coldest part of the year, first protection is added, and double insulation keeps you from getting shocks. Built-in safety features include an overheating safety cutoff, automatic double insulation, and tilt switch insulation.

As a mounted unit or a free-standing heater, this heater can be mounted to a wall or used as a freestanding heater. The handle is cool to the touch for easy moving.


  • Safety features.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Wall mounted.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable or can be wall mounted.


  • Difficulty in achieving supporting feet.
  • No timer.



Brand                          De’Longhi

Colour                         White

Heating method           Convection

Item dimensions          54.2 x 10.6 x 40 cm

Power/wattage            700 watts

 Voltage                        230 Volts

Item weight                  2.8 kg

De’Longhi Portable Convection Heater Customer Reviews & Ratings

De’Longhi Portable Convection Heater Customer Reviews


[4] DeLonghi DL2401TF Oil Filled Radiator

DeLonghi DL2401TF Oil Filled Radiator

DeLonghi has the best portable heater for heating oil columns. Its thermal slots allow for improved heat distribution and reduce surface temperatures.

There is no assembly required, and the unit comes with preinstalled casters so it is easy to move around. The 500W In addition to the heater, a fan circulates warm air effectively. There This allows the radiator to automatically maintain the chosen temperature by regulating itself.

This column heater does not have a remote control, but it does have a 24-hour timer that can be programmed. A safety tip-over switch and anti-frost function are both included, as well as three heat settings. When not in use, the cord can be neatly stored away in the cord storage.


  • During the heating process, the temperature rises rapidly.
  • Using this product is safe.
  • It is convenient.


  • During the first few uses, some clients experience a plastic-like smell.



Brand                          DeLonghi

Color                           White

Item dimensions          7 x 21 x 7 cm

Item weight                  7 kg

DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator Customer Reviews & Ratings

DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator Customer Reviews
DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator Customer Ratings


[5] Comfee Portable Fan Heater (For Home or Office)

Comfee Portable Fan Heater (For Home or Office)

The Comfee ceramic heater keeps you warm and cozy during colder days. The 1800W heater features high-performance heat settings that provide rapid and efficient heating that saves both energy and money. It is one of the best if you are looking for a heater under 70$.

The electric heater comes with a tip-over protection switch that turns it off automatically if it is tipped backward or forwards. Moreover, the heater comes with an automatic overheat shutoff system that automatically shuts it off if its components start to overheat.

The portable heater can be used in any room of the house. The oscillation takes place at a thirty-degree angle and quickly heats up while remaining silent throughout the oscillating motion.

Comfee heaters come with two heating options and two temperature settings, so you can keep your house at an ideal temperature throughout the year. 

It has a discrete handle, which makes it convenient for users to carry it anywhere they want. The advanced heating technology enables it to deliver heat quickly.


  • Ceramic technology that is advanced.
  • Oscillation function.
  •  Adjustable thermostat.
  • Practical and compact.


  • After some time, the fan becomes quite noisy, according to many customers.



Brand                          COMFEE

Power source:             Corded electric

Heating method           Convection

Item dimensions          20 x 20.5 x 30.5 cm                

Color                           White

Item weight                  1.96 kg  


Comfee Portable Fan Heater Customer Reviews & Ratings

Comfee Portable Fan Heater Customer Reviews
Comfee Portable Fan Heater Customer Ratings


[6] Russel Hobbs Retro PTC Heater

Russel Hobbs Retro PTC Heater

If you are looking to heat a small, localized area, Russel Hobbs 1.5 kW Retro PTC heater is an excellent choice. With the ability to heat up to fifteen square meters, it is ideal for those who work from home a lot.

This item has a retro look to it, which is not to everyone’s taste, but because of how small the unit is, it is not really that much of an issue. With the 1500W and 750W heat settings, and the variable thermostat that maintains a steady temperature, you have the choice of 2 types of heat.

This is a portable heater designed for small spaces, which has overheat and tip-over protection. If knocked over, the heater automatically shuts off. Having it designed to operate within a cool-touch environment assures that your fingers won’t be burned if you ever choose to move the heater.


  • Retro style curves.
  • Two heat settings.
  • Perfect for small heating spaces.
  • 2 years guarantee.


  • Not good for larger spaces.



Brand                          Russel Hobbs

  Color                           Black

Power source:             Corded electric

  Item dimensions          26.7 x 21 x 17.5 cm

   Power / wattage          1500 watts

    Item weight                  1.74 kg

Russel Hobbs Retro PTC Heater Customer Reviews & Ratings

 Russel Hobbs Retro PTC Heater Customer Reviews
 Russel Hobbs Retro PTC Heater Customer Ratings




[7] Dreo Space Heater – 70°Oscillating Portable Heater with Thermostat

Dreo Space Heater – 70°Oscillating Portable Heater with Thermostat

Unlike the old days when you had to settle for expensive central heating, you no longer have to buy cheaply made space heaters. Aikoper space heaters will take all the hassle out of heating.

