5 Best Playpens for Babies & Toddlers Australia

Best Playpens for babies & Toddlers


The best thing you can do for your child is to ensure his or her safety. We have compiled a list of the best playpens for kids and babies to keep them entertained and safe.

You might need a baby player when your baby begins to move around, crawl, and explore. In the playpen, you can leave your child unattended so you can use the restroom, prepare dinner, or sit down for a few minutes. 

Keeping your child entertained and encouraging independent play is easy when the playpen is filled with age-appropriate, safe toys. Playpens come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. There is no single type of playpen. 

Playpens differ not just in terms of what they do, but also in terms of the space they take up or the materials they are made of.  If you want to add materials, space, or features, it is up to you.

In fact, some playpens can be used as gates to segregate off an area, and stair gates are often used to segregate off rooms. See our roundup of the best stair gates if you are looking for a stair gate too.

Similarly, some travel cots make perfect playpens for babies. If you are limited on space, you may also wish to consider some of the best travel cots. 

To ensure your child’s safety even more, browse our best baby products for babies and toddlers including our best baby mats.

It can be overwhelming to choose a playpen. Here are all the things you want to know about playpens so you can make an intelligent decision about which playpen is right for you as a parent. 

Below you will find a list of the best large portable playpens and best playpens for crawling babies.


Points to keep in Mind When Buying a Baby Playpen 

Playpens are for fun, but it’s important to remember that. To prevent children from hurting themselves, you should follow these safety tips.

  • Safety markings are essential for your unit. 
  • Playpens should never be left unattended.
  • Ensure that your playpen is clean regularly. 
  • Playpens should not be left with large items. 
  • Place your playpen away from open fires and radiators. 
  • Playpens must have a clear top and no obstructions should be present. 
  • Place playpens away from windows and doors that are open. 


Buying a Playpen: Factors to Consider

Playpens for babies should have certain features before you buy one for your child. Please look at this list that we have compiled to assist you in making a decision. There are many things that you need to put on your list.


The most common price range for playpens is between $50 and $150. The price is determined by the quality and strength of the pen. Pens with advanced quality and features cost more. Make sure you choose a durable and cost-effective playpen.

Floor space 

Before you make a purchase, be sure to check the unit’s floor size. Comparing the available floor area to what you are looking for will help you determine which unit is right for you. 

You may need to adjust the unit if your room is oddly shaped.


Baby playpens should be able to support the weight of the baby because some babies are heavy and strong. If you want to avoid injury then invest in a stranger frame such as feel. 


The baby playpen will be moved quite a bit, including when you clean it, need to reach behind it, and so on. Because of this, make sure it is lightweight so that you can move it easily.


The vast majority of playpens can be found under two different categories. There are zippers with nets attached in a shape that can be removed and attached to a hood. There is also another type of playpen, where the material is stronger and more concrete. Make sure they are made of safe materials that will not hurt babies.


It is as simple as that. It can cover more space if there are more panels. With the playing pen, you can add or remove panels to adjust the size. If you want the option to customize, consider this before you buy.


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Top 5 Playpens Available in Australia 

[1] Evenflo Versatile Play Space 

Evenflo versatile space Playpen


Keeping your child safe is easy with this sturdy and tall indoor/outdoor standard play yard. You can use it for firm surfaces indoors, as well as outdoors with its reversible feet and stakes.

With this unit, each panel doubles as a walk-through door, so no matter which side you enter from, it only takes a flick with your hand to “open” the next panel in line. 

Besides neutral gray, the color options include creamy white, colors of primary colors, and bright primary colors. Additionally, there are two sizes available depending on the size of the room. 

It can be folded for easy storage or transportation and comes fully assembled. UV weather resistant plastic panels make it lightweight but well made. 

The company has a lot of satisfied customers. There are many positive reviews. 

This is one of our favorite play yards because of its features and because it is a standard plastic molded play yard. Sturdiness is its highest rating, and it is also very affordable!

Do you need the one you see here?

Playpens like this one can be an affordable solution for toddlers who are calm and like enclosed spaces.


  • Babies’ delicate skin will be safe with this product.
  • Folds down easily for storage.
  • The product can be used both inside and outside. 
  • These legs are nonslip and scratch-resistant. 


  • Babies who are in good health may slip past it.
Evenflo versatile play space customer rating


2. Baby Care Play Mat Pen

Baby Care Play Mat Pen

Compared to all of the other playpens we discussed, this one is the largest, covering over 30 square feet of space. This is the best option if your kids have a separate playroom. The kids can roam freely in this option. It is the best option if you can find one.

How does this make it into the top two? Here are the reasons!

Baby play areas are not meant to be a place for your child to run around and get injured. In the event that the panels are bumped, the enclosure is equipped with nonslip pads and placeholders. 

There is a lock on the door as well to prevent the curious from trying to escape.

 Its large and sturdy panels make it extra durable. There is enough room between the slats to prevent your child from getting stuck. Even if we tell them not to, babies will follow their instincts. 

With this system, you won’t have to worry about them getting stuck or losing traction as they climb over the panels. 

Listed below are a few noteworthy features:

  • You can purchase a mat that fits your play area or gym. 
  • Four different colors are available. 
  • Chemical free and made of safe materials.
  • It is waterproof. 
  • Assembling and disassembling tools are not necessary.
  • Cleans easily.
  • Approximately square in shape.

This baby care set will come in handy if you have more than one child in your household who likes to run around. This way, they’ll be able to run freely. This will reduce the risk of injuries.

Do you need the one you see here?

Having a child who is more active would be a good choice for this safe playpen.


