Best Baby Play Gyms and Playmats Australia 2023

Best Baby Play Gyms and Playmats Australia

The choices we make for our children begin when we become a parent! With so many options available to us, including breastfeeding, bottles, strollers, and car seats, activity mats represent a solid option.

As a portable and safer alternative to the floor, playmats provide a stimulating and safe environment for young children. Your little one can even be exposed to an organic and hypoallergenic environment with the latest eco-friendly and non-toxic activity mats.

 In this guide we provide you with all the information you need to maximize your baby’s play mat.


Exactly what is a playmat?

Baby play mats are simply padded surfaces with foam or fabric covering that can be used to play safely. 

A variety of designs are available for activity mats. Others can be wiped clean while others can be washed in a washing machine. 

Baby mats are often paired with activity gyms for infants. The arch-shaped structure is made of wood or plastic. Toys hanging from the arch. Playmats and dangling toys can also be combined into a baby play gym. 


What are the advantages of using a playmat for babies?

A baby play gym is not just about having fun. Listed below are the main benefits they offer. 

They provide a safe and hygienic environment to play

It’s impossible to keep the floor clean the most out of all the rooms in the house. The baby’s immune system has not yet developed, so he or she is incredibly susceptible to household germs. 

Dust, dirt, and germs are kept out of your child’s play area when you keep a play mat. As well as being soft and supportive, they give your baby a safe and comfortable surface to move around on.


No matter whether you are visiting a friend’s house or simply going to the park, taking the mat with you won’t be an issue. Folding it up is easy, and it is lightweight enough to be carried around. 

They promote hand-eye coordination

By letting your baby point, grab, and reach with a play mat, you can promote hand-eye coordination. Brain training helps guide hands by using visual signals from the eyes. As a baby grows, it begins to realize its hands are part of its body about one or two months of age.

They’re good for motor skills

One of the babies’ important developmental milestones is grasping, a fine motor skill. Babies between 3 and 5 months of age are likely to reach out and grasp the dangling toys in a play gym. 

They promote cognitive development

Keeping your baby busy is the most effective way to promote cognitive development. There is no better way to encourage interaction with your baby than through a play mat, because it features sounds, textures, colors, and lights.

Muscle development can be accomplished with them

Baby’s shoulders and neck muscles become stronger when they are placed on their tummy on the mat the first time. A baby’s muscle strength is important for rolling over, crawling, and sitting up as they get older. The movement provided by a mat strengthens those muscles.


From What Age can Babies Use Playmats?

There are different benefits provided by these baby products at different ages since they are some of the most versatile products available. The first time your little one is comfortable lying down without being held, you can start using the play gym.

Newborn babies

Providing your baby with a safe place to rest for short periods of time while your arms rest is a benefit of using a playmat from day one! The dangling toys in the baby gym will keep your baby amused. 

It is necessary to keep the toys close to their faces because you cannot see too far away.

Three months 

The playmat will benefit your baby most during this time. They will start exploring the mat after lying on their tummy on it for a few moments.

Four months 

As your baby gets older, he or she will be able to roll over. If your play mat is an ideal place to practice these skills, you can get a lot of use out of it.

Six months 

There will be a lot of movement on the mat and your baby will be reaching for toys. Most likely, your baby will pull herself up onto all fours so that he or she can crawl.

Nine months and older

By this age, you’ll probably see your baby on the floor! They will have no interest in the play gym, so they will wander around the house exploring other areas. 

Even so, new toys and activities should keep them engaged for a few months longer if you introduce new ones to the mat.


A Guide to Choosing a Toddler Playmat

What you see is essentially what you get when you order toddler placemats. Taking a look at baby activity mats, you will need to keep certain things in mind. 

Getting relaxed  

Babies who are still comfortable on hard floors might benefit from a soft play mat. What kind of padding does it have? 


As long as the toddler isn’t walking, you shouldn’t spread out a toddler play mat around the palace. 


Color combinations that are vivid and bright are the best for keeping your child’s attention.


While playing, babies can develop tactile, visual, and auditory senses. The combination of rough and smooth surfaces is best for fun, such as crinkly surfaces, vibrating toys, and rattles. Your baby will also remain entertained for longer periods of time when playing with these items. 


Make sure the mat you’re using is of the appropriate size. Even though it may be tempting to have a very large play mat for a baby, keep in mind that they cannot move much and it may not be appropriate.


If possible, recommend a foldable playmat so you can quickly move it around your house and from one area to another. It is also a good idea to bring a folding play mat with you to the grandparents’ house if you are going away in a few days. 


A majority of children’s products use materials that are questionable. Choose nontoxic play mats instead. Organic play mats can be great options. 


Types of Baby Play Mats 

Puzzle mats 

As babies and toddlers are just beginning to explore, puzzle mats are an excellent foundation for their future adventures. Your child can play with their favorite toys for countless hours on any flat surface with a puzzle mat.