Featuring high, medium, and low heating modes, as well as a fan-only feature and an adjustable thermostat, you can set the ideal temperature for any occasion. It can be taken anywhere thanks to its ultra-portable design.

Heat will be distributed more evenly and quickly with PTC ceramic technology and the ultra-efficient fan.

You will always be comfortable with the adjustable thermostat space heater. Let the thermostat monitor the surrounding air temperature and keep you comfortable by setting it to the desired heat setting.

This portable and compact space heater have an ergonomic built-in handle that makes it easy to move from one room to another.


  • Overheating and tip over protection ensure safe operation.
  • Twenty four hours timer feature helps in saving electricity bills. 
  • Equipped with a digital thermostat that automatically adjusts the room’s temperature.


  • Outer body overheats easily


Brand                          Aikoper

Color                           Black

Power source              Corded electric

Heating method           Convection

Item dimension            20.5 x 19.4 x 61.2 centimeters

Aikoper Space Heater Customer Reviews & Ratings

Aikoper Space Heater Customer Reviews
Aikoper Space Heater Customer Ratings


[8] Black+Decker Ceramic Tower Heater With Remote Control

Black+Decker Ceramic Tower Heater With Remote Control

This Black+ Decker 1.8kW ceramic tower heater will keep your home warm for those long cold winter months. Besides two different cooling options, the additional fan option is also available to help maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.

A fan blows warm air throughout the room if the electricity heats up the internal ceramic plates. In order to maximize heat distribution, the tilt and oscillation oscillate 90 degrees left to right and 45 degrees up and down for more good heat performance in your office space and home.

It gives you control of the heat output, permitting you to delay, start, and stop the heat at any time you want. A touch screen controller with LED indicator light helps you easily switch between the various modes of operation at the touch of a button.

It features a cool fan option, as well as two heat settings each producing 1800W. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use remote control that allows for adjustments from across the room. The device also operates quietly to minimize noise.


  • Ceramic stone heater
  • Automatic oscillation and tilt
  • Touch control with LED
  • Eight hours timer
  • Two heat settings


  • This heater is not recommended for big rooms


Color                           Black

Brand                          Black + Decker

Heating method           Convection

Heat output                 1800 watts

Item dimensions          20.3 x 20.3 53 centimeters

Item weight                  3.38 kilograms

Black+Decker Ceramic Tower Heater Customer Reviews & Ratings

Black+Decker Ceramic Tower Heater Customer Reviews
Black+Decker Ceramic Tower Heater Customer Ratings


[9] Honeywell Comfort Temp4 Ceramic Tower Heaters

Honeywell Comfort Temp4 Ceramic Tower Heaters

For soothing, comforting heat, place it anywhere in your home. It is designed in a tower shape enabling it to easily fit into medium to large rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms while simultaneously occupying a relatively small amount of space.

This tower heater features easy-to-use control with 4 heat settings: programmable thermostat, heat blast, cozy toasty, and gently warm.

When it comes to baby or family safety matters. Additionally, the heater incorporates multiple safety features, such as thermally insulated wires and two overheat protections. It also features an auto-shutoff timer and tip-over option.


  • Energy efficient heat
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Comfortable


  • Many reviews stated that it started to make noise after some use


Brand                          Honeywell

Color                           Black

Heating method           Radiant, convection

Item dimensions          62 x 23.5 x 23.5 centimeters

Item weight                  7.1 pounds

Honeywell Comfort Temp4 Ceramic Tower Heaters Customer Reviews & Ratings

Honeywell Comfort Temp4 Ceramic Tower Heaters Customer Reviews
Honeywell Comfort Temp4 Ceramic Tower Heaters Customer Ratings


Q&A (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which room heater is safe for the baby?

The types of electric heaters are oil heaters, convection ceramic heaters, and mica thermic heaters. The oil heaters are considered to be the safest heater type for babies because their surface doesn’t heat up as much as others, making it safe for contact with babies without fear of burns.


When it comes to heating a baby’s room, is it safe to do so?

It would be best if the heater could control the room’s temperature. Do not place it in a place where a baby can easily reach it. It is important that you dress your baby according to the temperature in the room.

Are small heaters safe?

Electric space heaters might give off less carbon monoxide and other pollutants than other heaters, so they’re safer for indoor use. Nevertheless, if they are used near flammable materials, they can pose a fire risk.

Can you leave an electric or any heater on all night?