Best Baby Prams & Stroller in Australia 2023

No matter you are trying to upgrade your existing equipment, or you are blessed recently with a new baby, either way, purchasing Best Stroller Pram for your baby is no bed of roses. It takes way too much time and is almost never cheap or easy on the pocket.

If you are one of such parents, it is pretty possible that you have turned to your friends that have some kind of prior experience with a Toddler Pram for their own child for some kind of suggestion or turned to the internet to go and read for some reviews that might help you make a good purchase that is good for your pocket and your baby alike.

Top Baby Prams in Australia 2021 for Top Moms

A ton of questions arise in the minds of parents that can leave you baffled and the items online look pretty much alike, which makes choosing the Perfect Pram for Your baby a rather daunting and intimidating task.

However, there is a silver lining, to aid you to navigate the maze of online shopping for a best baby stroller, we have taken the liberty to go ahead and highlight the cream of the crop products in the field of baby Prams. Consider carefully and see what type of strollers is capable of meeting the needs of you and your baby.

? Top Baby Strollers in Australia 2023?

Out there in the market, there is a myriad of options just waiting for eager parents like you to take a look at them and move in for a final pick. The travel systems include the likes that allow the parents to connect the pram to the seat of their car, or to a more moveable stroller base.

Other options allow breaking down or disassembly of the pram for easy storage and portability, and they can be easily tossed in the back of your car and taken anywhere on the face of this planet.

Top 10 Best Rated Baby Carrier

Best Baby Car Seats

For fitness moms that like to stay in shape, there are even options of Best Jogging strollers, which make it very easy for parents who like to get out in the wilderness with their babies without a care in the world about uneven the stroller’s tires being damaged on the unruly and rugged terrain.

Difference Between Pram, Stroller, and Buggy

Here is what you need to know about Prams, Strollers, and buggies.

? Strollers

Strollers also go by the name of pushchairs or buggies in British English. Strollers are prepared with such a design that children can sit in a position like they are seated in a chair. The seats in strollers are equipped with restraint systems that consist of harnesses, crotch straps as well as safety belts that make sure the infant is secure in the seating position. For added protection of the infants from harsh weather conditions such as rain, direct sunlight, and snow, etc, the strollers are outfitted with hoods or canopies. For convenient transportation, the wheels of the strollers are kept smooth.

? Prams

Prams are the short British form of perambulator, and the device also goes by the name of a baby carriage in many areas of the world. In comparison to strollers, the prams are designed in such a way that parents can put them in a sleeping position while walking around freely. To make sure the infant has undisturbed sleep, the carriages are made with a smooth soft bottom that has a flat shape for more space. Prams also have wider canopies that usually cover half of the whole pram and secure the infant from direct sunlight, dust, and rain, etc.

More Detailed View

The terms strollers and prams are interchangeably used in common day to day usage. However, the main difference between the strollers and prams is that prams are specifically designed for carrying newborns until they are grown enough to sit up on their own. While on the other hand, strollers are designed to carry infants or toddlers who are already grown enough to sit up on their own. Another difference that draws the line between the two is the size difference of prams and strollers. Prams are usually heavier and bulkier in size which makes them pretty difficult to carry from place to place or move them in a car or a shopping mall. However, strollers are lightweight and offer much more portability, not to mention they are easily collapsible which makes them a perfect option for day to day usage. In addition to this, prams carriage is usually higher than its counterpart as strollers have carriage seats that ride low to the surface of the ground.

There are baby carriages available in the market that act as hybrids between both prams and strollers which allow usage for longer as you won’t have to change the carriage as soon as your child grows a little older. However, it is highly advised that when making a decision, make sure to keep the factor of your child’s comfort under consideration.

In a Nutshell ?

  1. Prams are short for perambulators, have flat-bottomed carriages which are designed to transport newly born babies in a sleeping position. 
  2. Strollers are made for toddlers that can sit up and secure them using safety harnesses, crotch straps, and safety belts.
  3. Prams are unable to be transported easily for they are heavy, bulky while on the other hand strollers allow great maneuverability since they are lightweight and easily collapsible. 

Types of Prams

Here is a quick look at the Different Types of Prams Available in the market.

1. All Purpose Stroller ?

If you are one of the parents that are on the lookout for a stroller that will stay with them and their child from birth, all the way to his or her toddlerhood, you might want to consider the all-purpose stroller. This type is great for everyday use since the seat can be used for toddlers and can be reclined for infants and most of them can accommodate a bassinet or a car seat, usually sold separately. This type of stroller usually comes with wide seats with canopies having a generous spread.