  • A nice open space.
  • Skin-friendly materials are used.
  • Durable.
  • A water-resistant base.
  • Zipper doors on mesh sides.


  • The setup process is lengthy.
Baby Care Play Mat Pen customer rating


[3] Dream On Me Nest Portable Play Yard 


Dream On Me Nest Portable Play Yard

Stylish, simple and affordable, this award-winning product is perfect for parents. The pack ‘n play pack is a great choice if you’re looking for a quality product at a great price. 

The folding design makes it easy for busy parents to transport because it’s compact, easy to fold, and lightweight. You can keep an eye on your baby from anywhere with this one, since it gives them a 360-degree view to let them know you are nearby.

There is no bassinet changing pad or storage included with the Dream On Me Nest. A frequent mover may find this a deal breaker as well, since there are no wheels on this unit either.

This award winning product is great if you’re on a budget and need a simple sleeping space for your child. It’s simply designed and has a great feel to it.

Do you need the one you see here?

You can choose this playpen if you are looking for a small, easy-to-contain playpen.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Friendly detachable strap.
  • There is a slight padding on the bottom.


  • When you put down the baby and remove it, you need to bend down, which can cause muscle strain. 
  • Baby’s heads might be hit.
Dream On Me Nest Portable Play Yard customer ratings
Dream On Me Nest Portable Play Yard customer reviews


[4] Toddlero by North states Superyard (Best For Travel)


Toddlero by North states superyard

This toddlero superyard is a perfect play yard for families who have more than one child. With a bigger and wider space to play, it can easily fit two toddlers. 

The superyard has a gate that allows you to enter or pass through it easily, and it is secured with a lock that cannot be opened by small children, unlike two plastic superyard that snap together. 

To keep toddlers safe when mommies aren’t with them, it was specifically designed. 

It can also be set up outside to allow your kids to play in a secure environment when the weather is nice. Moreover, it makes it possible to alter the size of the superyard by adding or removing extensions.

Do you need the one you see here?

Having a large room means that your baby can play around safely and you want to give them as much space as possible. North state superyard’s Toddlero can fulfill that need.


  • The chair can be easily set up and folded down.
  • Playground with plenty of space.
  • The limbs are not stuck in any gaps.
  • Contains a door that can be locked from the outside.
  • It is nontoxic and durable.


  • It takes time to lock the buckles.
Toddlero by North states superyard customer ratings
Toddlero by North states superyard customer reviews


[5] Century travel 2 in 1 Compact Play Yard (with Bassinet Playpen)

Century travel 2 in 1 Compact Play Yard

A lightweight and easy-to-use play yard will suit your needs if you are looking for something compact. Set-up and take down can be a real pain with some pack ‘n plays, but this one is a breeze. 

Besides working as a portable bassinet, it can also be converted into a toddler playpen.

The mini pack and play has a couple of bonuses worth pointing out. A good example is the recycled fabric used in the product.

Then this is your best option if you would like something more environmentally friendly. Also, the fitted sheet is included, so purchasing one separately is not necessary. 

This mini pack ‘n play is well made and can be had for a great price. This mini travel crib has a simple design, but it is equipped with everything you need, including removable mesh on the sides as a safety measure. 

Do you need the one you see here?

If you like travel a lot and go here and there then just go with this baby portable playpen.


  • Easily portable and lightweight.
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Provides protection from sunburn.


  • There is no padding in the base.


Types of Playpens


All kinds of wood can be used to make wooden playpens. A very sturdy and generously sized set of these will last a lifetime: perfect if you have or expect to have several children. 


Wooden playpens usually feature panels and bars that fit together. Metal playpens typically do the same. Metal playpens are typically more durable than wood and can be cleaned easier. 


Plastic playpens are very easy to clean, just like The colors, shapes, and sizes can all be very fun. Especially if you plan to have more than one child. 


Wood, plastic, metal, and fabric are all options for versatile playpens. Depending on your needs, they can be arranged in different ways. 

Maybe it doubles as a travel cot or gate or is able to be combined into a variety of shapes by clicking the panels together. A feature like this can be very useful in an open-plan home.


Playpens for babies: FAQs

My baby needs a playpen, do I need one?

It is not necessary for you to do anything, parents. It is, however, a good idea to own a playpen for your child. The convenience of having a playpen on hand is that you can put it up and leave it for your baby so that they can be safe while you’re away. 

Some playpens may serve your child for a long time and are versatile, offering many uses. 

Is it good for babies to have playpens?

Being able to set your baby down in a safe place is crucial to giving yourself and your baby some independent time. It is not recommended for a parent to leave an unattended baby in a playpen for an extended period. 

Ideally, playgrounds are used for supervised play or when you need to leave your child for a few moments for other reasons, like when you need to take care of a pet. 

Playpens for babies: are they washable? 

If your playpen is of a certain kind, the answer to this question will differ. You can usually clean most baby playpens in one way or another. 

A few of the fabric options can be spot cleaned, while others come with removable covers that can be machine washed. Regardless of the cleaning products you prefer, you can easily wipe down the plastic baby gate-style playpens. For more specific cleaning instructions, refer to the user manual for your particular playpen.

What are the benefits of baby playpens when traveling?

Traveling with a baby playpen is the best reason to own one. Hotel rooms aren’t babyproof, so you’ll want to bring along your own playpen so that your baby has a safe, secured area to play in while you’re away. The playpen can even be used as a crib while you’re traveling.

Is there a maximum time a baby playpen can be used?

In the early years of your life, it would be a good idea to invest in a baby playpen. 

Toddlers may enjoy an indoor play structure or ball pit once they get a bit older. While you find your feet and settle into a routine, they can be a great help.