Tummy time mats 

Your baby should spend a lot of time on his or her tummy while awake during tummy time, and it’s really beneficial to their physical development as well! 

Since some children have difficulty embracing the idea of tummy time, selecting a play mat that encourages Tummy Time Play can be helpful. 

Activity gyms 

Play mats can be used as activity gyms to generate an engaging and stimulating environment for young children. Despite being considered activity gyms like Tummy Time mats, the BT Activity Gym offers a wide range of unique features.


Top 10 Best Baby Playmats 

[1] Skip Hop silver lining cloud baby play mat and activity gym 


Skip Hop silver silver lining cloud baby play mat and activity gym 

Look for a play gym that has enough comfort and toys to accommodate your newborn, if you want more than a simple mat for your baby to lay on.

A cloud-shaped pillow supports your baby’s tummy during play time on the Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud play mat and activity gym. 

Also included are cloud squeakers, wind chimes, bird rattles, a bright star, and a sun mirror. There are no PVC or phthalates in this product, so it may not be 100% organic.


  • It is very engaging and cute. 
  • Musical. 
  • Tummy time pillow included. 


  • The mat can only be spot cleaned.
  • It is large. 
Skip Hop silver silver lining cloud baby play mat and activity gym customer ratings
Skip Hop silver silver lining cloud baby play mat and activity gym customer reviews


[2] Toddlerado by North States folding balloon ride play mat 


Toddlerado by North States folding balloon ride play mat 

As a result of the playmat’s unique design, small children can play and learn to read while enjoying its balloon alphabet prints. Play mat by North States measuring 71X71 inches when open, toddleroo offers a spacious play surface for children to enjoy. 

For children’s safety, it is made of hygienic PE foam that can last a long time. For the best safety and hygiene conditions, this mat is made of non-toxic PVC foam. 

Keeping the child from falling is the primary purpose of the floor surface. Its lightweight material makes it easy to transport from one area to another.


  • Mat that is versatile.
  • It is easy to store because it comes apart.
  • It is very easy to celan.
  • Free from toxic chemicals. 


  • The thickness is only half an inch.
  • Easily ripped apart by biters.
Toddlerado by North States folding balloon ride play mat customer ratings
Toddlerado by North States folding balloon ride play mat customer reviews


[3] Baby reversible playmat double
sided crawling foldable play mat 


Baby reversible playmat double sided crawling foldable play mat 

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding a nontoxic play mat. You might be able to find what you need in this reversible playmat from Forstart.

The playmat is first made with BPA-free and non-toxic materials. It also does not produce any odors and is safe for babies. It looks adorable because of the colorful pattern. You can choose from six different colors. 

Additionally, this playmat is lightweight, weighing just 2.1 pounds. This makes carrying it incredibly easy. It also comes with a handy carrying case. Furthermore, the pattern on the carrying case gives it a classy appearance. 

In addition, the mat is water-resistant, thus making cleaning and maintaining it a breeze. A simple wipe will remove any spills or water.

Aside from being durable, this mat is also reasonably priced.


  • The non-slip surface prevents sliding and slipping. 
  • Easy to fold, no interlocking foam.
  • It is made of BPA-free materials.
  • The material is durable and waterproof.


  • There are some users who wish the mat was thicker.
 Baby reversible playmat double sided crawling foldable play mat customer ratings
 Baby reversible playmat double sided crawling foldable play mat customer reviews


[4] BAMMAX baby folding play mat 


BAMMAX baby folding play mat 

We can help you to create a safe play space for your baby if you are concerned about your baby’s play environment. We guarantee you will be impressed by this non-toxic, waterproof mat.

You can rest assured your baby won’t slip or slide on it, since the fabric is skid proof. It is made of premium XPE material, which is friendly to your baby’s delicate skin because it is made of premium XPE material.

Designed with shock-absorbing technology, the mat is thick enough to provide protection from bumps and jumps while maintaining a comfortable surface. Your baby will enjoy extra protection from bumps and jumps with the ultra-cushioned mat.

You won’t have to do much cleaning of messes or spills with this play mat. 


  • Cleaning and storing don’t take much effort.
  • Your baby will have a safe place to play.
  • The living room looks great with it.
  • The price is good for what you get.


  • Young babies should not use this product.
BAMMAX baby folding play mat customer ratings
BAMMAX baby folding play mat customer reviews


[5] Tadpoles soft EVA foam ABC playmat set 


Tadpoles soft EVA foam ABC playmat set 

There are eight beautiful colors in the Tadpoles ABC playmat set. However, its most important feature is its 100% EVA foam construction..In case you were wondering, baby-safe materials are in use today. 