2. Lightweight Strollers ?

As the name suggests, this stroller type is lighter than its average counterparts making it the perfect choice for people who want to pack it in the car trunk or take it on a mode of public transport. Furthermore, this type of stroller is easy to navigate through narrow doorways and crowded sidewalks owing to their slender profile and sleek design. Additionally, the slender profile and lightweight of these strollers make them the best choice for parents who have to move a lot. They are small enough to fit in an overhead airplane bin.

3. Jogging Strollers ?

If you happen to be a runner, the jogging stroller type is the green light for you. These strollers, as the name implies, lets you take your child out on the rough terrain. Integrated with super-sturdy suspension systems to ensure smooth rides even on the bumpiest terrains, the strollers allow you to make quick turns and stay stable at fast speeds. To achieve this level of max stability and safety, the strollers are outfitted with three whiles with a front while that can either be fixed at one point or set free to swivel, according to the preference and need of the user.

4. Double Strollers ?

Having twins or dealing with children born close together? Worry not, a double stroller, also goes by the name of tandem strollers, is the right one for you. When considering this type of stroller, there are two types you can choose from; the side by side seat one or the single file seat category. It is worthy of mention that if you have twins and willing to use a double stroller right from their birth, make sure you find a stroller that permits usage of two infant car seats simultaneously.

5. Travel Systems ?

Travel systems come with an infant car seat that can be attached to the stroller, so it can be used right away. Everyone knows there are times when you don’t want to wake up your sleeping baby since he would get cranky. In such conditions, travel systems come in handy and you can move your baby from the stroller to the car without having to wake them up and you also save money by making an all in one purchase that has the car seat and the stroller included.

Top Rated Baby Pram Brands ?

How Much do Baby Strollers Cost?

In recent times, a total of 8 most appealing and user-friendly brands have cemented their names as the top rating brands when it comes to buying babies prams and strollers. They come in the following order and they have earned this position according to the reviews of customer satisfaction.

  1. Bugaboo Stroller in Australia
  2. Baby Jogger Travel Stroller
  3. Maclaren M01 Great Pram For Kids
  4. Baby Jogger City Mini Pram
  5. MAXI COSI Dana Double Stroller
  6. Recaro Mother’s Choice Lightweight Stroller
  7. Burley Honeybee Perfect Stroller for Toddler
  8. WonderFold Folding Stroller Wagon

There are hundreds if not thousands of options for baby prams and strollers out there, and they can vary in price from around 30 to 1200 dollars per unit. Before you think about buying one, make sure you have a clear picture in your mind about where you are going to use it, is it safe and friendly for your newborn or you whether you want it for a toddler, etc.

Top 8 Baby Prams / Strollers in Australia 2023

1. Bugaboo cameleon3plus Complete Pram

Bugaboo cameleon3plus Complete Pram

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The Bugaboo cameleon3plus design never seems to grow old and with its neutral color palette, parents can use it for their son and daughter alike. The stroller is highly portable and great for traveling owing to its lightweight, less than 20lbs. when taking on the urban hustle and tight city streets, the Bugaboo makes it perfect for navigating through tight spaces and long-distance travel for its one-hand usage and one-piece folding method. The same features make it great for storing in the house when not in use and packing it in a car with its compact and sleek design.

The Bugaboo cameleon3plus comes integrated with a plush seat, footrest and extendable backrest that guarantees maximum comfort and coziness for your little bundle of joy. For better handling for the parents, the stroller comes added with a height-adjustable handlebar supplemented with luxurious black-faux leather grips. All these features ensure maximum control for the parents and maximum comfort for the baby inside the pram.

One more feature that makes the Bugaboo cameleon3plus a great choice is its reversible seat which allows the parents to turn their kid’s face towards them or the other way as per their preference. But that is not all; the pram comes with a flexible UPF 50+ sun canopy, rain cover and under-seat basket, the pram makes sure you and your baby are virtually prepared for anything to come!

In addition to all this, the foldable stroller goes undergoes around 1500 safety tests with the functional buttons and clicks tested a thousand times before making it to the market. The cleanup of the Bugaboo cameleon3plus is hassle-free for the machine is paired with durable yet soft fabrics that are totally washing machine friendly. 

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2. Baby Jogger City Select Lightweight Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

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The Baby Jogger City Select stroller is able to keep up with your growing family. It offers the flexibility to get around in the way that suits your family, with many options to change things up as the kids grow. You can also attach the glider board for your third child.

The adjustable handlebar, leg rests and canopy, alongside a second seat that adjusts easily into place, allow you to modify the stroller in a moment, keeping both parents and passengers comfortable.

Regardless of whether you are on a city sidewalk or navigating gravelly terrain, the air-filled back tires and swivel-locking front wheels make pushing and moving this tandem stroller very easy.

Since the handlebars easily adjust to accommodate a range of heights, all parent testers were able to get a good grip and felt like the stroller’s movement was completely in their control.

Though most strollers have foot brakes, the Baby Jogger City Select features a hand-operated brake, located along the top left side of the stroller’s handlebar. While this feature is definitely user-friendly, our testers found it quite easy to apply and release the brake.

Furthermore, when the adventure’s through, the City Select overlaps up decent and compact, so you can store it in your car’s trunk until the next adventure.

Double strollers take up space but the Baby Jogger City Select folds up decently, even when used as a double stroller, so you can fit it in your vehicle or a closet effortlessly. Likewise, with most double strollers, to fold the City Select you have to remove the second seat which is slightly inconvenient, but the seat is very easy to slide in and out, so this can be done in a jiffy.

Unfolding the City Select takes a little more effort: After unclipping the lock, you pull up the handlebar and the stroller busts open. While this sound smooth and sweat-free, the folded stroller weighs approximately 30 pounds, so pulling it open takes a little muscle.

One kid can be messy, but two can spell fiasco. That’s the reason it’s very useful that the seat covers of the Baby Jogger City Select are machine washable in chilly water with a gentle cleanser.

Recently, Baby Jogger released an upgraded version of the City Select—the City Select LUX. Though it comes with an upgraded price tag, as well, there are new features that may make it worth the lavish expenditure. The City Select LUX comes with a decelerating handbrake to ease the gravitational pull when you are strolling downhill or hinder quick when you have to—particularly helpful as you include a second kid and additional kid stuff to the weight of the stroller.

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3. Maclaren M01 Lightweight Pram

Maclaren M01

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The Maclaren M-01 is one stroller that makes sure your toddler strolls in style! Coming integrated with a fully recline-adjustable seat, the Maclaren M-01 is one of the most stylish, safe and sturdy stroller options for your baby. Maclaren has made a name over the years for the durability of its products is nothing short of legendary. While the Maclaren production quality makes the Maclaren M-01 last for years and years to come, the generously sized wheels of the stroller easily help steer clear of any daily obstacles.

The Maclaren M-01 comes with a large shopping basket that makes it perfect for moms and dads who want to take their child for shopping or anywhere else while keeping all the necessary items in their hand’s reach.

The weight of the Maclaren M-01 is very easy to handle because of its aluminum frame. The aluminum keeps the frame light while uncompromisingly dealing with strength, long life and safety. Furthermore, the Maclaren pram can be folded in a matter of seconds within seconds and is compact enough to be stored or placed in the tiniest of places in your house and your car.

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4. Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Mini Pram

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX

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Most of the parents out there looking for a stroller make sure that it is compact yet sturdy and durable. If that is the case the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is arguably the best bet for you. The stroller is one of the smallest folding, fully-featured strollers that come in a compact size without compromising on durability. 

The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is so easy to fold that you can literally just use one hand to completely fold it. Furthermore, to assist fold on the go, the baby jogger city tour LUX features an auto-lock for hassle-free and swift folding on the go. Once you are done folding the pram, you can easily fit your city tour LUX into the convenient carry bag provided with the pram. When the bag is not in use, you can easily pack it down neatly and store it in the zip pouch located near the under-seat basket.

The lightweight and durable tires of the stroller are made with PU and the integrated all-wheel suspension system certifies comfort and ease on most kinds of terrains. 

The seat can be readjusted to multiple recline positions and the 3-panel canopy UV50+ protection comes with an additional canopy visor for extra protection from sunlight as well as a peek-a-boo window to check on how your little pumpkin is doing.

In addition to this, the baby jogger city tour LUX sports a 5 point safety harness and a rubber handlebar for added grip for the users.

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5. MAXI COSI Dana Double Stroller / Pram

MAXI COSI Dana Double Stroller

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The MAXI COSI Dana Double Stroller is the best choice for all parents that are looking for a double stroller under a budget of 600 dollars. As the name suggests, the MAXI COSI Dana Double Stroller is specifically designed to carry close-in-age siblings or twins without any pressure. The stroller is not just spacious and comfortable enough for two children to travel together, it is also highly maneuverable and easy to use and can accommodate newborns to toddlers at around 4 years of age.