Unlike the other playmats in this list, this playmat features a different design. As a matter of fact, the playmat set contains 36 foam pieces, which are large enough to cover an area of about 36 square feet. 

The 36 interlocking pieces must be arranged in a unique way within the room to create a stylish look. Colorful numbers and letters are a great feature of this playmat set. The design of this feature might not be for everyone, especially considering how important early learning is. 

This set comes with beautiful border pieces. There have been some complaints that the border pieces were incorrect.

Playmat sets made from this material are also very easy to clean, so they’re a great option for parents who are always on the go.


  • It is easy to assemble thanks to the interlocking pieces.
  • Design with colorful letters and numbers.
  • Made from 100% EVA foam.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Long-term use is not recommended.
 Tadpoles soft EVA foam ABC playmat set customer ratings
Tadpoles soft EVA foam ABC playmat set customer reviews


[6] ENERS baby gyms playmats musical activity center 


ENERS baby gyms playmats musical activity center 

There are five colorful hanging rattles on the playmat that can be detached and five pieces of graceful piano music that can be played to entertain babies for Tummy Time, Kicking, lying and sitting. They help the baby to develop fine motor skills, improve coordination between limbs, and build up the baby’s back. 

Putting the baby gym in piano mode produces lovely sounds when a key is pressed and a note is played. Playing with rhythmic percussion develops a baby’s musical senses and enhances his hearing sensitivity, as well as cultivating his artistic abilities. 

Your baby will enjoy playing the piano board if you adjust the angle according to its playing posture, and you can adjust the piano board angle as you like. 

By using the piano gym’s built-in soft and delicate lighting, the baby’s eyesight will be protected and their visual development will be enhanced. A flashing light also makes the piano gym’s play more attractive and appealing. 


  • A play area for early development.
  • Music performers included. 
  • Protect baby’s eyesight.
  • Excellent craftsmanship. 
  • Protect your baby’s delicate skin with this safe and skin-friendly material.


  • Users report that the plastic is cheaply made compared to its price.
ENERS baby gyms playmats musical activity center customer ratings
ENERS baby gyms playmats musical activity center customer reviews


[7] Ingenuity sheppy’s spot ultra plush baby activity gym & tummy time mat


Ingenuity sheppy’s spot ultra plush baby activity gym & tummy time mat

Your little one will frolic, scratch, and play on this cozy duvet-covered activity gym from Ingenuity.  In spite of hard floors, such as linoleum or tiles, the play rug provides comfort and warmth.  Wood is the material used in the construction of the toy bar, as it is easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Ingenuity Baby Gym, a portable gym, has a foldable mat and toy bar, so it can be easily stored in a small area or in a travel bag. To clean any surface level dirt and dust on the toy bar, simply wipe it clean with a soft cloth if it gets dirty. You can machine wash the play mat if it gets dirty.

Five toys are included in the gym: Sheppy plush toy, bread rattle, mirror with ribbon tags, natural silicone toy, and natural wood ring with sensory fabric. 


  • It’s versatile due to its natural gender design.
  • Mat made of plush.
  • Packs and folds easily.
  • Tummy time pillow that is contoured for comfort.


  • There are no sensory areas or symbols at this playgym.
  • There isn’t much space.
Ingenuity sheppy’s spot ultra plush baby activity gym & tummy time mat customer ratings
 Ingenuity sheppy’s spot ultra plush baby activity gym & tummy time mat customer reviews


[8] Fisher price 3 in 1 musical activity gym 


 Fisher price 3 in 1 musical activity gym

A portable activity gym that features music ,sounds and toys will keep your baby busy. On a comfortable, padded, portable activity play mat with two soft play gym arches overhead, the baby is entertained with 5 linkable toys and an adorable take along musical with fun sounds and 2 music modes. 

Long play music mode lets you play music for up to 10 minutes and you can rearrange the linkable activity toys every time your baby plays in order to offer a new experience. It is easy to transport and store after play with two soft overhead arms that fold when done.


  • For on-the-go use, linkable toys are removable.
  • There are two soft overhead arches.
  • The baby grows with it.
  • Padded mats that can be machine washed.


  •  Bit Costly. 
 Fisher price 3 in 1 musical activity gym customer reviews
 Fisher price 3 in 1 musical activity gym customer reviews


Frequently asked questions 

My baby is playing on a playmat. Can I leave them unattended?

If your baby is not in a safe location like a cot or a playpen, you should never leave them unattended.

Is the crossbar strong enough to accommodate other toys?

It is safe to put your baby’s toys on the mat or the loops as long as the toys pose no danger to him or her.

Is my baby supposed to have tummy time every day?

Tummy time every day is important to the development of fine motor skills and development of your baby, but not just until he or she tolerates being on the floor.

Play mats for babies can be placed in playpens and cribs? 

In order to ensure the safety of your child, playmats and gyms should never be used on any other surface.