The truly luxury double stroller can be created into a travel system by attaching one or two Maxi-Cosi mico or Citi baby capsules (sold separately) and move it easily between the street and the car. The stroller comes integrated with an XL UPF 50+ canopy and a maxi airflow window and padded peach fabric seat pads and head pillows to guarantee maximum comfort for your babies on the go.  The seat can be adjusted to multiple positions and reclines to a full layback position and the 5 point safety harness comes with harness pads that are removable as per user preference.

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6. Recaro Performance Denali Luxury Stroller

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You can push the Recaro Performance Denali Luxury strollers on all types of terrains including hard pebbles, cobblestones, and ancient footpaths and you can have our word that it won’t go squeaky at all. the Recaro Performance Denali Luxury is best for the parents who live in areas where rainfall is excessive. The oversized canopy of the Recaro will make sure your child inside is dry even in the constant drizzle.

The seat of the Recaro Performance Denali Luxury can be reclined to a full sleeping position so your baby can sleep peacefully for hours. The big size of the stroller doesn’t mean that it is by any means limited in terms of versatility. The one-piece system can be easily folded and maneuvered even in the tiniest spaces like shopping malls and other areas of urban hustle and bustle.

One of the most overlooked advantages of the Recaro Performance Denali Luxury is its huge carrying capacity. The under-seat basket is arguably huge and can accommodate some heavy lifting for the parents during shopping and other events.

When it comes to handling, the Recaro Performance Denali Luxury stroller doesn’t disappoint. You can push the stroller with control using a single hand owing to its one-hand control and maneuver it almost anywhere you want.

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7. Burley Honeybee, 1 and 2 Seat Lightweight, Kid Bike-Only Trailer

Burley Honeybee

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As a running stroller under the budget of 800 dollars, there is no better option than the Burley Honeybee. The stroller is specifically designed for parents who share their love for running. In addition to being light, easy to push, versatile and highly maneuverable, the Burley Honeybee has ample storage. The storage can easily accommodate kids’ blankets and a pretty decent amount of snacks. Moreover, the rain cover allows the family to play outdoors for as long as they want regardless of what the weather conditions are. The only setback, although a minor one about the Burley Honeybee is that the front tire can get a bit wobbly at times.

As a bike trailer, the honeybee is great to steer and pull alike. Since the front wheel is attached to the bike arm, the trailer can be easily detached at the destination of choice.

It has great safety features and can be converted quickly to a stroller from a bike. Rider comfort is complemented with hammock-style seats secured with 5 point safety harness system. The tinted rear and side windows are great for UPF 30 protection while uncompromisingly great at providing visibility from the inside as well as the outside. The 20-inch quick-release wheels can be easily detached or attached using only a push of a button.

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8. WonderFold Multi-Function 2 Passenger Push Folding Stroller Wagon

WonderFold Multi-Function 2 Passenger Push Folding Stroller Wagon

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The bigger the family the bigger the fun! Yes, it is great to have multiple kids at once but then again carrying them and taking care of them is one big daunting endeavor to take care of. If you happen to be one of the parents that are blessed with quadruplets than you better think of something that can carry all four of your children with ease. In cases like these, the WonderFold Baby XXL-4 would be the choice for parents like you. No matter where you go, be it a shopping mall or just for a walk in the park, all four of your children will be safe and sound in the WonderFold baby wagon, secured with a 5 point safety harness. When all of your children are together, it is always an adventure!

The infant stroller wagon sports both push and pull handles. The pull handle of the quad strollers’ wagon provides better hygiene and accessibility with its spring bounce design. For usage in daily life, where you want to move the wagon at different heights and speeds, the push handle comes handy with its different adjustment modes.

The WonderFold wagon isn’t just all about space and comfort for your bunch of toddlers, it is really easy to fold and unfold it. It takes less than two minutes or less to fold and unfold this wagon stroller and you can be on the move with your toddlers in no time. In addition to this, the wagon stroller features a safety reflective strip, a removable canopy for ease of use during different weather conditions and a one-step brake for safety.

You can go totally stress-free for your toddler’s safety for the WonderFold baby wagon sports 6.5’’ front wheels integrated with a suspension system and bearings. The rear wheels are 10.5’’ in size and sport a one-foot braking system for added safety. Made with state of the art, high-quality 600D polyester fabric, and steel frame, the WonderFold XXL can easily bear the weight around 180 pounds.

You can go totally stress-free for your toddler’s safety for the WonderFold baby wagon sports 6.5’’ front wheels integrated with a suspension system and bearings. The rear wheels are 10.5’’ in size and sport a one-foot braking system for added safety. Made with state of the art, high-quality 600D polyester fabric, and steel frame, the WonderFold XXL can easily bear the weight around 180 pounds.  The WonderFold XXL is also great for long term investment. Most of the strollers are of no use since children grow really fast. But once your children have outgrown the WonderFold XXL, you can make use of the stroller as a multipurpose utility wagon.

Win-win! A pram or a stroller is one of the biggest and the most important purchases you will make for your baby. Perhaps, it is one of the most important tools in your parenting arsenal. Finding the right pram for your baby may not be easy. It is best to be fully informed before making a purchase. Here are some of the key points to think about before making a purchase.

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? Features to Look for

Newborn Suitable?

Many prams are designed for newborn babies and can be used until the child weighs around 15-20kgs. It depends on the pram that how it is designed. Some prams come with bassinet attachments which are then transformed into seats as your baby grows. Some others come with a reclining seat that can lay flat to carry your newborn safely and then be adjusted over time. Some prams do not lie flat, those are unsuitable for newborn babies.


Rotating front wheels of a pram are easier to maneuver, but it’s not useful if they cannot be locked for traveling at higher speeds or rough terrain. Rubber-coated plastic work well in the city. Large wheels are better for curbs and stairs. Inflatable wheels give a comfortable ride but they can puncture. Before purchasing, give wheels a pull to see they don’t come off.


A height-adjustable handlebar makes pushing the pram much easier and comfortable. A handlebar to suit both parent’s height will allow both of you to push the pram comfortably. You can adjust the handlebar according to your height.


The size of a pram also matters. Before purchasing, try folding and unfolding it in the shop to see if you can carry it when folded. Measure the pram to see if it fits in your car boot or not. If you are looking for a pram for your newborn, make sure the pram you buy is suitable for them size-wise.


A pram with a large canopy will protect the child from UV rays and prevent overheating. Before making a purchase, don’t forget to open and close the canopy in the store to check it. Pay attention to any loud noises that may startle the sleep of your baby.

Basket ?

You have to carry a lot of things for your baby, so take some time to check the basket by putting things in and taking things out of the basket. Make sure it is big enough for your needs.


Some prams allow you to lock the wheels at the handlebar, while others have a foot brake and a lock. Some prams also have front brakes. Locks which you can activate and release with your feet avert you bending, but make sure your feet fit under them easily. Many three-wheeled prams also have a front-wheel lock for more stability during long rides.


Give them a jerk to check they are secure and the seat doesn’t get off the frame. There are two shoulder straps attached to the backrest at shoulder level, a waist strap and a crotch strap with adjustable length as your baby grows. The straps should be easy to adjust and the buckles easy to use by you but not your child.

Reversible Handle

It gives you the option of choosing which way your baby faces in the pram. Although the brakes may only be on rear wheels, making it harder to put them on if you are at the wrong end. It is very easy to reverse the handle of the pram.

Adjustable Backrest

Adjustable backrest makes the pram more versatile. Some prams have an upright backrest than can also move to the semi-reclined position and some can also be fully reclined which is best for sleeping.


A footrest reduces the chance of injury. It keeps the feet of your child above the ground. It keeps your child’s feet safe from touching the ground or getting caught in the front wheel.

Front Bar

It is a detachable bar your child can hold on. Usually, they are not strong, so it’s not safe to use them to lift the pram.

Travel Systems ?

Some prams are compatible with car seats. You have to clip them into the pram frame using the correct adaptors so you don’t have to wake the baby up when shifting between pram and car. Make sure to check the pram before you buy because not all are suitable for newborns. It is not advisable to leave a baby asleep in a car seat for long, as they are not designed for this purpose.

Folding Mechanism

One of the top things to look for in a pram is how easily it folds. It should be simple for the carer to fold and unfold the pram. The unlock mechanism used to fold it should not be too easy to operate. You don’t want it to collapse with your baby still inside.

Self Folding

Some prams come with a self-folding function. You just need to push a button to fold or unfold the pram. When it was tested, it was found that it could be operated by a child standing near the pram and could be dangerous for the child in the seat. It could be a crushing hazard for an adult or child who accidentally gets their hand in the way of the folding pram.

Pram Bags ?

If you love traveling or if you are low on space and want to pack your pram away, some companies have designed and invented travel bags. They come handy for keeping the pram neat and tidy, but they can be awkward or unmanageable.

Shock Absorber

Many prams come with shock absorbers to give your babies a comfortable ride, whether you are strolling along busy city sidewalks or suburban pathways. The shock absorbers absorb the shock and give little ones a less bumpy ride.

Price ?

The price of prams can vary widely. Different attachments such as a newborn bassinet can also add to the cost. The spectrum of prams ranges from basic to elite level and the prices also vary accordingly. You can visit the market and choose the right pram for you.